5 Games That Your Grandparents Will Love

grandparents will love

It’s time to pack the car, gather the kids, and head over to grandma’s house. Whatever you do, don’t arrive empty-handed! Gift-giving is never out of season and here are five games that your grandparents will love, especially when everyone plays together.

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Here is a short gift guide of five games that Grandparents Will Love.


Scythe is a strategic board game where each player represents one of five factions. Players begin with basic resources like power, coins, popularity, and combat cards. They earn their fortune and claim land. Each player has unique strengths, however, all players have the same actions. The difference is the rewards for each action in pursuit of an achievement star. The first player to put all six achievements on the Triumph Track wins!

This game takes strategy and a little bit of luck. It also provides hours of fun with expansion packs to keep playing.

Boom Again

Boom Again is a great gift for grandparents who grew up in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. It’s part trivia and part nostalgia because the 2244 cards have questions from these decades and it will take them down memory lane. 

“Boomer tokens” include things like an old metal skate key, a 45-RPM record insert, dog tags, and a roach clip.

There are six categories: Things We SAW, Things We HEARD, Stuff We Learned on the STREET, Things We Learned in SCHOOL, In the NEWS, and SHOUT.

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There are going to be some right answers, wrong answers, and no doubt, a lot of laughter.


Mysterium is like Clue and Dixit with a twist. Each player is a psychic except for one, who takes on the role of the ghost. The ghost tries to give clues about their murder with vision cards and other tools in the game. 

It’s up to the psychics to solve the murder and the only connection between the other players is a common color, shape, or theme. Everything else is based on the ghost’s clues and deductive reasoning. The psychic who guesses the murderer wins.

Of course, these next two board games are timeless and will keep everyone occupied for hours.


Scrabble is a word game played between two to four players who use lettered tiles, each bearing a number, which is used to accumulate points. The board game is a grid with double word and triple word scores, as well as double and triple letter scores. 

Players are tasked with using their randomly selected tiles on the board to create words. The one with the most points wins once all of the tiles have been used. A dictionary may be required for challenges.


Probably one of the most famous games in history, Monopoly pits anywhere from two to four players against each other in a bid to accumulate property and utilities, while trying to stay out of jail and avoid the taxman – and paying rent. 

Build houses or hotels and collect your money from the other players. Dominate the market and bankrupt your opponents.

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