All you need to know about Tencent gaming buddy download and PUBG mobile on PC

All you need to know about Tencent gaming buddy download and PUBG mobile on PC

Probably no one is left on this planet who does not hear about PUBG. PUBG is a real sensation that is offering a next-gen gaming experience. Most of the video gamers are just in love with this video game and tencent gaming buddy download.

The high profile name and solid gameplay are the centers of attention. This game has won the hearts of all. I mean, from school students to retired persons- everyone is just getting gaga over this term. If you are yet to play it, I will say you are missing a gem for sure.

But we have also seen that some players are investing a lot of time on it and hampering their study and careers. We will suggest not to do the same thing. You can play it during leisure and set a time span for it.

Game addiction is a very common thing today. So, it will be better if you set a routine and balance everything.

There are some gamers who do not prefer to play video games on mobile phones. They need more excitement. Actually, the small screen of the phone seems insufficient for them. And they prefer to play it on a PC. Along with this, while playing on mobile, gamers cannot control the entire thing properly due to the touchscreen mode.

As a solution, a lot of players have started using Android emulators to get their PUBG mobile fix. You can understand that in this way, they will get the advantages of superior mouse and keyboard controls.

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Why go PC?

Well, there is no specific reason for that. But all the active gamers prefer to play many games on PC. why?- because they get a bigger scenario and control of the game. You know that touchscreen mobiles are smaller than PCs. Gamers with vision issues find mobile phones insufficient to enjoy the full pleasure offered by a game.

I am not discussing the disadvantages, but I am sharing the facts. You need to concentrate more on the touch screen to play a game. For the proper control, you will not be able to take your eyes off the phone screen. And sometimes, this kind of practice causes many health issues. But the scenario will be different if you play video games on a PC.

When it comes to PUBG, for a short span of time, we were bound to play it on mobile phones. But thanks to technology and inventions for letting us play it on a PC now. How has that become possible? Let’s explore that below-

The solution: Tencent gaming buddy download

The Tencent gaming buddy download is the only solution that can let us play such games on the PCs. Tencent had realized this problem before us and, as a solution, released Tencent gaming buddy. With the help of this release, now we will be able to jump into a PUBG mobile match from your PC. 

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Now, you can think that this is going to split the user base further; again, it has a solution for you. The solution is that the Tencent gaming buddy download will only align you against other players using the same thing, i.e., an emulator. 

For better understanding, you will get various related videos. The videos will make you understand exactly what emulators offer us. You can watch this video for better help:

We can say that, more or less, all of the controls of PUBG Mobile are properly mapped to the mouse and keyboard. Yet, we have found that some implementations are not great or did not satisfy our expectations. 

In order to solve such an issue, we have to keep trying with them until we find a layout that performs the best for you. 

Here is a nice thing also for us. What’s that? Here we can switch back and forth from the direct controls to navigating with the mouse just by using the tilde button. If we get stuck on some setting and do not know the keyboard command, we can use the mouse. We can switch to the mouse and use the mouse pointer to hit the onscreen button. It feels the same when we run our fingers on the touchscreen of a mobile.

Tencent gaming buddy download: Performance

Downloading Tencent gaming buddy Softonic is a solution; we have understood that by now. But what if whatever it has claimed does not match with the real scenario. Actually, this kind of situation has taken place earlier with other emulators. And all the efforts to download them went in vain.

Now, we do not want to see you in the same phase again, and that’s why here we are sharing our performance analyzing experience with you.

When it comes to performance, we can say that it is not that great or pleasing. I can say that 7700k and GTX 1080 offer a much better experience, and it feels super smooth. But we have not felt the same thing with Tencent gaming buddy Softonic. Even we have noticed that we were unable to get a framerate counter working.

But it is definitely clear that it plays perfectly under 60fps, at least on the top-most settings. Here, we can say that it was pretty closer to 20 fps. We have also checked the same thing by lowering the graphics to 1080p. At this time, we got a smooth experience. Here, the framerate was much more decent to accept. Lastly, we can say that the gameplay still feels a little janky in some areas.

Best PUBG Mobile Emulator in 2020: Tencent Gaming Buddy, Bluestacks

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It’s free fire download

When it comes to  Tencent gaming buddy download, we can give you a very easy way. The internet is filled with lots of options and blogs on the same topic. But there are very few blogs that can actually help you to download. 

We are going to make you understand the entire thing with the reference of the PUBG game. With a real-time example, it will be easier for you to understand. And it will be also helpful for us to make you understand the entire thing in a better way. 

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You know that PUBG game has taken the entire game industry to the next level. It has become the most played mobile game ever since its release. And that’s why we have chosen this game as a reference to make you understand how to activate Tencent gaming buddy on your PC. 

Playing the PUBG game on mobile phones is full of fun. But some of the players are having problems playing it on a small screen. And that’s why today we are here with the best solution to let them play PUBG on PC. We have solved the same problem with the Tencent gaming buddy offline installer. 

How to activate this and download PUBG on PC? 

PUBG Mobile game can be played well on Pc just by downloading an android emulator. When it comes to emulators, it will be unfair if we do not give space to Tencent gaming buddy. Tencent Gaming Buddy is the official emulator of Tencent gaming. 

Below, we are going to add the steps that you should follow to download PUBG on PC as well as activate Tencent gaming buddy-

  1. Open this link on your browser- 
  2. Select the language or version in which you want to get this emulator
  3. Once you are done with selecting the version, you need to hit the download button situated just below it
  4. The setup will start to getting downloaded
  5. You can open the setup now and follow the instructions to properly install the setup
  6. In the search bar, you need to type PUBG Mobile and you should hit the click button
  7. The PUBG mobile game will start downloading and after the download completion you can run it on your device and enjoy the game

Just by following these easy 7 steps, you will be able to do Tencent gaming buddy download. The process is quite easy as well as satisfying. I mean there is no hassle for you before playing this game on your PC. Just some simple and easy steps you need to follow one by one and you are all set to play. 

In order to get the best gaming experience on your PC, you have to also look at some other factors. Your PC should have the required memory otherwise you cannot get the best experiences. Along with this, you have to check that your pc is powered with the right graphics card or not. 

If all these factors are fixed, you can stay assured that you are going to enjoy an amazing gaming experience on your PC. 

Playing a game is a part of your leisure. You should not spend your entire day on it. Playing video games for a long may harm your vision and concentration. So, it will be always better if you play games during leisure only. 

So, that’s all for today! 

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