What Do You Need to Know About Automatic Gate Control?

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Modern automatic gates are usually equipped with various security systems, such as obstacle sensors, automatic stop systems when obstacles are detected in the way of closing the gate, etc. This helps prevent injury and damage to both vehicles and people. If you are looking for a reliable commercial garage door replacement services provider and would like to learn more about how to operate automatic garage doors, this article is for you.

What Is an Automatic Garage Door?

Everyone knows how automatic gates work: these are garage gates with different designs (swinging, sliding, sectional) equipped with a control unit that receives a signal from the control panel and controls the motor that sets the gate leaves in motion. But can any gate be made automatic?

In fact, any gate can be equipped with automation – specialists can easily do this in 90% of cases. Of course, it is better to immediately install both the gate and the automation. You can order gates and automation with installation in one company to get all the necessary guarantees and services.

Are There Problems With Automatic Gates?

Maintenance of such gates is quite simple, here are a few simple rules:

  • you need to provide free access to the control unit – it will come in handy if you have to repair it;
  • it is important to regularly monitor that dust does not accumulate in the system that opens the gate manually;
  • for sliding gates, the bearings are lubricated every few years, and for swing gates, the rod is lubricated.

Some people believe that bushes, trees, or flowers should not be planted near the control box. This is a myth, plants do not interfere with the operation of the control unit.

What to Do If Automation Does Not Work?

Automation can fail for various reasons. And it does not work whenever there is no electricity. As a preventive measure, you can open the gate manually from time to time and check if there are any jams. But if the automation has already broken down, you need to know how to quickly manually open the automatic gate and not damage it.

All automatic gates are different, which means that you need to open them manually in different ways. If there are no problems with swing gates and the leaves can be opened on their own, then only the master can open and restore sliding gates. But now there are more convenient alternative ways to control gates with automation.

How Can Automatic Gates Be Controlled?

It is clear that opening the gate manually is long and difficult, and inconvenient if it has to be done in bad weather. It is much more convenient to open the gate from the remote control. One press of a button from inside the car and the gate opens or closes. You do not need to get out of the car or out of the garage, everything is done quickly and easily.

But comfort and speed are not the only plus. Automation allows you to carefully operate garage doors, they serve many times longer. However, a manual opening mechanism should also be provided, in particular, if there are frequent power outages. In this case, it will duplicate the automation. If you are looking for commercial garage door replacement services, you can look into these garage door opening management solutions.

Can You Open The Gate Without a Remote Control?

Not everyone knows how to open or close automatic gates without a remote control. There are several ways:

  1. Code lock with remote control. The gate opens after entering the code.
  2. Contactless combination lock. It works from a programmed bank card or key fob.
  3. Fingerprint detector. It reacts to the fingerprints stored in memory (the safest way).
  4. Key switch. It is installed next to the gate, it activates the gate drive after turning the key.

Which way is better? If you want a simple and affordable solution, then you can choose a combination lock. If you need a high level of security, contactless combination locks and fingerprint detectors are worth choosing. If you want to enter a password or scan a card without getting out of the car, then you can put a key switch next to the gate.

Is It Possible to Open The Gate From a Smartphone?

Automation, remotes, and keys are all convenient, but they all take up space in the glove compartment. And the saddest thing is that they can be forgotten or lost. And then it simply will not work to open or close the gate. Modern solutions help to avoid such troubles. New ways to control automatic gates are carried out using the phone. Here are the ways:

  1. Gate with GSM module. The module is either mounted on the canvas or somewhere nearby – on the wall or indoors. The kit also includes a cable for connecting to a computer, an external antenna, and software. Plus module – frost resistance, it can withstand drops from -20 to +40 degrees.
  2. Bluetooth control. In this case, an OmGate adapter is used. It is universal, easily attached to any automation, and supports smartphones on iOS and Android. It is easy and quick to install, you just need to connect four wires and you’re done, you can open and close the gate.

GPS or Bluetooth?

The GPS module works like this:

  • All numbers of users who have permission to enter the territory are recorded on the SIM card. You can record up to several thousand numbers (convenient for an enterprise or business center).
  • The user drives up, calls the module number, and the module works. The gate leaves open automatically, the preset settings allow you to keep them open as long as you need.
  • The advantages of the gate with a GSM module are many. This is the range, simple settings, and savings (the cost of one module is equal to the price of 2-3 remotes).

And here is how the Bluetooth adapter works:

  • It is located at the gate since the radius of action is small. The gate opens from the smartphone after confirmation.
  • When approaching the gate, the adapter detects the phone and an application with an open button is displayed on the screen.
  • The advantage of the Bluetooth adapter is significant because the owner always has access to the gate control, different remotes, keys, and key fobs are simply not needed.

Wrapping It Up

Automatic garage doors can be opened not only with a key or remote control. You can also use a smartphone. Each method has both pros and cons, and you should focus on the most convenient, fast, and safe solutions for you. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of commercial garage door replacement services, we recommend that you contact STI Garage Door.

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