Why The Carrier Oil Is Important In CBD For Your Horses

Carrier Oil Is Important

When you purchase CBD products for your pets, including the large hooved friends, carrier oil is important, and it is used for the base. In researching ingredients for the substances, you intend to offer your horse, it’s essential to learn which oil the manufacturer used so that you select the best option that offers the most health benefits for your equine.

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The Importance Of Carrier Oil For Your Horse’s CBD

Carrier oil is also referred to as “base oil” which is a solution derived from a plant used to help carry the active CBD components ensuring overall freshness, potency, and delivery of the contents. Learn about proper administration and safety guidelines for CBD oil as a whole at https://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2020/08/12/safety-and-administration-of-cbd-oil-for-horses/ .

  • The Potency : The key to effective results with cannabidiol is consistent maintenance with an adequate dose gradually determined that provides the desired benefits. 

The compound is well known for use in therapeutic or medicinal conditioning. Claims suggest proper dosing is simplified with a carrier oil being distributed alongside the substance because pure CBD is challenging to measure to a specific dose.

  • The Freshness : When placed in a carrier oil, the compounds of cannabidiol are able to sustain potency and stability for long-term freshness. An example would be coconut oil or olive oil’s shelf life as compared to the lifespan of produce restricted to the refrigerator. Oxidation of fats occur slowly.
  • The Delivery : Combining CBD with a plant-based fatty oil allows the compound to bind with fat molecules in the equine’s body making the absorption process and bioavailability stronger. Cannabidiol is a “lipophilic,” meaning it will seamlessly combine with the body’s dietary fats. The body wouldn’t be capable of fully processing the compound consumed without help from the base oils. 
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Types Of Carrier Oils Commonly Used

The type of CBD oil you choose for your horse should offer the most health benefits. Cannabidiol plays a significant part in the quality of the base and the product’s ultimate efficacy, meaning two brands can implement the same type of carrier and achieve different results. 

To help the product achieve optimum quality for your horse’s benefit, (check out this awesome read), the base should offer a high level of bioavailability with incredible absorbability. Some carrier oils most often used include:

** Hemp Seed Oil
  • Fatty acids omega 3 and 6 in abundance
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Sharp flavor
  • Byproduct of natural hemp

Offers the ideal balance of fatty acids, omega 3 and 6. It boasts a natural antioxidant capable of helping to heal common skin issues. The downside is the distinct sharp taste which can be off-putting for the horse, and the bioavailability is not at the highest level. 

The products are often confused for CBD oil, but these are not the same, offering different properties and unique benefits.

** Olive Oil
  • Researched extensively
  • Monounsaturated fat rich
  • Consistency is thick
  • Nutty, strong flavor
  • Content consists of antioxidants

The substance is antioxidant rich being touted as a staple for fatty acids. There is not a high bioavailability rating due to the monounsaturated fats needing additional processing/absorption. The substance is thick in its consistency with a strong, nutty flavor.

** MCT Oil
  • Fat soluble compounds in a high concentration
  • A natural antibacterial/antifungal substance
  • Consistency of a smooth nature
  • Has the potential to induce stomach upset

The product derives from coconuts and palm being a primary choice for most premium cannabidiol brands. It offers the highest fat-soluble concentrated compounds. The body is better able to process these smaller molecules in comparison to other oils with a standard size. 

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There is little difficulty with consumption as the taste is smooth with a thin consistency. But there is potential for an upset stomach until the animal gets used to the substance. The effect notes to pass with consistent use.

CBD For Your Horses

Final Thought 

Deciding on the best carrier oil is subjective based on personal research and preference relating to how an animal responds to each. A horse’s human companion will be the one to determine which products satisfy the needs of their equine more effectively in combination with cannabidiol. Go here for   mistakes you should avoid with CBD as a compound for use with horses. 

In the end, the priority is ensuring CBD is effective in helping with the animal’s overall health and wellness and that the base simplifies consumption for the pony.

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