The Role of Video Transcription to Enhance the Power of Marketing

Video Transcription

All marketers know the role of videos in engaging their clientele and audience. People tend to spend more time on videos than text, allowing you to provide them with the content they need to make buying decisions. However, videos alone may not lead to a purchase. You need to provide written content to accompany your video marketing efforts.

Video transcriptions play an important role in video marketing, supercharging your campaign. Here is a detailed look at the role of video transcription in enhancing the power of video marketing.

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It Gives You a Chance to Add SEO

You can optimise your video content for search engines with the use of text. Text-based content is easier to optimise as it can be indexed. Besides, search engines can index text content but cannot do the same with video content. Your videos need SEO for them to be seen by your target audience. Otherwise, they will not appear in the search results when customers look for related content.

In such a case, video transcription helps you by allowing you to implement SEO in your video campaigns and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Video Transcription Helps for Voice Search Optimization

It is estimated that over 3.25 million people around the world use voice search to search for items on the internet. You can tap into the market by making it easier for them to find your videos through voice. Video transcription can help you enhance voice search by optimising content for the words that people generally use.

It Drives Traffic to Your Site

The main aim of creating most video marketing content is to drive traffic to your site. Video transcription helps optimise your content for voice, general, and video searches to drive more traffic to your website. You can apply all SEO strategies to your video transcriptions and rank higher for specific keywords, thereby gaining more popularity.

Increased traffic to the website is a golden chance for the business to convert them to warm leads and eventually to customers. It is also possible to target a specific audience with content, allowing you to drive specific traffic to your website.

Enhance Your Viewer Engagement

Attracting visitors to watch your videos is not enough to get you results. You need to retain them long enough for you to send your message across. It is important that you find ways to keep the interest up to the very end of your content.

Video transcription provides text references for your videos to viewers. It clarifies various issues that may not be clear in the voice, such as terms and numbers. Where you are posting informative videos, the transcript can be used as a study guide.

Transcription also allows you to reach users that have hearing problems and the deaf. This increases the reach of your videos, allowing you to tap into the market that cannot consume video content. On the other hand, transcription can help reach out to a possible market that does not speak the language that you have used in the video.

Content in multiple languages can be added to the video as it plays or provided as a full transcript on the side. Either of the ways will help the viewers find the exact video by searching using their language. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity to bring on board the people that do not speak your language and improve your ranking in the search results for that specific language.

User engagement leads to increased number of warm leads, many of whom can be converted to real customers. Besides, the engagement lowers the bounce rate in your website, giving you time to tell them your brand story and the products you have in store for them. Lower bounce rate is also a ranking factor by search engines.

Video Transcription Helps in Content Creation

The use of a video transcription service helps in your content creation strategy. You can repurpose any transcripts into full topics for use in your next blog post. The text can also be used to generate ideas that you can use to develop future posts on your website. It also becomes easy for you to quote videos in your posts since you have easily accessible text material. The internal links to video content also helps improve the rankings of the specific pages.

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