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As fashion trends come and go, one thing that people who love to look good might have realized by now is that high-top sneakers are making a comeback. 

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to high-top sneakers and a lot of different styles of clothes that you can wear. But what are some of the best high-top sneakers out there and which should you choose? 

Here are a few popular options to help get your search started.

Golden Goose Sneakers

One great option for any lover of high tops with a bit of a budget to spend on them is the Golden Goose Sneakers. These pre-distressed sneakers are made from top-quality materials and are hand-crafted by master cobblers. 

While the pre-distressed style may not be for everyone, they certainly will look awesome for anyone who doesn’t recognize the brand’s specific style, and will highly impress anyone who does! 

Air Jordan 1

If you are looking to purchase one of the most iconic pairs of high-top sneakers in the history of the style, then look no further than the Air Jordan 1. First made famous by iconic basketball star Michael Jordan himself, these Air Jordan’s are perfect for anyone who is looking to add a little color to their wardrobe and excite any basketball fan or sneakerhead that they should come across. 

Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi 2

For people who are looking to wear a pair of shoes that are going to look rugged and actually be rugged, the Hoka high-top sneakers are definitely an option to consider. Hoka is famous for making some of the most durable and comfortable running shoes on the market, and these high tops certainly carry the torch in the comfort department. 

While these shoes are certainly a bit bulky, they also are totally in style right now thanks to the continued interest in clunk and modern-looking sneakers for both men and women! 

Balenciaga Speed Trainer

These sneakers used to be everywhere – from the runway to the busy streets of Paris and New York – and they are now still quite popular for many who are looking for comfortable shoes that they can wear to any event. 

Of course, the name Balenciaga needs no introduction, and these futuristic and sleek-looking sneakers will continue to remain popular.

Common Projects Tournament Leather High Top

These are other options that have been popular for those who love chic sneakers for years, and it’s pretty obvious why. With the sleek, black leather, the cool printed numbers on the back, and the clean sole, these shoes simply look fantastic. 

If you are looking for an everyday shoe that you can wear with jeans, a suit, or anything in between, consider these Common Projects as a top option.


Well, there you have it! Now go out there and get a fantastic pair of high-top sneaks of your own.

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