Exploring the Pokemon world: Know more about Salamence weakness, strengths and evolution in this article.

Salamence Weakness

If you are a 90s generation kid, you are well aware of the Pokemon world. The Japanese Pokemon business has been booming since it started in 1997. If you are not mindful about what does pokemon mean? To begin with, pokemon is a Japanese word that means pocket monsters. There is much more to the phrase pokemon. Just like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, there is a whole universe of pokemon. Moreover, Satoshi Tajiri is the creator of the pokemon world. This reminds me of today’s topic for discussion. We will discuss one of the pokemon species Salamence. Salamence weakness, strength and other stats will be the focus of our conversation.

 To your surprise, more than 800 species of pokemon exist. Started as a video game franchise, pokemon now is a brand. The animated series based on pokemon is still streaming. Moreover, there is a pokemon managed comics, short stories books, several movies(long and short), and television series that have been created over time. Also, The popularity of these pocket monsters is uncountable. They are popular overseas as well. Also, the figures of the small pokemon can cost a fortune in the United States. Therefore, people are reluctant to pay any amount to buy them. Let us start with Salamence’s introduction without any further delay. Afterwards, we will shine a light on Salamence weakness, strength and evolution.

What type of Pokemon is Salamence?

 We will give you “need-to-know” information about Salamence in this section of the article. 

Salamence is a Third Generation Pokemon with a history of mega evolution. Moreover, it is one of the strongest pokemon with wings. Also, it is a dual-type Pokemon that looks like a dragon and flies higher.

Furthermore, Salamence is a level 50 pokemon evolving from Shelgon. Though it is the highest form of Bagon pokemon generation, Salamence can grow into its mega form with the help of Salamencite.

Salamence is a four-legged and cruel Pokemon. It has a long and narrow tail. Moreover, it appears blue with a thick and scaled bottom. Furthermore, the Salamence jaw is grey, and other areas such as the throat, inner leg and tail’s underside have red patches.

Also, the area above the eyes has hill-like ridges making it look more dangerous. Finally, both sides of Salamence’s head have three flippers, each of which is flat in shape. It looks just like the wings of an aeroplane. 

Moreover, Selemence is a three claws pokemon whose upper half and lower half of Jaw have two pairs of sharp teeth each.

Salamence is known for its uncommon evolution. In addition, Salamence is a unique Pokemon who suddenly grew wings by mere wishing. A constant and powerful desire to fly started a mutation of cells that resulted in enormous red colour wings. These wings release fire whenever Salamence passes cheerfully with joy. The flying continues until Salamence feels tired and sleepy.

Salamence’s biology:

Salamence is a beautiful yet dangerous Pokemon who lives in a harsh environment. With a constant obsession to fly, it never gets enough of flying. Moreover, Salamence lights up the atmosphere when flying happily. However, if he is in a horrible mood, it’s better to stay away from the sight. When angry or in a bad mood, Salamence becomes out of control and flies like a mad animal. Moreover, it destroys everything when enraged. There is no end of terror and fling until Salamence gets tired.

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Moreover, the fourth generation pokemon, Garchomp midair, is its biggest enemy. They both live in the same rugged terrain. Usually, they get into fights for food which is worth watching.

Mega Salamence: Description

Image Credits: Pokemon.com

I know you are waiting to discuss Salamence weaknesses and strengths. However, it is equally important to know about its evolution. 

We did tell you that Salamence can evolve into Mega Salamence with the help of Salamencite.

As Salamence transforms itself into Mega Salamence, both its wings disappear. Instead, a new bow-shaped single-wing grows on its back. The wing is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Mega Salamence flaunts its wing while flying. However, it uses the same wing as a sharp blade weapon to win above ground battles.

Moreover, Mega Salamence has a shorter tail than Salamence when it comes to physical features. Also, its other physical characteristics such as neck, face and body are narrow. Furthermore, the low jaw grey coloured scales disappear after evolution. Also, the mountain-like structure above its eyes was Salamence’s most prominent feature but not anymore. 

On the other hand, the red-coloured patches on the throat remain intact and increase its beauty.

There were flappers on either side of the head that stretched out even more and became narrow. Also, the lower part of the body remains the same to much extent. 

The ruthless Pokemon: Mega Salamence

Furthermore, new wings grow in the middle of the face in the form of quarter arches. These arches stretch towards the nose. Finally, the rigid and shell-like structure on the lower part of the belly took the form of rough armour. This armour is spread across the chest and to the shoulders, which keeps it safe and sound.

Salamence Weakness

Image Credits: PNGitem

The evolution and melting of the wings evolved a more aggressive nature in Salamence. Moreover, the Mega Salamence can harm its trainer when provoked. Thus, they are also known as “the blood-soaked crescent”. Due to his brutal nature, every pokemon fears becoming his enemy.

If anyone comes in his path when at the heights of rampaging, his sharp crescent-shaped wings sliced them. Therefore, it is better to stay away from when Mega Salamence is aggressive.

Salamence Weakness and Strength

This is the leading topic of the article. In this section, we will discuss the strength and weaknesses of our favourite pokemon.

  1. Ground attacks: Salamence’s armour over his chest and shoulder provide a shield against Ground attacks. 
  2. Grass Attacks: Grass-type attacks provide very little damage to their pokemon. In other words, It receives quarter damage which makes him more aggressive.
  3. Fire-type attacks damage Salamence to significantly less extent. However, it is almost immune to fire attacks.
  4. It is similar in the case of water attacks. Salamence’s body works as a shield against such types of attacks.
  5. Furthermore, the sharp and breathtaking wings of this pokemon do not let any pokemon touch them. Thus, Salamence is immune to any fighting tactics. They could kill them half before anyone reaches them.
  6. Also, the intricate shell-like structure covering the body of this pokemon protects it against bug attacks.
  7. Salamence was born in a rough and hot atmosphere. Thus, it has no protection against ice attacks. Moreover, the ice attacks can affect this pokemon four times more,
  8. A dragon can give Salamence a tough fight. Dragon-type attacks can provide twice as much damage to Salamence.
  9. Salamence could not bear the rock type attack. They receive twice the typical damage from the attacks.
  10. Similarly, This pokemon could not help them against the fairy type attacks. They receive double damage from the attack.
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Check out some of the physical stats of Salamence. More about Salamence weakness and strength.

Salemence’s height is around 1.5 metres with 102.6 kgs weight. Moreover, it can lower the attack of the enemy. Also, it has a hidden tendency to boost its attack after striking the enemy unconscious. terrain 

Image Credits: Serebii

Furthermore, Salamence can live in rugged terrain with a slow growth rate. As a result, they hatch dragon eggs exhibiting both male and female characteristics.

Salamence is the advanced form of the Bagon pokemon. Bagon turns into Shelgon at level thirty. Also, it evolves as Salamence at level 50.

Salamence Moves:

Salamence has many extraordinary moves. The pokemon is full of strength, and Salamence weakness is very minimal. Let us discuss some of its moves one by one:

  1. This pokemon is driven with rage. Rage is like a fuel for Salamence, which makes it stronger. Moreover, it increases this pokemon desire to win.
  2. Salamence sharp and vicious fangs may kill its target. Furthermore, its fangs can make the target experience excruciating pain.
  3. This pokemon possesses the ability to intimidate the target just by gazing. Its mere gaze can force the target to protect itself.
  4. Headbutt attacks can shake the target to the core. As a result, Salamence never loses its fight.
  5. Salamence has a bomb of energy inside, which they use during combat.
  6.  This pokemon is a part dragon. Therefore, they release fire from their mouths which burn the target into ashes.
  7. A Salamence can protect itself. This is because they are raised in rough and challenging climatic conditions. Thus, it becomes almost impossible for the attacker to knock down this pokemon.
  8. A fearsome and robust blow by this pokemon may leave the target numb and disable.
  9. Salamence can make a scary face that can frighten the target.
  10. This pokemon’s blade-like and monstrous wings can crush the enemy before the enemy could feel they are under attack.
  11. Moreover, Salamence has sharp teeth and a pair of fans that can chew the enemy.
  12. This ultimate dragon claw split the target, not allowing them to counterattack.

The above-discussed moves of this pokemon can help them to achieve victory in every situation. They have to fight for survival and even to eat food. Therefore, it becomes the nature of this pokemon to put up an intense fight before the enemy. They are ruthless, cold-hearted and cruel. They show no sympathy to the enemy.

Conclusion: Salamence weakness, strength and stats

I bet those who are big fans of pokemon have enjoyed this article. However, I hope those who got to know these pokemon for the first time may find this article worth reading. In this article, we discuss all Salamence. Also, we found out that Salamence weakness is mainly against ice, fire, rock and fairy attacks. However, they are much more robust, leaving their enemy stunned and horrified. On this note, I am going to end this article today. 

Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe.

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