Style up your look with the perfect haircut for boys

how to cut boys hair - Style up your look with the perfect haircut for boys

The hair acts as a crown for an individual. It enhances the level of confidence with a pleasing personality. Like women, men too are now conscious of having a decent haircut. It is important to maintain a good looking, confident, and pleasing personality. We are going to discuss how to cut boys hair.

Why should boys and men go for a haircut?

Well, getting regular haircuts will support in having good quality hair for men. Timely trimming and haircuts turn hair healthier than expected. A little bit of styling required to maintain hair well. After every 2 to 3 weeks a haircut is a must for men and boys.

Whether it’s your little kid or a young boy, all want to have an attractive and glamorous hair cut. Little boys can have an attractive hair cut. Different types of hair cut are there to choose for your little kid. Goggling will help you to get the answer to how to cut boys’ hair.

How to cut a boy’s hair with scissors?

There are certain processes to follow to get a perfect hair cut for boys. At first, it is necessary to hold the hair up and then measure the length by using the fingertip. Using a comb is a must when you cut the hair from the bottom. One should make sure that the haircut at first must be at the same length all around.

  • Are you interested to know how to cut boys’ hair with Scissors only? Well, for that you should measure first how much hair to cut from the head. To use scissors for a haircut the boy needs to have enough hair. Haircuts of small hair will end up cutting excess hair leading to a semi bald look.
  • It is a must to ensure that the hair is dry when you cut the hair. You will face a bit of a problem if you cut wet hair. Cutting dry hair with scissors becomes easy as scissors can move in a smooth way.
  • To use scissors for a haircut, it is necessary to choose a guide cut. First, comb the hair and then hold that much hair between two fingers you wish to cut. Always try to cut the hair straight across your finger. This will make sure the cut is even.

How to cut boys’ hair with clippers?

Cutting male hair with clippers is easy. You need a little practice and you can become an expert. If you don’t have the one then don’t worry. Search online to choose from various types of clippers available in the market.

  • You can opt to buy for a cordless clipper which is rechargeable and user friendly. So, before you start cutting the hair of a boy, at first get ready with a comb, cape, neck shaver along with the clipper.
  • Clippers are available in the market with different numbers and guard sizes. The best one is number 4 or ½ inch as this length is perfect for cutting hair with short length.
  • Allow the boy to sit on a comfortable chair. This will restrict the body to move. Ensure to cover with a neck saver. You can also use a pillow to raise the height. Check your tools to make sure that you have the right comb for proper length.

  • The perfect starting point of cutting hair with a clipper is the base of the head. From the base, one needs to continue cutting the top of the head. For more perfect and even haircuts, cut against the direction.
  • Now tilt the head a bit and place the clipper on the backside of the head. Then turn the clippers on and put little pressure on it. next start moving the clipper from down to upward. While working with it, you should hold the clipper in a firm way.
  • For the backside, the same process to follow. Repeat for the side haircut too. Similarly, you can also use a comb to run through the hair to check if any part is left uncut or not.
  • Once you reach the top of the head for a haircut, it is necessary to cut the hair from the front of the head i.e the forehead. Now follow the hairline to the back of the head too. Likewise, until you get the desired length and smooth finish, continue the process. In the end, you can use the hair trimmer to set the hairline.

How to style long hair for boys?

Men or boys having long hair can opt for various styles. Cutting long hair of boys is not that tough and looks good. Well, still it needs a bit more work to maintain it even all the way.

  • Before starting the haircut it is necessary to do shampoo and apply conditioner. Similarly, Then cover the hair and leave it to dry. It is easy to cut damp hair but wet hair causes too much problem in giving proper shape to the hair.
  • One must learn the process of how to cut Boy hair Long. Firstly, you need to cut the hair at the back. Next, you need to move to the sides. Now comb the hair falling on the front so that these can remain straight.
  • After completing the previous step hold the hair between the fingers.Likewise, Now make an angle towards upward. Next cut the hair keeping the same length matching the hair at back.
  • In the last step, it is time to cut the hair at the front. At first comb, the hair on the face and then hold the hair straight between the fingers. Now you can cut them in an even way. Lastly, compare the sides to ensure that lengths are equal on all sides.

How to do a Surfer hairstyle for boys?

Since the year 1950, the surfer hair cut for boys is earning huge popularity. Similarly, this hairstyle is to let the hair raise and flow. Men can opt for this hairstyle in a short or medium or long length.

Such cuts are perfect to give a stylish look to every boy. Are you interested to know about the process or steps of this haircut?

  • Do you want to make the perfect surfer Haircut? Well, for that, you need to allow the hair to grow long. The least length of hair must be 4 inches to get a perfect surfer haircut.
  • After achieving the desired length of hair you can proceed for the cut. The long surfer hairstyle is trendy and popular among boys and men even today.

This style also looks perfect for boys with blonde hair. To get a casual surfer look, towel the wet hair until it becomes dry. The haircut will get a perfect finish if a razor is used at the time of cutting hair.

  • To maintain the style, it is necessary to do shampoo and apply conditioner on hair after every wash. To avoid breakage, comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb.

Similarly, you can search for the best surfer care products available in the market. Salt-infused and natural beach hair products are a hot favorite among boys.

How to do hair cut at home with no expertise?

Well, this question is tricky and needs attention to make you confusion-free. Similarly there are many options available especially in the case when you can’t move out of the home.

Youtube Channel:

You will find many leading hairstylists share awesome videos on their Youtube channels. Similarly, Google for the hair cut video and you will get the list of videos. Go through it first without trying to cut.

In the next step arrange the accessories mentioned. Now replay the video and keep following to execute the act. You can pause if you wish to give your hands a few minutes rest. Get the end look of the perfect haircut in this way.

Video Chat with your hairdresser:

Similarly, if your hair specialist is ready to assist you online, then go for a video, Zoom chat, or Gtalk video. Follow the instructions and in a couple of minutes, you will get the look.

Hair Cut Guide:

Haircut guide books are available in the market. You can try them to get the desired haircut instructions. Follow the instructions and you complete the cut.

The haircut is not that difficult if you know the techniques. Similarly In case you don’t want to take risks then visit your hair specialist for the perfect cut.

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