Top Tips To Help You Become A CS:GO Master 


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released all the way back in 2012 as the fourth major installment in Valve’s first-person shooter series. And the fact it is still continuing to bring in new players and update itself with whole new strategies and playstyles should speak volumes about the level of depth and immense skill ceiling the game is able to boast about possessing.It take hundred upon hundreds of hours worth of gameplay to make it into the top 1% of players plying their trade in the server for a living, but here are some quick tips to help you master your own performance in CS:GO.

Don’t Be Afraid To Save 

There are two qualities that really separate out the pro Counter-Strike players from the ultra-puggy toxic teammates we’ve all encountered on our matchmaking journeys, and both of these qualities revolve around understanding just how long a game of CS can be, and why making it stretch out is such a valuable asset to a team.

The first of these qualities is understanding how valuable a save call in the mid round can be, and when you should be looking to give up a round for the greater good and hit the next one with your economy still intact. Take the time to familiarize yourself with how much everything within the game costs and what your loss bonus is going to be looking like ahead, and pretty soon you will begin to have a better understanding of which scenarios are worth giving a go, and which are best

One look at the professional sides that often dominate the CS: GO odds at Esports betting sites such as will show you just how much they value the save calls as well. At their recent run at ESL Pro League Season 13, Australian side Renegades called fewer saves than any other side in Group A and drew criticism for going after lost causes as they finished second bottom with a 1-4 record.

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So don’t be afraid to call a save next time you’re in a matchmaking queue and establish some sort of harmony as a side. Take the time to invest in some of the mid-tier weapons such as the Famas as well, as it allows you to clump together enough pennies for valuable bits of utility needed each round.

Control Your Rage

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a fairly infamous reputation in the gaming world for being able to trigger even the most adept of player. One quick look on YouTube will show any fan just how rage-filled and toxic players can get playing Valve’s flagship FPS title, but there’s absolutely no denying that a toxic attitude can be one of the most detrimental, albeit avoidable, factors on a player’s performance.

As the game itself tells you: it’s important to remember that sometimes things are out of your control and sometimes your opponent is just having a good day with their shots.

Toxic teammates are the bane of every Counter-Strike player and their overall experience in the game. Not only does it ruin your own and four other people’s day, but a game that is dominated by you being constantly triggered and going out of your way to hunt down those big plays will only ever lead to your performance getting worse and worse. If you’re triggered, you’re unlikely to give good information, more likely to miss out on obvious plays and far more likely to be prone to poor decision making.

Take the time to learn some strategies to help combat gamer rage as you feel it bubbling up inside you. There are a number of studies and tactics that specialists have put available online for free for both game-specific and general stressful situations in life.

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One of the best tactics is really taking the time to appreciate what you feel like before full-on tilting and working on nipping the rage in the bud before it completely overtakes you. One of the best strategies around is the tried and tested method of literally pushing yourself away from the desk and counting either up or down from five, just as a means of resetting your body and giving yourself the time to unwind from what’s just gone down in the server.





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