Everything You Should Know About ROM


Do you know you can still enjoy your favourite games from the 90s? If you’re from the 80s and 90s, you will definitely remember some of the popular video games like Mario, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Contra, Sonic, and so on. These games were everything back then. These games use to come in square cartridges then that you insert into the video game itself. Many people miss playing those games from their childhood. However, those old consoles used back then are no more available like ROM.

The question that may be running through most people’s minds now is how can they still play these popular video games from the 80s and 90s? Well, there is a way you can still enjoy your old favourite games on your PC or laptop, and that is by downloading their ROMs. This post will look at what ROM emulation is, safe ROM sites, and more.

What is ROM?

ROM emulation is a popular term among gamers. However, someone who is not a gaming enthusiast may not really know what it means. In simple words, ROM emulation involves the process of storing or copying data files from a read-only memory chip, usually from video game cartridges to a flash or hard disk.

ROM emulation can also be used to modify or change existing games in different ways. For example, if the default language used in the game is in a different language, ROM emulation can be used to change the language to another one. Also, ROM emulation can be used to change the difficulty level of a game as desired. Furthermore, the graphics of a game can be modified using ROM emulation. All these and more can be achieved with ROM emulation.

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What is a ROM Emulator?

With a ROM emulator, which is a software program, games on old consoles that are no more available can easily run on a PC or laptop in situations where it won’t play directly.

For example, you can download Aria of Sorrow ROM from ROM sites and run it on your new PC or laptop with a ROM emulator.

Best ROM Download Sites

There are many sites where you can download ROM game data for your new PC or laptop. However, we are only going to look at some of the major and popular ones.


Gamulator is one of the most popular websites where you can download ROM. On this site, they have a wide range of ROMs that gets updated regularly. They also have games and emulators that you can download. This site is very easy to use, as navigation is made simple. The site is also free from viruses.


This is another popular ROM Download Sites. One thing that makes this site stand out is its level of safety. It allows you to download games in a way that prevents your system from viruses.

ROM Hustler

Finally, ROM Hustler is another well-known site amongst gaming enthusiasts. It has a search feature that allows you to find any game, console, or ROM easily.

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