Top 10 best fighting type Pokemon

Top 10 best fighting type Pokemon

Top10 Best fighting type Pokemon 

Games are a major part of our entertainment.  Games has lot of crazes, mostly among youngsters. There are a variety of games on the market. But some of the games, have their own popularity in game lovers. A similar type of game is Pokemon. Later, we shall be discussing, the Top 10 Best fighting type Pokemon in this post. You can check all the events and updates of Pokemon online.  Just you need to visit the official website at

Generally, game developers target gamers, to use gaming mobiles by developing mobile supportive games. As most of the children use mobiles.  Game developers, try to create mobile games. Or else both mobile and PC supported games.

Generally, it is seen as a gaming PC, Costs a lot of money, to buy. So, only game streamers and high financial background, people buy gaming setups. Instead, most people enjoy games on their mobile-only.

As we discussed, the popularity of games. Pokemon is the same kind of game. It has been destroying the records. Whether it is about the rating, downloading. or even reviews of this game. All the things were excellent. And have their own craze, among game lovers.

Pokemon is a Japanese game. And also series created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. Pokemon contains video games, animated series, and also short stories. Most importantly, there are a total of 18 different types of pokemon. These including movies and other series. So, in this article let’s discuss the Best fighting type Pokemon

List of Top 10 Best fighting type Pokemon 

Basically, Pokemon has different types of characters. It has such as best fighting type Pokemon, best ground type Pokemon, best water-type Pokemon, best flying type Pokemon, and so on. The fighting type Pokemon is from the oldest type of Pokemons.

Here we have randomly listed the top 10 Best fighting type Pokemon:


ThisPokemon is seen at the top of the list in every fighting type Pokemon. Because of its extremely high attractive power to destroy. Generally, it’s attacking statistics and powerful damaging moves helps a lot to top the list every time. Fighting-type Pokemon contains really high destructive power. And also it can take down more than half of the team, in just a blink of an eye. But when it comes to using its abilities. It is not much complex, because Flame Orb helps a lot to do so. Overall it is excellent. 

Lucario : fighting type Pokemon 

In most of the top lists provided by many sites. It is seen on the top, due to its defensive type Pokemon. It is a combination of Adaptability ability with Mega Lucario. Most importantly in the game, it almost removes all the weaknesses, that a fighting Pokemon contains. Which is assumed to be very similar to the fighting pokemon. And also a steel type of Pokemons. 

Overall it’s, adaptability ability in Mega Lucario’s STAB is almost twice. It also becomes 1.5% more powerful. So it’s very much clear that close combats and meteor mash are going to be even stronger. As you are using the Mega Lucario.

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There is not-at-all doubt that this is the superstar of the game. But when it comes to competitive modes, it becomes the first choice of every player. Anywhere Blaziken’s speed is good enough to play. While strength depends on the superior attacks and stack statistics. Anywhere Braziken weakness is not typing. But in its defensive shortcomings, it is different. Within a strong attack, the best player of your team may be out of the game. 

Heracross : Big/fighting type pokemon

This is also an excellent bug/fighting type Pokemon. It is introduced in 2nd generation. Because of its guts and swarm ability, it is present in, top lists of, Pokemon. But along with these two strengths. It has four different weaknesses. Because of which reason, most of the players hesitate to play with it. Its weakness is flying, fairy, fire, and psychics. Its height is around 1.5 meters and 54kgs of weight. It also includes a single horn on its head, which makes it more attractive.


In Pokemon, this is a fire/fighting type Pokemon. Generally, it is related to Monferno and Chimchar. Its height is a little bit small which is 1.19metres and weight is around 55 kilograms. Its special ability is an ablaze and iron fist. It also contains a list of weaknesses. This includes flying, water, ground, psychic. Overall it’s a fourth-generation Pokemon. In normal specifications, it contains brown in color. And also has a fire flame on its head. Inferno is very excellent and energetic in the game, as seen in anime. It has the ability to increase the damage power, if it’s XP is low asitsrXP. 

Medical :  Psychic Pokemon 

Generally, it is involved in medicine.  It is having a height of 1.3 meters and a weight of 31 kgs. This is a psychic/fighting type Pokemon. It is introduced in 3rd generation. Also has the ability to pure power and a hidden ability named telepathy. Even medicham, needs to learn moves via breeding in two modes.  Namely ultra sun and ultra moon. 


It is a first-generation Pokemon. Which can also be Gigantamax into Gigantamax Machamp. It is a humanoid type fighting. It has large four-handed structure type Pokemon. Its height is 1.3 meters but it is heavy. Generally, it’s weight is 136 kilograms. It is involved in Machoke. Its ability is no guard and guts.

Whereas weakness is a fairy, psychic, and flying. Even, it includes different color entries such as red and blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, ruby, etc. Each color entry has its own specialty to function.



Basically, it is a 3rd generation, grass/fighting type Pokemon. It includes a height of 1.19 meters. And weight is generally 39 kgs. It includes an excellent ability to poison heal. And also the effect of spore. On the other hand, Brellom also has weaknesses such as Psychic, Ice, Fire, Flying, Poison, Fairy.

The structure of  this pokemon is very small and has a green body and legs. Whereas, its head and tails are lightly colored. When it reaches level 23. It originally becomes breloom, involved from shroomish

Keinvolvedater type fighting pokemon

Now Keldeo, is a different kind of Pokemon. It’s a fifth-generation water/fighting type Pokemon. Keldeo’s physical appearance is a pale yellow in color. It originated due to the fight between the people. There is no evolution history for it. It has good base statistics of a total of 580.

Its special attack includes 129. Whereas speed is 108. It has the ability to justify. Whereas it also includes a large list of weaknesses such as Psychic, Flying, Electric, Fairy, Grass. It also has a species called cold Pokemon. Generally, it is more compatible with the white/black Pokemon. 


This is another kind of Pokemon. It is fifth-generation fighting type Pokemon. It includes a height of 1.3 meters. Along with a weight of 36 kgs. They have the ability to generate inner focus, and also generation is reckless. Its physical structure is a long, slim body. Having pale-purple in color.

It attacks the enemy with its arm, which includes fur. At level 50, it is involved from form Mienfoo.  It also includes different color entries. And includes excellent statistics of 510. This speed is around 105, along with this special attack power is of 95. Also includes a massive defense power of 60. Its weakness is a fairy, flying, and psychic.

Best ground type Pokemon 

This Pokemon include a different ability along with special attack powers.  It has enough strengths, along with some weaknesses. But, this has low efficiency in flying.

These also have very low electric resistance. These are less effective, towards grass and bugs. And good resistance towards Gliscor, Charizard, Gyarados etc.

Best water-type Pokemon 

This Pokemon has its own special powers and weaknesses. These are very effective towards Ground, fire, and also rock. Whereas less effective, towards the grass, dragon, and salemence. These are very vulnerable to the grass and electric.

Hope this article has given you enough idea, about Pokemon. And help you to select, the top 10 fighting type Pokemon.  And also it helps, you to understand, the best ground-type Pokemon, and also the best water-type Pokemon. 

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