How to Find a Hobby: Best Ideas to Try


One of the greatest lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic is perhaps the importance of how we spend our leisure. A good number of us don’t have the time to recharge. Subsequently, a hobby is essential in helping us create a good work-life balance. A hobby isn’t foreign terminology for most people. It involves everything we do outside work, usually for enjoyment or to pass the time.

Conversely, some people even turn their hobbies into work or incorporate them into their careers. Activities that challenge our way of thinking and provoke our minds and body are important for good development. That said, hobbies provide great benefits, such as relieving stress, providing new experiences, bonding with friends, acquiring new knowledge, and enriching life.

Now, if you’re wondering where all this talk is going, here are some ideas to help you find your hobby in a snap.

Change Your Favorite Activity to a Hobby

We all have that one thing we fully immerse ourselves in and love doing, such as eating or watching sports. Interestingly, you can easily switch what you enjoy doing during your leisure time to a hobby. For example, you could take cooking classes if you’re a food junkie. For a bookworm, joining a reading club as a hobby would be a great fit. Subsequently, if you love taking videos, you could equally take up filming as a hobby.

Embrace New Adventures

If you aren’t sure where to find a hobby, try other people’s hobbies and see what works for you. While at it, look for what comes naturally to you, your passion, and your autonomy (ability to do it alone). If something feels grueling or frustrating, jump on to the next one. If you come across something that makes you feel confident and fulfilled, put it down as a hobby option, then you can later pick one.

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Choose From Your Bucket List

While bucket lists can be unnecessarily long, you don’t have to try out every activity. Shape the activities in order of importance or practicality. Use the new list to develop hobbies from activities you’ve always thought you’d enjoy. If you love traveling, pick a hobby that involves moving from one place to another, like road trips, camping, or sightseeing.

Seek Professional Guidance

A coach can quickly help you find a hobby. Coaches help by shedding light on activities that would otherwise be left as just interesting, and help navigate your way through making it a hobby. You can find personality coaches and professionals with a quick search on Leadar. Psychologists and therapists also play an important role in helping you find your inner self by discovering who you are and what activities bring out the best in you.

Consider Your Interests

In most cases, personal interests indicate what hobbies should look like. Interests vary depending on what you love spending your free time doing, from pottery to fashion to playing music. Do a personal survey and determine whether you can match a hobby to your interests. If you are interested in fashion and design, that might hold a clue to styling as a hobby.

Look Back On Your Childhood

Children are free to explore whatever they find interesting without worrying about making a living. Remember the activities you did back in your childhood and were fond of or found fun, and come up with a list. What made you stop doing them other than outgrowing them? Over time, we undergo life changes that taint our perspective on some things. However, you can revive what you once found fun in a new style to fit your new status in life. Remember, reminiscing about your best childhood activities doesn’t mean you have to relive them. If you do not have any other reason, it is probably worth getting the activity on your list of hobbies.

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Check What Puts Your Mind in the State of Flow

The “state of flow” is a mental state where a person is so indulged in what they are doing that they don’t notice anything else around them, including time. Flow experiences are different for every person. It often happens when someone is engaged in something they are fond of and are utterly skilled in it. Whatever the activity, besides being fun, it regulates emotions, is fulfilling, and enhances creativity. Your flow activity could easily be your hobby.

Find Your True North

The idea here is to align what already feels like a hobby with your personality, values, beliefs, and gut. Everyone wants to engage in a hobby that completes them and makes them feel purposeful. Your true north could be giving to charity because it feels good to help the less fortunate and aligns with your spiritual beliefs. When you understand your true north, you start living an authentic life. Connecting an activity to your true north impacts your humanity and dictates your future direction.

Leverage Your Personality

Understanding personality science is an important aspect of getting to learn about yourself and how you function. There are countless paid and free personality tests available online. Getting in touch with your personality means understanding what works well for you and what does not. Knowing your personality can help you pick hobbies aligned with your interests.

Focus on Your Strengths

Everyone feels good when they are competent at something and will spend most of their time doing it. It makes doing these tasks more fun and fulfilling when you know your way around them. In most cases, we are automatically good at something we are passionate about. Whatever you think you can do with your eyes closed could be the key to finding a hobby.


In a busy, competitive, and complex world, a good hobby could be exactly what we all need to unwind. Although there’s nothing wrong with not having a hobby, having one has insurmountable benefits. The search for hobbies is sometimes lonely, but it is interesting and worth every second. Remember, it is never too late to find a new hobby.

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