Thunder Cross Split Attack How to create own animation memes

thunder cross split attack

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, one of the best-written action Japanese manga series, has been trending for Dire’s latest move. This move is apparently called the “Thunder Cross Split Attack,” which showcases his best abilities to stand up against the opposing fighter and defend himself. But, why is Dire’s wording to Dio Brando “Thunder cross split attack, you fell for it fool!” is trending. You will find out in this reading. But, first, let’s introduce you to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. What is it all about? 


To begin with, as mentioned before, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a Japanese manga series that originally commenced in 1987. For 17 years, this series continued as a day-to-day magazine verse. However, in the late 1900s, production started converting it into an episode-by-episode VHS animation series. Since then, this amazing Japanese animation has been adopted by VHS, Blue-Ray, DVD, Tokyo MX television Studio, Anime XO in America, and finally, Netflix!

thunder cross split attack

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 With successful adoption by so many channels and OTTs, fans who haven’t watched JoJo’s bizarre adventure are now wondering what this series is all about? And especially, what is a thunder cross split attack? Did you fall for it, fool meme? Don’t worry! You will find all the details below. 

What is the storyline of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? 

For the most part, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is unlike any other Japanese Manga. The storyline or plot follows the reflections of JoJo’s experience in a real-time world where human beings and supernatural beings exist together without knowing each other’s secrets. According to the inside details of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the series follows the mainstream protagonist family line named Joestar. Each supernatural being in this family has a “Star” as their birthmark, which concludes that they have power. 

It is also crucial to note that each volume of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a distinct protagonist for the Joestar family. In the series itself, “positive energy and spirituality of a being” play an essential role in deciding its power. For example, supernatural beings with Hamon Energy can take control of their breathing in order to create bodily energy via sunlight, i.e.., the light attack. 

Thus, there is no accurate or exact storyline or plot behind JoJo’s Bizarre adventure. The reason is each volume of JoJo’s show contains a distinct story and mission for JoeStar family members. For example, Volume 1 takes you into the flashback life of Joestar Jonathon, whereas, Volume 2nd focuses on the grandson of Johnathon in Volume 1. 

What is Thunder Cross Split Attack? 

According to the wiki fandom of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Thunder Cross Split Attack is one of the most superior kinds of attack practiced by Dire on Dio Brando. To the reader’s surprise, it is a part of Hamon (a special form of martial arts where body and breathing create disastrous sunlight attacking power). In simple words, you can say that a thunder cross split attack is an advanced version of a simple thunder cross attack. 

What is a thunder cross attack? Well! To begin with, Thunder cross attack is also Dire’s attacking technique where he hops over on this opposing fighter with such a high speed that it is invisible to the naked eye. Further ahead, he splits his arms to chop off the enemy’s head. Again, it is unnoticeable. This is a simple thunder cross attack. 

Now, if you notice, in Thunder Cross Attack, Dire remains open for a headbutt attack because his head and neck are unprotected. If the opponent is fast enough, he can attack Dire with a headbutt and end the game

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This is why Dire invents a thunder cross split attack where the opponent has no choice but to surrender only. In a thunder cross split attack, it is nearly impossible for the opponent to apply a headbutt or any other move on Dire. Why? 

Thunder Cross Split attack is a type of attack where Dire applies body energy to create thunder as he has knowledge of Hamon martial arts. When he jumps or prances on his enemy, he puts his hands in a crossed position to prevent any chances of headbutt. Then, he further split his enemy’s head from his body. This is called, thunder cross split attack, when you know from the meme probably. 

Thunder Cross Split Attack Meme: What are some best memes on Dire’s move? 

Don’t you love memes? They are relatable to real-life scenarios. Because of this, the thunder cross split attack meme has become widely prominent on social media. For example, Mom says, “tell me the truth. I will not get angry.” Kid tells the truth. Mom: Thunder Cross Split Attack, you fell for it, fool!. 

Similarly, Thunder cross split attack memes are funny. Check out the following meme to have a good time while reading this.

thunder cross split attack

Image credit: Reddit, User: Cybertruck

Source: Meme

Source: Meme

What is Thunder Cross Split Attack QR Code? 

While roaming on the web, especially on Sizzle or Reddit, you will observe that users are sharing thunder cross split attack QR Code. What is this code? What happens if you scan it? Well! Here is your answer. Thunder Cross Split Attack QR Code is a redirect code to a youtube video of an actual thunder cross split attack. Thus, if you scan this code, you will directly go to a youtube video where Dire is attacking Dio Brando using this technique. 

How to scan this QR Code? 

In the event that you are using an iPhone or any other smartphone, the following instructions will help you scan the TCSA QR Code from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. 

  • The open camera on your smartphone (back view). 
  • Now, point the camera on the Thunder Cross Split Attack JoJo’s QR Code. 
  • Once the camera scans the code, it will show “youtube,” written with a yellow background. 
  • Click on the “youtube” alternative. 
  • You will be directed to the video of the TC Split attack. Enjoy!

Why does JoJo/Dire use the Thunder Cross Split attack on Dio Brando? 

According to the backstory of Dio Brando, he was born in a psychologically and financially tormented family. He had a widely aggressive, abusive, and alcoholic father figure who used to beat him. Dio’s mother also passed away. One day, Dio did not bring his father alcohol but instead tried to give him medicine. As his father refused and insisted on selling his dead mother’s things for money for alcohol, Dio committed the murder of his father. 

As a result of Dio’s father’s death, the Joestar family took Dio Brando in as a servant because his father had borrowed money from this family. It was the moment when Dire JoJo first met Dio and despised him. 

Since then, Dio Brando had taken his time out tormenting JoJo. From insulting him to stealing his things to stealing the love of JoJo’s life, Dio had a wicked motive in mind. 

At last, JoJo Dire and Dio Brando come together in the fighting battleground where Dire uses a thunder cross split attack against him. However, in the fight, Dio defeats Dire anyway!

In another folklore of JoJo’s bizarre adventure, Dire JoJo is indeed Joseph, who is the grandson of Jonathon, whereas Dio Brando is JoJo’s adoptive grandfather. According to the storyline, Joseph Dire never liked Dio. Hence, when one day, Dio tries to rob people on a train, JoJo gets to the rescue and stops Dio. However, after a long fight on the train, the train crashes, and both die!

Which folklore do you like the best? 

How to create your own animation memes online for free?

Today, we see thousands of memes online. On Instagram, every minute, hundreds of new memes load on your feed. So, why should you keep your hands away from all this fun? Do you know many members earn a lot of money online just by creating new memes? The only condition is the meme must be unique and funny. Do you also want to create a thunder cross split attack meme online? 

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Here is a brief stepwise guide on how to create animation memes online: 

STEP 1: Download Animation Scene off the web

Before you go to the apps to create online memes, you need an animation scene. For example, you can download “thunder cross split attack” scenes in the form of an image from the web. Please make sure that the image does not have any copyrights. If copyrights are there, you may need to purchase an image from a website such as iStock. 

Once you have downloaded the scene that you want to convert into a meme, skip to the next step. 

STEP 2: Go to a photo editing Application and add background to your image

Now, this is a crucial step. Please note that you will need a photo editing app that has “add background” features such as Picsart Studio or Adobe photoshop (professional memes). To add background to the image, follow the steps given below: 

  • On your photo editing app, please click on the “new picture” option. 
  • Add “thunder cross split attack, you fell for it fool!” image from your phone/PC library.
  • Now, from the options below, select “add background.”
  • You will see many ready-to-add backgrounds in different colors.
  • For memes, the best background color is either black or white. 
  • Once you have added the background, click on the “done” button above.
  • Now, adjust the photo so that it is smaller than the original size.
  • As a result, the black/white background will be 40 to 50% visible on the top.
  • Now, add meme content by clicking on the “add text.”
  • When you tap on add text alternative, type the meme content. 
  • Then, click on the “done” option.
  • Adjust the meme content in such a way that it covers white/black background space. 
  • Your meme is ready!

STEP 3: Export meme from photo editor to social media

Is your thunder cross split attack meme ready? Presuming that it is! Now, you can easily share it on all social media platforms with a single click. Once the meme is ready, tap on the “share icon” provided below. Or, click on the “SHARE” option. 

It will show many additional apps like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, etc., where you can export this meme to. Simply click on the app, for example, Facebook. The photo editor will redirect to Facebook’s “add post/post image” feature. Add a caption to your meme and click on the “share” option below. 

Similarly, share your meme on multiple websites like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, etc., to get more and more exposure on the web. 

What are the best apps to create memes online? 

Are you constantly wondering which application to choose to create a thunder cross split attack meme? Check out the following list of best meme creators online. 

Note: Please note that animation scenes have copyrights. Thus, please buy the picture or GIF on a genuine website before sharing the meme online. It can lead to legal consequences otherwise. 

#1: Meme Generator

To begin with, Meme Generator is the best online website where you can choose from thousands of meme templates. To create a meme, you can click on the direct “generate” button. Then, choose an image from the library to create meme content. The good part is the meme generator does not take copyrights of memes from you. 

#2: Memento

This is yet another application where you can create thunder cross split attack memes on your smartphone. It is straightforward to use and has a wide range of meme templates available without copyright issues. Apart from this, if you are ever bored, you can go to memento and scroll through thousands of memes created by other creators. Download now from Google Store, PlayStore, or Apple S. 

#3: GIF Memes

Don’t you love when there is a little action and motion in memes? Well! You can create unlimited memes online using GIF Meme. You can download any scene from any humorous animation. All you need on the side is creativity! It also allows you to share GIF memes online with family and friends on social media. 


So, we hope that now you know everything there is about thunder cross split attack. To get deep inside the storyline of Dio Brando and JoJo, stream JoJo’s bizarre adventure on Netflix. For more information on JoJo’s bizarre adventure video game series, tv series, movies, and comics drop it in the comment section. Thank you for reading with us. 

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