10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat: Learn More About Your Food Habits In 2024

10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

There are various reasons not to eat meat. Technically it is proven that people who do not consume meat do stay alive for a greater number of days compared to those who eat meat. Some people do not eat meat, the reason being quite simple, that is the love they have for other animals’ lives. They have strictly chosen a plant-based diet because they value the lives of inferior animal life too. These people know that they are not only saving the lives of these poorer animals but also saving and protecting our environment. For normal people, it is quite hard to leave animal meat behind in their diet, since occasionally we tend to eat animal-based products out of happiness and celebration. The reason to eat animal meat is mostly one, that is meat is very tasty when cooked. But there are more than 10 reasons not to eat meat. And that’s exactly what we’re about to talk about today! Here are 10 reasons not to eat meat. Browse down to know more.

10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

We can make a million diverse dishes using meat that differs greatly in both taste and flavor. Also, meat is the best source of protein and other nutrients that are required by our body like zinc, iodine, and vitamins. But there are plenty of reasons to tell you meat is not good for you. It is also said that if you are switching from meat to plant-based products, you transfer several good effects on your health. Yes! You heard it right. So, let us check out the 10 reasons not to eat meat:

1)     Damage to Environment

Many people do not know that the breeding of livestock is causing great damage to our environment. The breeding and consumption of livestock cause an ecological footprint. When we are breeding a kind of livestock, we use a lot of land and water. When the breeding is done, this land is degraded and the water is wasted. Ecological footprint also causes environmental hazards such as acid rain, disforestation, and coral reel disintegration. Also, the most dangerous environmental hazard, greenhouse gas emission is caused by livestock breeding. It is proven scientifically that livestock breeding causes more greenhouse gas release than emissions from large vehicles such as ships and planes collectively.

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10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

2)     Liver Problem

The main problem of 10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat is this one. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is caused when you consume a large quantity of animal products, such as meat and fat. The early symptoms of this disease are rare, but extreme and continuous consumption of meat can even lead to liver cirrhosis. We know that if we eat meat, we get strong since meat is a storehouse of protein. What we do not know is, that if we are diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, we may have symptoms like fatigue or weight loss. Avoid consumption of meat if you do not want this deadly disease to take over you.

3)  Cost of Production is Not Equal to Cost of Sales

The explanation of this context is quite simple. For example, the revenue spent on the production of beef is quite more than the income that is got back from buying the meat product. That is, not only there is zero profit in the production of meat, but it is also causing huge losses in the revenue department. In the production of beef, the cows are bred. The cows are constantly fed with millions of gallons of plant-based products like grains and cereals. These plant-based products can be fed to poor and hungry people instead. This idea may look baseless, but trust us, if you stop eating meat, one day, you can also solve ‘World Hunger.’  This is one of the most valuable reasons not to eat meat and instead eat plant-based products.

4)     Asthma

Sometimes, processed meat contains pro-inflammatory compounds which can cause allergic reactions and then later lead to asthma. Allergic reaction induces sneezing, wheezing, and reddening of eyes and nose. In severe cases, you may suffer from shortness of breath.   If you are already suffering from asthma or any allergies, this can be one of the reasons not to eat meat as this can be a serious problem for you.

10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

5)     Type II Diabetes

According to studies, people who eat red meat have a higher percentage of developing type II diabetes than vegetarian people. This is because feasting on meat and fat is directly proportional to the increased risk factor of your heart. This is the worst thing eating meat can do, therefore it is one of the topmost reasons not to eat meat. If you are already a diabetic person then you should be very careful about eating red meat as it can be lethal for you.

10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

6)     Colon Cancer

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer is a cancer that appears in the rectum or colon region of a person. People suffering from colon cancer can suffer from great agony in excreting out stool from the system. Sometimes, blood may also appear in stool and cause discomfort and pain in the abdomen. Some special foods are always restricted in the diet of people who are suffering from colon cancer. The food items include processed meat and red meat to be precise. Also, much consumption of this rich meat can lead to different types of cancers that are discussed later.

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7)     Gestational diabetes

One of the reasons among the 10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat is people who suffer from gestational diabetes are mostly meat eaters. If you already have a history of family diabetes, then you should be very cautious if you are eating meat, because it can hamper your health. Pregnancy is a very crucial time in a woman’s life and if at that time she is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it can hinder the condition of the newborn baby. The delivered newborn baby can weigh up to eight pounds, which is larger than a normal baby. In these conditions, the baby tends to become stuck inside the birth canal. In these circumstances, babies either go through birth injuries or they need a c-section birth. (Caesarean Section birth). Hence this reason is enough to not eat meat.

8)     Unethical Animal Suffering

Animal slaughtering is a cruel practice that should be stopped. If you love dogs and cats, you should also learn how to love other animals such as cows and hens since all of them have hearts. Various unethical practices take place all around the world which cause animal suffering. For once we must stop thinking about our desire to eat animal flesh and think about them. You should always remember one thing- the abuse of animals will not stop until and unless you stop eating meat. So due to ethical reasons, you should discontinue eating meat.

9)     Head cancer

After reading most of the article, you can see that consuming meat is directly linked to cancer. If you are diagnosed with cancer, you are right away prescribed to lose meat completely from your diet. It is theorized that most of the people who suffer from head cancer, they used to consume meat. Studies prove that more than fifteen lakh people who consume meat daily, suffer from heart problems and cancer.

10)  Depression

Psychologically speaking, eating meat can cause depression. For example, say a pregnant mother consumes meat daily and is diagnosed with gestational cancer. Say the baby is born with certain brain injuries or abnormalities due to getting trapped inside the birth canal. The mother can positively go into depression and it will mess with her next pregnancies.

Alternative foods to Eat instead of Meat Products

Eggplant is the best alternative to meat products since it contains almost as same nutrients as meat. Other food supplements include seeds, cereals, soybeans, tofu, and nuts.

Final Thoughts on 10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat

Hence, I would like to conclude by saying that it is your personal choice if you want to change your preferences for eating meat. Honestly speaking, these are just ten reasons not to eat meat. You will find twenty more reasons to switch to plant-based products if you are an ethical person and you believe in the welfare of the environment.

Thank you for your time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

a)     Name two healthy meat alternatives.

Ans) Jackfruit and tofu.

b)     Which vegetable is equal to meat?

Ans) Eggplant.

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