Books for Couples to Read Together: 15 Kinds To Woo Your Spouse & Keep The Love Alive!


Out of everything and every kind of dating idea, reading books together still stays premium. Reading out a book to your partner and them paying heed to every word spelled out is a different kind of love language that is so beautiful. There are a multitude of books available in the market but it is very important to choose the right books for couples to read together.

First and Foremost is the setting which is quite needed for an ultra romantic mood. You can dim other lights and light up only a study lamp and start reading the book. Keep water and some snacks handy so that it is not needed for you or your partner to get up to grab them further. Light up a scented candle and keep a highlighter pen ready to highlight the key points that you guys might think need special attention. Later on, you can check up on those areas for further revision. There are different genres of books and based on that there are specific books that you can read with your partner.

Based on specific needs and as individuals might have specific preferences, we decided to put up books from specific spaces for people. We tried to create a panel from which everyone will have books that’ll suit their taste. So without blabbering further let’s get started with the best books for couples to read together!

Books for Couples to Read Together

Along with the books, there will be a spoiler-free description or a storyline that will give you an idea of what the book is about, and considering that you can pick up the book that intrigues you, along with the author’s name and further details. So, without any delay let’s take a look at the Books for Couples to Read Together.

1. The Bridges of the Madison County

In the countryside of Iowa, the paths of Francesca Johnson and Robert Kincaid cross. Francesca an Italian war bride who’s living a mundane life, catches a glimpse of Robert, who visited their nearest place to click some photos of the bridges. At one place stands the duty of family and the commitments of her life and on another path stands her intense feeling and love for her beloved. The themes of love, sacrifice, and the nature of human expectations and desire. The story is indeed a must-read. The author in a  connotative tone narrates an introspective story that questions missed opportunities and probabilities.

Book name:- The Bridges of the Madison County

Author name:- Robert James Waller

Books for couples to read together

2. Pride and Prejudice

A classic book by Jane Austen which sets the theme in Ancient England the characters collide in a party, Elizabeth Benett and Mr. Darcy. The story unfolds with lots of hidden social atrocities and social expectations and of course complexity of love and commitments. On one hand, there’s jolly, witty, and intelligent Elizabeth, and on the other hand quiet, proud, arrogant (especially to lower social status), and loyal Mr. Darcy. Austen portrayed and framed every character to represent every type of person in society. The personal growth of each character and social class divisions along with love and challenging societal norms are the ultimate spice of the story. A must-read if you love classic novels and exploring every character with your beloved.

Book name – Pride and Prejudice

Author name:- Jane Austen

3. The Alchemist

Bestselling and the most famous work by Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist” takes readers to another spectrum. The mystical journey via Santiago, a young shepherd from Andalusia. The dream of Santiago is to hunt a hidden treasure and somehow attempt to fulfill his dream and journey. Through this journey not only the fictional character, Santiago, but we, the readers acquire immense wisdom through other characters that enter into the world. “Self-discovery” is the main component of this book and not only Santiago the shepherd, but readers who indulge in this goodie, get ahead with immense wisdom and life lessons that they can accompany for the rest of their lives. And this is considered as one of the books for couples to read together.

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Book name:- The Alchemist

Author name:- Paulo Coelho

Books for couples to read together

4. The Five Love Languages – The Secret To Love That Lasts

A book that is a must-read for couples out there. We often get advice from our good wishes friends to anyone we cross paths with on how to continue a relationship that lasts for life. The only advice we get is “communication”. This is advice we get often that “communication is the key”. Though it is true according to the author who is also a marriage counselor, how we communicate, in which way, matters as well. Not everyone needs to listen to you or everything that you just speak. Some people crave words of affirmation, some need physical touch and some rely on your little effort which is also a language or a medium of expression by the way. In this book, Gary Chapman helps readers who are seemingly couples to recognize each other’s spectrum and work on that for long-term relationships.

Book name – The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts

Author name:- Gary Chapman

Books for couples to read together

5. The Art of Communicating

This book is related to the previous book I mentioned. In this book again beautifully it is mentioned how to communicate and what kind of communication can lead to. It is not solely based on love relationships but any kind of relationships that adhere in our lives. The author here beautifully preaches how little simple words that we utter can feed people which may hurt them or make them happy as well in a way. The book written by Thich Nhat where a simplified way to teach people an effective and positive way to communicate. Here the author emphasizes not only in communicating but also listening and understanding. Listening to not judge but understand and understand not to give opinions but listen to them. A simple book that can change the way you treat your relationship maybe romantic or any kind of relationship.

Book name:- The Art of Communicating

Author name:- Thich Nhat Hanh

6. The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons from the world’s happiest people

It is known that this book is written in contrast with all the happy people living around the world which also teaches us to live happily. A person can be happy when the person isn’t suffering mentally or even physically. With that contrast, this book is a getaway to a happy, healthy, and longer life. Not particularly a romantic relationship guide book but it puts  Attention on all types of relationships like family relationships, romantic relationships, and friendships as well. Some proven methods are bound to help you out in the long run.

Book name:- The Blue Zones of Happiness: lessons from the world’s happiest people

Author name –  Dan Buettner

7. Little Women

This is another classic that we decided to add in this slot cause these are excellent reads that not only talk about different patches of life and society but also about the complexities of different relationships. The story is about the growth of four sisters and how they grow up to be and how they make their place in this world. The book is set in a war condition where the father of these four sisters is out there fighting. The mother of these four sisters is quite outspoken which was again quite rare during those times. The story deals with societal problems, the war phase of a country, and true love as well. Indeed a must-read.

Book name: Little Women

Author name: Louisa May Alcott

8. Before the Coffee gets cold

A quite astonishing name isn’t it? But the name is quite intertwined with the content of the book as in with the material that’s inside the book. A beautiful book that is indeed a must-read for every individual plus couples as well. The book explores the theme of lost opportunities in life. The book beautifully explains the value of moments and time and how important it is to live in the moment. To enjoy the present. The theme of regret is also described here where it is important for us to cherish and accept everything and also move on in the present. The book is a must-read as nowadays people often forget to acknowledge things that are lying next to them and instead, they think about useless things which have no real value. This book should be on your wishlist.

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Book name: before the coffee gets cold

Author name: Toshikazu Kawaguchi

9. Second Glance

Indeed a bestselling book written by Jodi Picoult. The book deals with the storyline, that revolves around renewed love and and life. The book has supernatural elements in it which it reflects in the novel which makes this book unique and different from traditional romance novels that you generally dive into. The story is about a man who is suicidal and how he deals with everything after he loses his wife due to a tragic incident. Not only it bring out the boundaries of love, life, and death but also makes readers intrigued by the book which makes it difficult to leave. Again a good book that you must read with your beloved as it has quite a few life lessons to offer.

Book name: Second Glance

Author name: Jodi Picoult

10. Two Trees Make a Forest

Trying to escape your regular life amidst the serene mountains lush forests and clear lakes while you sit in your drawing room? Then this book is for you and your love. A wonderful read that will take you beyond your house walls where you’ll feel refreshed and free. The story revolves around family history and everything related to her life. A great book to indulge in if your partner is adventurous.

Book name: Two Trees Make a Forest

Author name: Jessica J. Lee

Books for Couples to Read Together

11. Norwegian Wood

Who doesn’t love Haruki Murakami? Beautiful writings and from that, this book is a must-read Though the storyline is quite melancholic and sad, somehow it’s still worth a read. It’s always good to indulge and dive into these books with your beloved as it’s quite cool that way. The story is narrated by a 37-year-old woman whose name is Toru Watanabe. The story is set in a rehab center where a 17-year-old girl committed suicide and how life takes a turn and the story unfolds itself is to die for! Reading this book is a must.

Books for Couples to Read Together

12. The Relationship Cure

This is one of the best books for Couples to Read Together who face problems in their relationship and even if not, this book will make sure you understand each other better in all terms. Dr  Gottman is a relationship expert and the book is written completely from his expertised view. This book provides with a 5 step program for improving and fixing any kind of relationship. The book explains fa ew theories that are proven to work in relationship fields.

Book name: The Relationship Cure

Author name: Dr. John Gottman

Books for Couples to Read Together

13. The Time Traveler’s Wife

The book opens with the love story of Henry DeTamble and Clare Anne Abshire. Henry is a man with genetic disorders that make him time travel frequently. Anne on the other hand, loved Henry since they were kids. The book significantly deals with themes of fate coincidence, love, and the complexities of time. The most important element is time and how it reflects these two people’s lives A beautiful book that will leave you spellbound.

Book name: The Time Traveller’s Wife

Author name: Audrey Niffenegger

14. Persuasion

Another underrated classic by Jane Austen, of course not to the bookworm, as this book is incredible. The article is quite incomplete without mentions of classics in it. The storyline unfolds with some realistic elemental themes such as love, society, boundaries, and fate. The book is all about second chance in love, where Austen describes how coincidentally and impulsivy love happens. The love between Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth. Eight years later they fell in love whereas eight years before they did not marry as Anne didn’t want to. But how fate brings them together and bounds them to fall in love eventually.

Book name: persuasion

Author name: Jane Austen

15. Call me by your name

Hopefully, you have heard the songs from this quite popular album and of course soothing. In that case, let me include this book in the list as it is a good book. A summer that changed the lives of Elio Perlman and Oliver. A desire awakens between the wo which alters their lives forever. Again a story that was set in 1983. Thematically it deals with trust, love, pain, and regret.

Book name: call me by your name

Author name : André Aciman

Conclusive Insights

These are some of the best Books for Couples to Read Together that you can try out with your loved ones. Reading together develops a deep bond between both individuals and also a growth which nurtures the relationship. Hopefully, this article was relevant and informative. Drop down your suggestions and your favorite book in the comments below.

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