Why Cryptic crosswords are generally harder to solve?

Cryptic crosswords are harder

When it comes to double meanings and clever wordplay, the cryptic puzzle is unmatched. Cryptic crosswords, as opposed to traditional ones, ask the solver to locate a synonym for the word or phrase in question. Rather than relying on this information, solvers must seek a different path that utilises a grammatical set of coded instructions. Recognizing and breaking the code is difficult, and, like a magician, the crossword puzzle setter’s job is to hide the mechanism so delicately that finding the answer is difficult. In spite of the fact that cryptic crossword clues can be useful, no one ever informs you that the answer is right in front of you. You’ll get a definition for each crossword clue you solve. Finding it is the only difficult part. In this blog, you will know Why Cryptic crosswords are generally harder to solve.

Most of the Cryptic Crosswords playing platforms will provide you list of daily cryptic clues, which will assist you to solve the puzzle. There will be at least one unchecked letter in every entry in a block. It also requires the solver to complete the challenge by solving all of the mini-puzzles. When it comes to a cryptic, word quality matters significantly more than it does in a crossword, thus unchecked letters make word selection easier. The “unchecked” letters are crucial in the case of a cryptic puzzle since each hint is a mini-puzzle into itself. Many of the letters only make up a single answer, which is prohibited in a standard crossword puzzle. Either the grid is covered with blocks (black squares) or there are dark bars separating the cells. A cryptic crossword differs significantly from an American-style crossword in the way it is laid out.

Which cryptic crosswords are the most challenging?

Cryptic definitions and clearly defined anagrams, which is a common feature in solver-friendly puzzles. It’s best to do these in a group setting and then refer back to the solutions the next day. The design of cryptic puzzles is so exact and constant that once understood they wind up being enjoyable. A typical cryptic crossword looks unsolvable at first glance. If you’re used to American-style crosswords, the clues will look strange to you. They’re bizarre and fascinating word equations that play a variety of tricks. The key to solving these puzzles is to become familiar with the tricks and to know how to spot them. It’s not always that simple, of course.

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A combination of natural ability as well as hard work is required.

According to the results of a study, cryptic crossword solvers tend to have a great interest in math, physics, and code-cracking, as well as a strong willingness to use their brains even when they are not doing crosswords. What we’re not saying is that solving cryptic crossword requires a college degree. However, the ability to solve cryptic crosswords requires a certain amount of adaptability in problem-solving, as evidenced by the extremely high levels of university involvement.

Just like acquiring any other ability, cracking cryptic crosswords requires consistent practise over time to become proficient with the game’s rules and frequent clue types. However, despite the fact that both professionals and hobbyists had been solving for an average of almost three decades, their degrees of solution performance were vastly different. This clearly shows the importance of aptitudes as well as practise in this field.

Cryptic crossword solvers appear to be intelligent individuals who excel in the classroom. They all have a strong desire to think whether it was in their leisure activities or their demanding jobs. Solvers are also more likely to be educated in subjects like mathematics, computing, chemistry, and medicine than non-solvers. In comparison to hobbyists, more of these problem solvers are employed in IT. Math is a considerably more popular course of study for super-solvers.

According to recent studies, additional factors such as your genes may influence whether or not you try a performance activity, enjoy it, and do well in it. The cryptic puzzles seem to attract people who enjoy math and science, and solving them seems to require more flexibility than hours of experience. Cryptic crosswords are distinct from the other activities. As an example, there are no monetary or global prestige incentives in chess, unlike in sports or music. 

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So, where do I begin when it comes to cryptic crossword puzzles?

You’ll need a mentor, as you will with the majority of life’s talents. Cryptic solvers also have the advantage of not requiring a skilled tutor. All you need is someone who has been doing it longer than you have. Crosswords bring people together, whether they are novices or experts, setters or solvers, teachers or students. Cryptic puzzle hints have grammar and syntax much like any other language, and you wouldn’t be able to learn it very quickly if you tried to learn it in isolation.

Is it possible that with enough practise, one can become proficient?

The ability to spell and have a decent vocabulary are obviously advantages, but both of these develop simply by engaging in problem solving activities. Those days of needing a solid foundation in literature are long gone. While it may still be useful, keep in mind that even if a topic is outside your expertise, you should still have a working knowledge of cryptic puzzles to aid you in your search for a solution. The conventions of cryptic crosswords are simpler and quicker to learn than you might expect. Furthermore, once you grasp their workings, they all adhere to the same set of guidelines.


Crosswords aren’t just about having a good vocabulary, as you would have assumed, but its connection to math ability makes sense. That decryption requires more reasoning and code-cracking than solid language skills. You’ve probably heard of the “10,000-hour rule,” which states that mastery of a skill requires tens of thousands of hours of practise. Many highly competitive fields, such as athletics, music, and chess, plainly require extensive training and practise.  If you are also interested in playing cryptic crosswords, you can play online here.


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