7 days to die Console Commands for a Smooth Game

7 days to die console commands

7 Days to Die is among those games that are worth playing. It is a horror game and created by The Fun Pimps. The makers of the game released it for the players initially on the two platforms. It was released and given access on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X on 13th December 2013. Almost a year later, i.e. on 22nd November 2014, 7 days to die was available on Linux 7 days to die console commands.

A few versions of this game were released in 2016. Telltale was the publishing house that released the game.

The plot of 7 Days to Die

The plot of the game is set according to the post-Nuclear Third World war. This was responsible for the destruction of a major part of the world. Just a few parts of some nearby nations were not affected much by the war. The fictional places include Navezgane, etc. In 7 Days to Die a player has to survive until the very last of this game. He/she even has to kill enemies to stay longer in the game.

Despite all the challenges, he/she has to find shelter, food, water, and also search for different kinds of supplies. These supplies help him to survive in harsh conditions. Some of these supplies help to defeat zombies that can attack from anywhere. It won’t be wrong to say that these zombies were the result of the nuclear war. Despite all these things, there is a particular storyline set for the game.

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For instance, a player might have to fight off zombies and even other enemies to play the game to its end.

The developers of this game have set different kinds of goals and missions. These missions take you to the final part of the game. In short, 7 Days to Die is a horror-survival game. If you truly love adventure, thrill, and getting horrified by zombies, then this game is meant for you.

7 days to die console commands

It does not matter if you play 7 days to die console commands Xbox or 7 days to die console commands ps4. What all matters are how you play the game. Well, if you are playing this game for a year, you must be clear about the importance of cheat codes or console commands in the game. The console commands are necessary if you wish to play this game according to your wish.

Console commands and their purpose

You might come across different ways to use the console commands. In case you are playing the survival mode in the game, you have to press F1. After pressing F, the console window will appear on your screen. Once the screen is in front of you, just type in the command that you wish to use in the game.

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Here is a comprehensive list of the console command, however it includes only those commands that are truly useful for the players. In case, you are a die-hard fan of this game, you will love reading these commands. Additionally, you will also get to know their purpose in the game.

List of Console Commands

  • Debug menu – This command offers you a debug menu and various other lists of functionalities that are useful in the game.
  • giveselfxp [—-] – This command increases your experience by a number your desire.
  • creative menu – It enables and disables the Creative Menu inside the game.
  • giveselfskillxp (skill name)(amount) – This console command increase a particular skill by the mentioned amount. You can use it for any skill but have to type the name of that skill in Capital.
  • spawnairdrop – It is a very amazing console command. It brings an airdrop any time you type for it.
  • spawnscouts – If you love adventure, then use this command. This command brings in a group of zombies that follow the direction from where you entered the command.
  • spawnsupplycrate – This command brings in a supple create anytime it is being entered.
  • starve – As the name suggests, this command makes players hungry. Thus, if you are using the command make sure you have something handy.
  • game over go – Entering this command ends a complete round in any mode.
  • spawn entity [player-id] [entity-id] – Using this command would show the entities near you.
  • kick (player id) (reason) – This command bans disconnect a player from the game
  • U key: it opens up the creative menu in the game
  • Q key: In enables or disables the god mode
  • H key: To stop flying (press space to go up and C to come down while flying)
  • Exhausted – This command makes a player exhausted in the game
  • kill – This command helps players to kill an entity that also adds an additional fun element to the game
  • kill all – This command helps players to kill all the enemies
  • save world sa – This command helps players to save the nuclear hit world manually
  • say – it helps the players to connect with their clients in the game
  • thirsty = This is an impressive command as it makes a player thirst in the game that also adds more fun to the game
  • weather – It helps the player to control the weather settings

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Are there any more console commands?

These were some of the console commands that are helpful during the game. Using these 7 days to die console commands Xbox or 7 days to die console commands ps4, you can play a very thrilling and interesting game. These commands will let you create twists and turns in the game all by yourself.

Just make sure that you are using all these commands in the given manner. Even one letter’s misplacement would not activate that particular command in the game. Some other popular game console commands and their purposes have been mentioned below.

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Other Major Console Commands

  • Showalbedo – This command helps players to enable or disable albedo in the buffer while playing the game
  • Showchunkdata – By entering this command, you will get to see some date of the current chunk
  • show clouds – by entering this command, you can select the desired texture of the clouds and the climate
  • Souddebug: This command helps players to toggle the Sound Manager inside the game
  • Spawnairdrop: It helps players to bring an airdrop
  • Spawnsupplycrate: This command spawns a supply crate for the players that might get you amazing supplies
  • Spawnwanderinghorde – This command helps players to spawn a group of nearby zombies
  • Spawnscreen – this command helps players to on/off the spawn screen

Use these console commands for more fun

We do not say that only these console commands are available for the players. There is a never-ending list of other 7 Days to Die Console Commands. However, we have just mentioned only those console commands that are important during the game. Use these commands to play the game with much more enthusiasm and fun.

This article is meant for all our dear readers. If you feel that we have left anything on this list, make sure to mention those things. We will try to include them in this article to give our fellow readers and much better gaming experience.

7 days to die console commands alpha 18

So far we have discussed some of the major console commands of 7 days to die. Now let us discuss 7 days to die alpha 18. What is Alpha 18? If you are not aware of this term, do not worry. We have solved this problem for our dear readers as well. All you need to do is grab a can of a drink and read this section of the article.

Alpha 18 is not another mode in the game. It is neither related to the console commands that can be used in this game. Despite all these things, the game still depends on Alpha 18. It is a recent and upcoming update to this game. It is said that this update will bring some major changes to the game.

Present Software: A18 B155

The news related to this update came in October in front of the players. However, presently the game is running on the A18 B155 update that will be replaced by Alpha 18 in a near time. As per the reports, through this update, the developers have changes many major things in this game. Also, the developers of this game have patched many bugs in this game.

We still do not have a complete list of changes that players might witness in this update. In addition to, the developers have also not hinted at the major changes they have made. However, it won’t be wrong to say that we could change the texture, introduction of new and advanced weapons to fight off zombies, different kinds of perk books, and many other things.

Let’s Wait for the Final Update

All these things are just assumptions and also, we do not have anything concrete. Irrespective of what changes would be introduced, the players would feel the same fun and experience while playing this game. However, these games must be played under parents’ guidance if you are underage. These updates might improve the gamers’ experience and might also increase the difficulty level in the game.

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