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A lopsided PDF Files document can be a problem when you have sent it via email without changing its orientation. That being said, you should always make sure to check your Portable Document Format files before sending them across the web. As such, if you happen to have an upside-down paper, you may rotate it permanently with the help of GoGoPDF’s rotation feature. 

With this platform, there’s no need for software installation or necessary extension to utilize its tools and services. Since the rotation process will happen online, all you need is a computer, laptop, or any compatible device and an internet connection to fix your PDF document’s orientation in just a snap.   

To learn more about the simplified rotation process offered by the GogoPDF, here are some of the vital facts that you should take note of. 

A Convenient Way to Rotate Your PDF

If you got an electronic mail with upside-down Portable Document format pages, you better fix them yourself rather than sending it back where it came from. But, if you’re too busy to deal with manually rotating PDF files and you need those papers ASAP, the GogoPDF can be your helping hand. 

This platform offers an instant way to fix any document’s orientation without going through a lot of technical procedures. In fact, all you have to do is follow the four simple steps indicated on its PDF rotate feature. To give you an idea of how GogoPDF can easily arrange your lopsided PDF, take a look at the simplified process below:

  • Upload the upside-down Portable Document Format file on the GogoPDF’s server to start the rotation process. 
  • Next, change the orientation of your PDF by rotating it in the right place and do all the necessary modifications before saving it.
  • Once you have made all the necessary adjustments, save all the changes you have made to your PDF file. 
  • The rotation process will only take a few seconds, and after that, you can download your newly rotated PDF on your device and save it for future use. Please note that once you have changed your PDF’s orientation with GogoPDF, it will also reflect its printable version. 

Multiple Rotation Angle Options

Besides its easy-to-follow steps, GogoPDF also provides multiple rotation options to its users. As such, they can opt to turn their Portable Document Format file clockwise or counterclockwise and choose between 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Plus, they can also decide whether they want to rotate only a single page or the entire parts of a PDF file. 

A Safe Approach to Rotate Your PDF Files, Anytime and Anywhere

Another good reason why you should choose GogoPDF out of countless online tools in the market is its efficiency and accessibility. This platform utilizes the latest technology and is supported by cloud storage, which means you don’t have to install an app or software since all the transactions wil happen in the cloud.  

Besides that, rotating your PDF file with GogoPDF is also guaranteed safe and secured. The developers behind this excellent web-based service ensure security that can protect their users’ personal information and file content. As a matter of fact, GogoPDF’s system will automatically delete all the uploaded Portable Document Format files on their server after an hour.  

Moreover, when it comes to accessibility, this platform is pretty flexible too! That said, GogoPDF works well with various types of computer operating systems, including Macintosh, iOS, Linux, and all Windows versions. Furthermore, since GogoPDF’s transactions will happen online, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphones, or any compatible device available. 

Fix your PDF File’s Orientation Permanently

If you want to rotate your PDF file permanently, the GogoPDF website is the right place for you. This online platform will allow you to rotate your documents conveniently by just following the steps mentioned earlier.

 As such, when you press the “Apply Changes” button, all the adjustments you have made will be saved. On top of that, the modifications you have applied will also be reflected on the printable version of your document, so you can produce a hard copy instantly if you need to.  

Takeaway of PDF Files

If you’re in a hurry and need to rotate your Portable Document Format file as soon as possible, the GogoPDF’s rotation tool can help you with that; with its 4-step process, you can quickly change your file’s orientation or rotate it in any way you want. On top of that, the changes will be permanent too! So, if you wish to keep a soft copy for future use or print a hard copy for your presentation, the GogoPDF rotation tool is your best choice.

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