Tips to fix err_connection_timed_out error

Tips to fix err_connection_timed_out error

Browser error(err_connection_timed_out):

We access a site via a browser, for example, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera. Visitors complain that they witness different error messages. While browsing any website, it is quite common to observe the problem err_connection_timed_out.

Witnessing such error messages and conclusion made site is inaccessible. It’s time to close the page. Reading error messages of the browser will support in understanding the issue better. You will learn to open the sites in another way.

You can even decide to ignore it.

About err_connection_timed_out:

Many use WordPress daily, and facing such errors is common for them. So, all must be aware of such a problem and the causes of this issue. Once you see this error, you will feel that the site is not working. So, you will close the site as a natural step.

err_connection_timed_out error : what it is?

If you face this issue, there must be a problem with the local network’s connectivity. The origin err_connection_timed_out occurs when the website works more than the server capacity. This error is standard for shared hosting as the memory limit is restricted here.

A browser takes around 30 seconds to load a website. It gets disconnected if the loading is not successful. This will show the error message indicating a problem in communication. Different browsers present the error message in other ways.

  • Google Chrome will show it as “ this site can’t be reached.”
  • Mozilla Firefox will show it as “the connection has timed out.”
  • Microsoft Edge mentions it as “Hmmm… can’t reach this page.”
  • Safari will inform the err_connection_timed_out windows 7. It will show “Safari Can’t Open the Page.”

Ways to fix the error in connection(err_connection_timed_out)

So, once you face the error in connectivity to load a website, you must know how to solve it. This problem arises at the client-side or with the server. Here are the processes to check the connectivity to resolve the error.


Check connection

At first, you should check the connection of the network. Google, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers recommend this process to check first. This process is evident as this is the common reason for such a problem. To carry on the process a few steps to follow:

  1. Shut down the computer and the router for 30 seconds.
  2. Then restart them and check the signal in the router.

Antivirus software and firewall protects the users from any malware attack. Sometimes these also cause the problem net::err_connection_timed_out android. Firewalls often block pages that can damage your computer database.

This system will also cause a problem to load a page. Antivirus software also does the same thing. So it’s mandatory to keep them disabled for the time being until the issue is resolved. 

Stop the proxy setting:

You can face err_connection_timed_out windows ten if you use a proxy setting. This happens at the cline side, and it is a rare problem too. Here are the steps to follow to disable the proxy setting.

  1. Go to the settings menu in the chrome browser.
  2. Open the complete menu option.
  3. Click the Advanced button in the system section.
  4. Here you will find an open proxy setting.
  5. Click it and select the required menu.

LAN setting:

The next step is to check the LAN setting. If you are a windows user, then uncheck the proxy setting. You need to select the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and uncheck it. The Max users should find the options of their own.

Here you need to uncheck all the selectable protocols of proxy setting. Finally, check whether the error has been resolved or not. The same process is to follow for VPN users.

Alter DNS server: 

The next process to resolve the error in connection is to alter the DNS servers. DNS servers are assigned by the ISP, and that too involuntarily. But, one can change it on a temporary basis to the public DNS server.

Many prefer to google public DNS servers due to reliability. You can also select Cloudflare as a public DNS server. This is also safe and offers security too. Remove the existing DNS server you are using once you face a problem with it.

Renew or flush the DNS

The next process to get rid of err_connection_timed_out error is to flush the local DNS. This process is like clear the browser cache. This process, you will follow if you have currently migrated to a new host from WordPress. This system can take 24 hours to resolve the problem.

Check the host file:

Every computer possesses a local host file. This file contains manual DNS, and these mapped to specific IP addresses. You can edit only in case you want to preview the DNS before switching to another host.

This file you can change in different ways. So it is necessary to check the process in a separate browser like Google, Mac, etc.

Check the DNS of the domain:

The DNS of the domain you should check. It will help to resolve the issue err_connection_timed_out windows 7. If you have migrated from WordPress, then you have to wait a few hours. By that time, the DNS will be fully-propagated.

Clear cache on the computer:

The storage of information in the cache on the computer is a normal process. This storage includes browsing history. This also provides login data and cookies.

This stored information will help to load the page faster next time. Well, though these caches have significant outdated caches, it can cause various issues. This issue can generate problems to load a new webpage. Hence you can resolve the issue by clearing the cache.

But before clearing them, you need to open them in incognito mode. This will let you know whether the problem is due to the cache or not. If you face the same problem, then you need to remove them.

The execution time-Max:

Check the highest execution time for the site. Every browser takes some 30 seconds to upload a website. Thirty seconds is the default time for every browser. A PHP script is allowed to run by this time. You can make changes in this time by only asking your hosting provider.

You can follow two options to enhance the execution time. The first option is to modify the execution time in the php.ini File. Here you need to find the php.ini in the home directory. Now find the Max execution time parameter.

After finding it, you can change it and enhance the execution time. If the present time is 30 seconds, you can extend it to 30 seconds. The second option is to improve the execution time by using in. HTacess file. You can work with it if the first option does not work. You will also get this file from the home directory.

Disable plugins:

There is one option to get rid of the err_connection_timed_out windows 10. You need to disable the plugins for a temporary period. Plugins are the root of the problem for most WordPress sites. Similarly, An error message occurs if you do not have access to the domain area of WordPress.

Revert to default theme(err_connection_timed_out): 

Another way to get rid of this error message is to revert the default theme. The current idea can cause problems in uploading the site. This will also create a compatibility issue. But if you rename the theme folder, then WordPress will not work in a proper way.

Similarly, Here you need to access the database of WordPress. You can do it by logging into PHPMyAdmin. If you are using Kinsta, then you will get the option at the “info” section.

Enhance memory limit(err_connection_timed_out): 

The limit of the memory you need to enhance to resolve the error problem. You will get the WP Memory limit parameter to improve the memory limit. This will help to specify the max amount of memory that will get consumed by PHP. Similarly, Shared hosting will allow a low value such as 64M. The default memory for Kinsta is 256M.


Connectivity and time out problems can arise at both client and server-side. First, it is necessary to check the root of this problem. Hence, proper measures to take, as mentioned above, to resolve the issue. Those processes you can follow for Google, Mac, Mozilla, and more. Similarly, Any of the options mentioned above will work for you. In the end, the error issue will get resolved.

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