Some ideas to protect satellite antennas in rainy weather

protect satellite antenna

Are you getting tired of buffering channels? Do you have any protection of LNBs? If not, then don’t get panic. In this article, we will tell you about some ideas to protect satellite antenna which could help you in avoiding buffering of channels and damaging of LNBs.

Entertainment is an essential factor in our life which could not be avoided.  It is as vital as food to the body as we do jobs and duties throughout the day, which makes us tired mentally as well as physically. In that situation, we got refreshed when we watch some movies and tv show. But it offends when we have to watch our favourite TV show, and it starts buffering.

Also, in western countries, winter is harsh, and it also rains. Therefore, it becomes challenging to deal with such issues. In such a condition, we suggest contacting with tv and aerials installation service provider. They are professionals and will reach out to you in no more than half an hour. Also getting professional services always proves to be beneficial for such electronic products.

Along with professional services, we will discuss some DIYs which are easy to do and no costly. So lets with it;

1)  Using insulation coating tapes 

It is the most simple and easy to do method which will save your money of repairing as well as time. Mostly the LNBs start buffering when they get rusted or wet with rainwater. Therefore, in rainy seasons it could be the best way to protect your wires as well as LNB by insulating them with an insulation coating tape.

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It is a tape which is made up of soft, foamy rubber which works as insulation coating. It has strong adhesive power and also protects your wires from getting wet or pierced. It could also be used for other leakage and coating purposes.

2) Using plastic bottles 

The most awkward but working method without any cost. I have personally applied it on my home dish satellites. In this method, you have a plastic bottle which could be readily available at your home. Cut this bottle in two half pieces completely, use one-half side where the lid is placed. Open the lid and cross wires from this lid until your LNB is covered. 

These two methods are easy to perform and have no cost. If you have any other issue that is not solving with these two methods to protect satellite antenna, then you must call out to tv and aerials installation service providers.

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