A Beginner’s Guide To Cyber Threat And Bitcoins

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Do you think digital assets are for you? I guess you must have come across the most popular Cyber Threat And Bitcoins. Most people came to know about the popular digital asset in recent months during the lockdown. Since most of the traditional assets are not performing well in 2020, they explored it as an alternative investment option.

However, many people don’t understand how it works and what are the risks involved. If you also don’t know about them, this guide is for you.  You can easily invest in Bitcoin through Bitcoin Power ™ official website

Guide to Bitcoin

This beginner’s guide includes the following topics about Bitcoin and cyberthreats:

  • Bitcoin Basics.
  • How Bitcoin Works?
  • Cyber Threat And Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, and it was created in the year 2009 to democratize the financial system. However, nobody knows the real identity of the founder because the person or group behind it didn’t reveal their names. Although there are new cryptocurrencies developed after Bitcoin, it has remained as the top digital currencies since its inception.

Initially, everyone thought it was a scam and disbelieved it, but today the number of people adopting Bitcoin has grown.  However, there are many contradictory arguments going on about it on the internet even today. Now, take a look at how Bitcoin works and whether it can be a global currency in the future.

How Bitcoin Works?

Blockchain is the technology that drives Bitcoin. It’s a public ledger that works on the principle of decentralization. That means the transactions in this network are possible without a central authority like any bank or financial institution.

It has a close resemblance with the BitTorrent protocol. You must have heard of torrent sites; how do they work? Users share digital content through an online platform among themselves. Similarly, Bitcoin also works in the same way with some added security features known as cryptographic encryption. Next, we will understand Blockchain Technology and cryptographic encryption.

Blockchain Technology

It’s considered the most innovative technology after the internet. The technology is a public record that verifies every transaction with timestamps and adds them to a block. The blocks are then added to a chain, which is encrypted end-to-end with cryptography.

Cryptographic Encryption

So far, cryptographic encryption is the most secure form of encoding data. It uses a 256-bit key to encrypt data, which makes it the strongest security feature in the world. Theoretically, it’s impossible for a hacker to decrypt the key as it requires a lot of computing work. Now, let’s understand what’s the correlation between Cyber Threat And Bitcoins.

Cyber Threat And Bitcoins

Although the decentralization feature has many potential benefits, it can also be its downfall. Due to decentralization and anonymity, users can send money to anyone without revealing their identity, which opened a way for cybercriminals.

In wire transfer, money needs to be transferred from one user to another user between the bank accounts. On the other hand, Bitcoin transfer can be automated, and fraudsters can gain profits from it.

For instance, a hacker can hack the server of a large-scale wallet where users store their digital assets and demand some amount in exchange. The hacker may demand Bitcoins to different crypto wallets and for releasing the data. The hacker will only send you the codes which can decrypt your files after receiving the amount.

So, it’s one of the major challenges in the Bitcoin network which can be eliminated with proper regulation. If the government and financial institutions work towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies and building a secure infrastructure, Bitcoin can be a global currency in the future.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the article has helped you to explore Bitcoin and how it’s opening a gateway for cybercriminals. Bitcoin has got a bad reputation due to cyberattacks and illegal transactions. However, the Bitcoin community has made significant improvements in recent years.

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