Cheapest Cannabis Seeds by Category

Cheapest Cannabis Seeds by Category

Growing marijuana can be quite an expensive venture. Therefore, if you are still unsure of what you are doing, go for the cheapest cannabis seeds, most of which are also resistant to naïve growers’ pitfalls. Visit reputable stores such as HomegrownCannabis Co. for top-notch seeds at a pocket-friendly price.

Cheapest Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Regular Seeds

Breeding of the Afghanistan Landrace and Thai Sativa resulted in the Northern Lights strain. With its 18% THC level, Northern Lights is quite the cerebral hitter, causing dreamy ecstasy, bliss, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain alleviation. This strain has a mixture of sweet-pin and spicy earthiness fragrance.

It produces a thick smoke with a similar flavour that resembles spicy sandalwood and honeyed pine if well dried. Furthermore, thanks to its robust nature, beginners can grow Northern Lights worry-free. Not much effort is required, just a little up keeping, and you can relax expecting high yields.

Malana Cream Regular Seeds

These Himalayas cannabis plants from Malana village flower best between late September and October and grow into lanky, tall plants with internodes and a maximum height of 6 meters. Notably, the buds are usually loose, dripping with resin and shiny.

The Malana Cream Regular Seeds are valued for their excellent aroma, high oil content, extra stickiness and chill, and heady high.

Grapefruit Regular Seeds

As the title suggests, Grapefruit strains boast of an intense citrus flavour and fragrance. It has a short, bushy stature with a short flowering cycle; both inherited from its parent strains. The buds are fluffy and either conical or football-shaped. They can also have purple spots if exposed to low temperatures during the late flowering period.

Grapefruit imparts an uplifting euphoria, followed by a boost of focus and creativity, making it popular among the creatives such as musicians and artists. Besides, the buds help relieve stress, fatigue, depression and chronic pain.

Cheapest Cannabis Seeds – Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow Autoflower

Here is a versatile cannabis strain that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing. It is the result of cross-breeding white widow genetics and ruderalis. The White Widow Autoflowerig species is highly adaptable and grows into a Christmas tree’s shape, with a height of between 20 and 60 inches.

Its frosty buds contain 16% THC and deliver smooth smoke for long-lasting physical and mental effects. You can harvest any time after 75 days with an expected yield of 550g/m2 if growing indoors and 40 – 200g/plant if growing outdoors.

Sour Diesel Autoflower

The distinctive potency and smell of Sour Diesel is legendary. It’s gasoline, and kerosene smell can travel quite far, thus not ideal for anyone trying to be discreet. However, its origin remains unknown even with the extensive genetic testing done so far.

With THC Levels of not less than 20%, users are expected to experience a long-lasting sky high with just a few puffs. Whether you are a naïve or pro grower, the Sour Diesel delivers excellent results within minimum timeand with the least effort. Notably, its quick flowering does not compromise on the quality of the yield nor its potency.

Super OG Kush Autoflowering Seeds

This strain is created by combining a Kush/OG Kush hybrid with a ruderalis strain. It grows within 65 to 75 days to a height between 28 and 56 inches. This Indica dominant variety is productive both inside and outside, with expected yield indoors being 500 to 520g/m2 and outdoors being 40 to 120g/plant.

The resultant Kush buds boast of a refreshing citrus flavour, which thanks to its 17.5% THC levels, offers an incredible relaxing high.

Cheapest Cannabis Seeds – Feminized Seeds

Gelato Feminized

Though the parent strains of Gelato Feminized seeds are Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies, this breed also shared a connection with the Girls Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Durban Poison and Cherry Pie. Both parent strains are famous for delivering a heavy body stone after the initial euphoria has faded. Similar effects are common with Gelato.

Under the appropriate conditions, Gelato offers surprisingly high yields with problem-free harvests. Indoors, Gelato adapts well to the use of organic soil and the Sea of Green method. With the 12/12 light cycle, your buds should be ready for harvest within eight to nine weeks, with the yield being between 1.6 and 1.9 ounces per square foot.

Gelato also does well outdoors in a warm and human climate. The buds are usually ready for harvest by mid-October, with each plant producing about 21 ounces of buds. Given its origin of tasty strains, it comes as no surprise that Gelato has an exotic flavourthat brings together various scents and tastes. Upon exhalation, you are left with a sweet and piney aftertaste.

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized

Here is the love child of Sour Dubb, Chem Sis and Chocolate Diesel. It boasts of a robust nature that adapts to unfavourable growing conditions and the slips of naïve growers. This slightly Indica-dominant strain has an average THC content of 20 to 28 percent, though some pharmacies offer it 32%.

After smoking, one experiences a glee-filled euphoria, followed closely by a relaxed mood. One should anticipate insatiable hunger, and uncontrollable giggle fits before falling into deep sleep. Gorilla Glue has a potent ammonia scent that may take a while to get used to. When lit up, expect a metallic taste infused with a tinge of kerosene kick, sweet mocha and pine.

Strawberry Cough Feminized

The Strawberry Cough requires minimal maintenance and is the best way to start your journey in cannabis cultivation. Though it offers a distinctive flavour similar to its namesake fruit, its smoke is quite thick and can choke even the more experienced users.

Strawberry Cough Feminized has been around since the early 2000s, though its exact genetics remains a mystery. Its endless benefits is probably the reason why it is so popular with both recreational and medical users. Smoking this strain causes physical relaxation, coupled with an unforgettable mental high. It has been prescribed to manage various chronic pain and psychological conditions.


We hope that these examples will help you identify what to expect and look for when buying marijuana seeds. Be sure to do thorough research and make inquiries to ensure you purchase the right seeds for your needs.

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