Must-have electronic devices for your property

devices for your property

When moving into a new home in particular, or if you are a first-time homeowner, it can be difficult to detect what devices are classed as ‘must-haves’ within your property. Some devices are crucial to have as they contribute towards health and safety measures, whereas others may only need to be purchased for personal benefits or entertainment. Particularly with advancements in technology, electronic devices more or less appear within every room of the home. Continue reading as we acknowledge popular and essential devices to have within your property. 

Fire alarm system- devices for your property

For health and safety purposes, an updated fire alarm system is a must-have electronic device to feature within your home for increased safety measures. Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, the UK public was able to experience and understand the true effects of fires on residential properties. Scotland, in particular, will be required to have interlinked fire alarms fitted within their homes by February 2022 following new legislation to avoid future damage, injuries, and fatalities from occurring. Therefore, it is a must-have to ensure that an interlinked alarm system is installed within your home. Click here for efficient and accurate installation of your alarm system.

A TV or smart TV 

One of the first must-have electronic devices to have within your home can be used for both entertainment and educational purposes. Yes, we are talking about the much-loved TV, or smart TV if you have jumped on that trend. Smart TVs evolved in 2007 and have been on an increasing rise in demand and popularity since then. As this TV offers internet features, it has allowed homeowners to eradicate computers and laptops that previously served the same purpose, and that are no longer used. With the opportunity to use streaming services and voice recognition options, the smart TV is not a device to miss out on and is the perfect addition to your living space or bedroom.  

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Smart speaker  

The smart speaker is a much-loved device, particularly within the younger generation who take a great amount of interest in music. Devices such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, are sleek-looking devices that will fit perfectly into any section of your home. Not only do they connect to Bluetooth on your smartphone, but they provide you with your very own voice-activated personal assistant. The smart speaker can answer any questions you may have or they can even control your TV, alarms, and lighting within the home. This is one of the must-have electronic devices especially if you are a tech-savvy person with an interest in futuristic devices.

Coffee machine- devices for your property

It’s time to ditch the instant coffee and opt for a coffee machine that doesn’t require the assistance of your kettle. Although they can be pricey devices, these machines are definitely worth the investment. Alongside this, with the novelty of visiting retailers such as Starbucks and Costa remaining in such high demand, a coffee machine can save you money in the long run as less disposable income is spent purchasing your daily intake of caffeine from a leading coffee retailer. Alongside this, there is no queuing or waiting time for the perfect cup of coffee. Pod coffee machines can be purchased for as low as £30 and once the device has been secured, you can choose from a wide variety of pod flavours to suit your preference. Certainly, one of the best must-have electronic devices for caffeine lovers!  

A Wi-Fi router  

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As it can be argued that we are highly dependent on the internet and its services, a router is very much required to access the internet within your property. To ensure that your smart TV, smart speakers, and most important smartphone can operate to their full ability, a good quality router is needed. Our advice to you would be to look into purchasing a wireless router, they are the most common as the need for cables is limited.  

Security cameras or doorbell cameras 

Particularly if you live in a prestigious area, CCTV cameras are crucial. They are guaranteed to keep your family, your property, and yourself safe, particularly if someone enters the premises with the wrong intentions. CCTV installation may not actually cost as much as you may think, and to enquire about installation services, click here. Alongside this, if you would prefer to take a less expensive route, you can always opt for a doorbell camera. Doorbell cameras will not cover the full premises but can be purchased for a smaller cost, and can monitor any activity and movement that takes place at your front door. Amazon supplies a Ring Video Doorbell that can be purchased for around £90. Once installed on your door, it can be connected to your phone, meaning that you can monitor your door at any time. This is not only perfect to have for illegal activity, but is also extremely beneficial for observing deliveries and visitors who approach your home. 

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