How to Open MSG Files without Outlook in a Few clicks


An MSG is an email file format used by MS Outlook and Exchange. An MSG file format contains the information of an email such as subject, headers, hyperlinks, and attachments, etc. As I know MSG is an Outlook Data File. So, I tried to Open MSG File without Outlook, but could not get any efficient results. However, the only option I had left is to look for an instant resolution that can view the MSG Outlook data file. So, I searched how to read MSG files without installing Outlook. 

“Hello, I have some MSG Files saved before Sometime. Now I am using OWA 2010 instead of Outlook. can be possible to open these files via OWA? Or, do I need an additional program for this? I already searched over the internet but did not get any desired results. So, if you have any efficient solution for the same. So, please suggest me ASAP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advanced!”

“Need Help! currently, my Lenovo laptop has licensed MS Office 2016 but without Outlook. Now, I am looking for an instant solution to view MSG files without Outlook. I already searched for many manual solutions but did not find any impressive results. So, if you have any efficient solution for this situation. Kindly So, Suggest me the best solution. Any help would be Prized. Thanks!”

If you are encounter a large number of MSG file issues and searching an instant solution for windows 10 open msg file without outlook then, you are at the perfect place. In the upcoming segment, we are going to explain the instant solution of how to view MSG File without Outlook without losing a bit of information. 

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Manual Solutions to Open MSG file without Outlook

As above-mentioned, When the user is affairs a large number of MSG File issue then the user is looking for a Manual solution to read MSG files. So, many free manual solutions are available over the internet which may help the user to open .msg file without Outlook application.

Method 1. Using Powershell

Powershell is a command based free manual solution to view MSG file in window 10 without installing Outlook. It may help the user to resolve their problem. Powershell allows the command for a single MSG file to open the MSG file.

Commands of Powershell

There is a better way to read the MSG files with the help of Powershell. In order to run its code correctly after change your code values.

Get-ChildItem "C:\projtest\emails" -Filter *.msg |
ForEach-Object {
    $msg = ""
    $outlook = New-Object -comobject outlook.application
    $msg = $outlook.Session.OpenSharedItem($_.FullName)
    $msg | Select -ExpandProperty body 

    Write-Host $msg


Method 2. Using C#

C# is a technical language to view the MSG files without Outlook. C# enables the user to run the code for Open MSG File. C# can Read a single MSG file at a time. It is an efficient way for the technical user to view MSG files easily. This following example code view the .msg file. Please change your code values to run it.

using System;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;
using EAGetMail;  // Add EAGetMail namespace

namespace receiveemail
    class Program
        static void ParseMSG(string msgFile)
            Mail oMail = new Mail("TryIt");

            // Parse Mail From, Sender
            Console.WriteLine("From: {0}", oMail.From.ToString());

            // Parse Mail To, Recipient
            MailAddress[] addrs = oMail.To;
            for (int i = 0; i < addrs.Length; i++)
                Console.WriteLine("To: {0}", addrs[i].ToString());

            // Parse Mail CC
            addrs = oMail.Cc;
            for (int i = 0; i < addrs.Length; i++)
                Console.WriteLine("To: {0}", addrs[i].ToString());

            // Parse Mail Subject
            Console.WriteLine("Subject: {0}", oMail.Subject);

            // Parse Mail Text/Plain body
            Console.WriteLine("TextBody: {0}", oMail.TextBody);

            // Parse Mail Html Body
            Console.WriteLine("HtmlBody: {0}", oMail.HtmlBody);

            // Parse Attachments
            Attachment[] atts = oMail.Attachments;
            for (int i = 0; i < atts.Length; i++)
                Console.WriteLine("Attachment: {0}", atts[i].Name);

        static void Main(string[] args)
                ParseMSG("c:\\my folder\\test.msg");
            catch (Exception ep)


Limitation of these Powershell and C# solutions:

  1. These solutions were not able to view a batch of MSG files.
  2. Users should have Technical knowledge to run the command.
  3. These solutions were not able to open the MSG File with Attachments.
  4. The manual solution did not provide any advanced features such as Search and Export option.

Know How to Open MSG File Without Outlook Efficiently?

So, in order to overcome all these limitations of the manual process, you can take the help of the MSG Viewer Application. This will allow you to open and read MSG files without installing Outlook on your system. It provides two type version of the solution: 

Solution 1. Free MSG Viewer Application

In the Free MSG Viewer Software, the user comes up to open .msg files without Outlook free. This program is able to view MSG Files. So, the user can easily read and view the MSG files along with the corresponding email attachments. Also, it provides multiple preview mode options that makes easy to view and read Emails file without any problem.

Learn how to open MSG file without Outlook by using the following steps:

1. Download and Install the software on your system.

 2. Select the folder where the MSG files are Saved 

 3. Preview the MSG files emails along with its associated attachments 

 4. For Multiple Views to Open the MSG File

Solution 2. Pro MSG Viewer Application

MSG Viewer Pro is the advanced functionality and features that allows you to open and read the MSG file without Outlook. Furthermore, it can perform advanced Searching, print and convert MSG to PDF file format.

 Know how to open and save MSG files into PDF format by following the below steps:

1. Download and Install the Upgrade Pro version software on your system.

2. Select the MSG file folder and Preview & Read the MSG files in different modes.

3. Search any MSG file for Export.

4. Browse the destination of MSG file then Export MSG file.

5. Multiple Views to Read the MSG File


Q: What is an MSG file?

A: An MSG file is an email, note, appointment, or any single message item formed or saved within Microsoft Outlook.

Q: How do you open an MSG file?

A: You can open an MSG file using Microsoft Outlook, the default program associated with this file format.

Q: How do you create an MSG file?

A: You can create an MSG file using Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to export any message item as an MSG file. You can do this by selecting the item, clicking File> Save As, and choosing Outlook Message Format (.msg) as the file type.

Q: How do you convert an MSG file to another format?

A: You can convert an MSG file to another format by using online converters that support MSG files, such as Zamzar, Aryson, or Xtraxtor. You can upload your MSG file, choose the output format, such as PDF, DOC, or EML, and download the converted File.

Q: What are the advantages of using MSG files?

A: Some of the advantages of using MSG files are that they are easy to create, store, and share, and that they preserve the original formatting and content of the message item.

The Final Note

This segment provides a way for the user to open MSG file without Outlook. By MSG Viewer application, the user can perform the entire task easily. In addition, the user can make a profit using its advanced features. As it will be of great help to view MSG files without MS Outlook. Then the user will not struggle with such type of Issue and the user can open and read MSG files in any environment without Outlook.

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