How to Get Subtitles on Kodi

Subtitles on Kodi

With Kodi as your entertainment media center, you can watch hundreds of TV shows and movies with only one question remaining – how to get subtitles? To get subtitles on Kodi, you need to enable the subtitle option from the settings and use a proper add-on for subtitle accessibility.

It might sound simple, but there are numerous add-ons for Kodi these days, and this guide will show you the way. We’ll also show you the essential steps to take in accordant order, so you can easily turn on the subtitles. Let’s start from scratch to tell you how to enable this option from the settings!

Making Use of the Kodi Subtitle Settings

Before you start getting to the core of enabling subtitles, remember to use the latest version of Kodi. The team at suggests updating Kodi frequently to ensure you can access the latest subtitles available.

The same goes for subtitle add-on compatibility as there are many options for this function. Still, let’s first discuss the necessity of enabling the subtitles through in-app settings. It’s a straightforward process that lets Kodi recognize the subtitle add-on that you will download subsequently.

Without checking this option in the menu, your subtitle add-on would not work properly, so this is the first step to take. Before taking the step of enabling Kodi subtitles, remember to use one of the VPNs for Kodi recommended by experts.

This way you can make sure to prevent ISP tracking and defend yourself from hackers while enjoying your favorite shows with Kodi subtitles!

How to Enable Kodi Subtitles?

There are several steps to take for enabling Kodi subtitles from the in-app settings. As mentioned, this will open a route for the add-on to be installed and stream your favorite TV shows and movies with subs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to allow subtitle display from the Kodi settings bar:

Step 1: Open your Kodi app and tap on the “Settings” option that’s marked by the standard settings “gear” icon in the app menu. You can find it on the left side close to the top of the app layout to drop further options.

Step 2: Move on by clicking on the “Player” subsection of the settings. This way you will get into the main language and subtitle options for the videos and shows you watch using Kodi (read more).

Step 3: From the “Settings/Player” menu, choose the “Language” option to enable language preferences to show in-app.

Step 4: Once you are in the Language menu, move the cursor to the right and scroll down the “Audio” options to reach the “Subtitles” section.

Step 5: Select the first option in this menu to choose your preferred subtitle language. Next, scroll down the options until you find the “Default TV show service” icon and click on it.

Step 6: Select the subtitle add-on option if it shows up, or click on the “Get more” option if it doesn’t enable the plug-in to work compatibility with your Kodi version.

Download a Proper Add-On for Kodi Subtitles

Now that you’ve selected your preferred language for the subs and enabled the subtitle add-ons, it’s time to find and download a subs plug-in. By doing this, you will be able to adjust the subtitles found by the add-on to be compatible with the video format of the movie or TV show you are watching.

The first thing to do is get back from the subtitle settings to the main layout of the app and click on the settings gear icon once again. This time, we’ll be focusing on finding add-ons for Kodi subs, since now you’ve enabled the plug-ins to show the language subs when you watch a show.

1) Find an Add-on from the repository

As you re-enter the menu, click on the “Add-ons” option displayed. This way you can browse your existing add-ons, or select the “Install from repository” option. You can either go with the Kodi add-on repository or click on the “all repositories” option.

Either way, this lets you browse the options as there are truly so many subtitle plug-ins you can easily use for Kodi.

2) Choose the Subs Category

As you scroll through the available options, you can find the “Subtitles” category from the list. It’s located in the lower part of the drop-list with different add-on types. Make sure to choose a subtitle that doesn’t necessarily require a user ID to function.

Some of the best options include the OpenSubtitles Kodi add-on, but it could require log-in details if you wish to use it (click here for more info). You can go with options like the add-on which works even without any logging information.

3) Test the Subtitle Add-on Compatibility

Once you select a proper option to download for displaying Kodi subs, go back to the main page of the app. Now, you can test the downloaded plug-in by playing your favorite TV show or a movie through the Kodi app.

You can click on the “Movies” section and select the “Titles” option from the displayed categories on the right. This way, you will get a list of movies with compatible titles from the add-on you’ve previously installed.

Select one of the options, or use a different add-on if you can’t find your preferred content with the subtitle. As you open a movie, click on the subtitle icon located to the left of the settings that looks like a chat icon. This will open a window titled “Subtitle settings” and you can go to the download subtitles option. Finally, simply choose your preferred subtitle version from the list of offered subs.

Final Touch – Subtitle Offset

As soon as you finish the process based on this guide, you can once again click on the subtitle settings and click on “Subtitle offset”. By doing so, you get the chance to use a roller to go ahead or delay the subtitle to match your video format.

With this last step, you should finally be able to watch your favorite Kodi streams with accurate subs. Also, remember that you can always change the subtitle font in the settings, if reading subs in Arial font causes you difficulties while watching!




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