India national cricket team coaches – all the most famous coaches in one list


Since 1971 Indian cricket team has had 24 coaches each of which tried to make the team even stronger. Sure not everything was so easy but even small steps to success were good at that time and now when the team is one of the best in the world rating. On this page, you’ll find some main information about the Indian national cricket team coaches that helps you with the forecasting and the studying the features of this sport. Remember that each coach has their own strategy and style that is always reflected in the team’s results. For example, the team’s first coach was Keki Tarapore from India. But his career on the national team was really short (about 1 year) primarily because of the low results in that competitive season.

There are lots of interesting facts about the cricket team and its history. For example, earlier there is no full-time coach so there is only a manager who had been travelling with the team for every match but didn’t work with players all the time. As a result, the team was really weak, and the strategy wasn’t as effective as all the fans would like to see. But there are many changes after that, so today’s team’s coaches are appointed on a contractual basis (usually 5 years but sometimes less). Also, there are the coaches whose arrival on the team led to the worsening results when even strong players showed so bad play. For sure under such conditions team couldn’t even dream about the first place in international tournaments or for the TOP players to buy.

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Who is the best coach for the whole national team history?

It should be noticed also that the national team is a full member nation in International Cricket. That’s why there are other coaches who have been working with the team after Keki Tarapore. You can read about some of them on this page below (from 2007 till now):

  • Ravi Shastri;
  • Lalchand Rajput;
  • Gary Kirsten;
  • Duncan Fletcher;
  • Sanjay Bangar;
  • Anil Kumble;
  • Rahul Dravid!

With each coach, the team shows different efficiency. But it was really strong with Ravi Shastri who had a few contacts with the national team (2007, 2015, 2017 – 2021). Shastri’s team become one of the strongest and most popular in the whole world. At the same time for the first 20 years, the national team couldn’t win a single Test match, but now it has about 562 168/173 (220 draws, 1 tie) and definitely won’t stop there. Also, it should be noticed that the Indian national team is third after West Indies and Australia which become the ICC World Cup title champion twice.

An actual team coach Rahul Dravid was leading to the World Cup title in 2018 with the U-19 team here in India. Also that time Dravid was responsible for the young and upcoming players in the National Cricket Academy. But in 2021 Rahul become the next coach of the national team, and now he has a contract till 2023. And that long-term contract is really great decision for the team because with this coach it for sure become more strong and more successful. But for that, the team and the coach will need some time for sure and the first results we can see today.

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