3 interesting Champions League records

Champions League records

The Champions League is widely regarded as the best football competition existing. Every year, it’s unsure who’ll win the cup, as there are a lot of surprises getting far each year. Take this year, where we nearly saw a big upset in FC Sheriff Tiraspol just missing out on qualifying for the knock-out stage of the tournament. To showcase how interesting the Champions League is every year, we’ll give you five interesting records that you don’t hear about every day.

  • Most consecutive clean sheets: Jens Lehmann

Although they’ve been struggling in Europe in recent years, Arsenal once was an incredibly dominant side. This shows in this statistic, as Jens Lehmann didn’t concede a goal for 8 matches in a row in the 2004-05 season. The record was broken by PSV Eindhoven, as André Ooijer managed to strike one past Lehmann. However, this didn’t start a downfall for Arsenal, as the runner-up for this record is Jens Lehmann, with 7 matches in a row in the 2005-06 season.

  • Most matches won: Cristiano Ronaldo- Champions League records

 If we’re talking about the best players of all time, two names will immediately come up: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both players have arguments going for them why they would be better than the other. For Ronaldo, this statistic is a very good one, as he managed to take 113 wins in the Champions League. Only one other player managed to win more than 100 matches: Casillas with 101 matches. Of course, it’s no coincidence that these two played together for multiple years. Ronaldo was part of the most successful team of all time, as he won the Champions League four times with Real Madrid.

  • Only grandfather-father-son trio to reach the final: the Marcos Alonso’s
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That talent is passed with genes, is showed by the family of Alonso. Sadly, they didn’t all manage to win the Champions League, but three generations reaching the final is already impressive on its own. It’s also a statistic that might be quite hard to beat, although there are four father-son duo’s that have won the league. Who knows if anyone of these will be the father to another successful football player. The three Marcos Alonso’s that reached the final are Imaz, Peña and Mendoza. Peña is the only one not to win, as he lost the final to the Romanian side Steaua Bucharest.


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