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Pappy Van Poodle is a character from Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball on the Nintendo 3DS. He only shows up in the event that the player refuses to bargain with Rusty Slugger. He was once Rusty’s mentor and was known to support the store owner in trying times.

Pappy Van Poodle

Credit: Nintendo

There have been some pretty lovable dogs in the Nintendo universe, mostly from the social simulation series Animal Crossing. You had K.K. Slider, the musically inclined, free-spirited Jack Russell Terrier with a broad perspective and a pure heart. Additionally, there was Isabelle, a vivacious, devoted Shih Tzu with a kind and compassionate temperament. Without a question, these two canine personalities deserve all the adoration and acclaim we’ve shown them. But how could Pappy Van Poodle have escaped our attention?

There are numerous secrets and Easter eggs spread across the Nintendo world. The majority of these Easter eggs, meanwhile, are well-document on Nintendo fan sites and internet forums. The world, on the other hand, seems to have entirely forgotten about Pappy Van Poodle until lately, when a particular YouTuber went back to Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, discovered Pappy, and has since elevated him to the degree of notoriety and acclaim he so richly deserves. Since then, Pappy Van Poodle’s prominence in the Nintendo universe has come under fire from fans. This blog will examine the enigmatic figure of Pappy Van Poodle and the reasons the internet is infatuated with him.


Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was the setting for Pappy Van Poodle one and only visit. Pappy Van Poodle acted as Rusty’s coach in the game, offering him pointers and helpful items. Pappy Van Poodle will show up toward the end of the game and give Rusty the item that you were suppose to give him in the haggling process if all games are purchase for $4.00 (the full price) and you do not give Rusty the items that he needs to advance the story (which would normally be done by haggling with Rusty). Rusty also makes a few passing references to Pappy Van Poodle throughout the game, but he only ever appears in these particular situations.

Who Is Pappy Van Poodle?

Pappy Van Poodle

Credit: Deviant Art

Real Thing Rusty 2014 saw the exclusive release of Baseball as a free-to-play game in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Although the game could be download for free, in order to advance through the tale, users had to spend real money on mini-games. Players had to buy mini-games from the game’s protagonist, Rusty Slugger, in order to play them. But there was a catch. With Rusty, you could bargain

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Old Rusty was a terrible negotiator and would frequently offer you a far better deal. Mini-games initially cost $4.00 in real USD. Naturally, you would purchase mini-games for a lot less money if you could. Just a wise financial choice, really. In fact, one of Rusty’s children will come on the screen to remind you that you can negotiate with him down if you even attempt to pay him the entire amount. Being wise with money had a big disadvantage in this exceptional situation, though, since you would pass up the chance to meet Pappy Van Poodle.

Pappy Van Poodle and one of Rusty’s children will show up in Rusty’s sports shop where he sells you the mini-games if you decide to always pay him the full price rather than bartering. Naturally, very few players had ever met Pappy Van Poodle, given that spending more money than necessary is an egregiously irrational choice.

Pappy, a cheery, ageing, overweight dog (perhaps a poodle, although he doesn’t exactly look like one), appears in six more cutscenes for players who choose to pay Rusty’s initial asking fee. Rusty refers to Pappy as a “neighbour, businessman, and mentor” to him in one of the cutscenes.

Puppy Good Dog

Pappy portrays himself as a father figure to Rusty and an unofficial team mascot in another sequence. He claims that he once supported Rusty’s squad so passionately that he ended up injuring his back. To demonstrate how close they are, he once even gives Rusty flowers. One thing is certain about Pappy Van Poodle, despite the fact that he is still a bit mysterious: Pappy is a good dog.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was also release in 2013 in Japan, where Pappy also makes an appearance. Pappy’s Japanese counterpart is dress differently than his American equivalent, goes by a different name, and has a slightly different backstory.


For more than 90 dog years, Pappy Van Poodle has been Rusty’s mentor and companion. He is said to have been the baseball team’s best fan and booster, throwing out his back in support once. Poodle is refer to by Rusty as the unofficial squad mascot. Pappy says that Rusty is like a son to him and shows his affection by giving him flowers.

Japanese Version

Pappy Van Poodle who appears in the Japanese adaptation of “Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball,” has a different appearance and backstory.

How Pappy Van Poodle Disappeared

No results were obtained when someone typed “Pappy Van Poodle” into the Google search box from the time Rusty’s. The Real Deal Baseball was introduce until 2019.

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It appears that hardly anyone had ever played the game with Pappy, and those who had never post anything online about him. As a result, for approximately five years, this incredibly endearing character live in total obscurity.

When YouTuber Nick Robinson released a video exposing Pappy to the public, everything change. Every time Pappy was mention in the game, along with the specifics of how players could meet Pappy, were cover in the movie. Nick came into Rusty by downloading Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball again on a Nintendo 2DS XL, thereby granting him free access to all of the mini-games.  Nick was able to observe what would happen if he consistently paid Rusty the full amount thanks to this. As a result, he found Pappy and has since restored him to his rightful place as a famous figure.

Although they are generally unsubstantiated, there have been claims that others found Pappy before Nick. The fact that there were no “Pappy Van Poodle” search results on Google prior to Nick posting his videos on YouTube, however, cannot be dispute.

The Re-birth of Pappy Van Poodle’s

The internet has been flood with Pappy-related content ever while nick robinson’s post his youtube video’s. Pappy Van Poodle has generated a tonne of discussion and fanart posts on Reddit and other forums, several follow-up YouTube videos about the enigmatic character, and even an online petition to include Pappy Van Poodle in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a crossover fighting game developed by Bandai Namco and Nintendo that allows players the opportunity to buy Challenger Packs, which let them add new characters into the game. Nintendo is being urge to release a new Challenger Pack featuring Poodle. The most obscure character to date, according to a petition that was just submit on Does anyone really want to watch this adorable, elderly dog get shot by Link’s arrows or devoured in a Falcon Punch’s flames? I imagine I would have strong sympathy for him. But I do believe pappy’s earn a bigger spotlight than his six-scene cameo in rusty’s actual earth.

Baseball deal Maybe Nintendo could create an adventure game solely focused on Pappy? I would play it.

It’s incredible to think that a beloved figure like Pappy Van Poodle could have been forgot for five years. What additional Nintendo Easter eggs may there be in their less well-known games, one wonders? Could there be a cat-like character lurking somewhere on the Nintendo Switch just ready to grace our screens? I suppose there is only one way to learn.

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