How To Beat Casino Slots

Beat Casino Slots

Slots were invented in the 19th century and these mechanical machines slowly began to appear in various places such as barber’s shops and salons, within society. These games were extremely popular amongst the adult population and this caused many inventors to compete with each other, to see who could create the most entertaining slot machine – play Rio Bingo on Wizard Slots. These early efforts were marvels of engineering but the actual games that were created were pretty basic. They contained limited reels and limited symbols within the reels. Despite this, the concept of spinning reels with symbols of differing values, still remains the very basis for the modern slots of today.Keep reading to ding how you can beat casino slots games Online Cricket Betting Id.

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Early Slots and Cheating 

It didn’t take long for some people in society to become curious enough to attempt to cheat cash out of these machines. Obviously this took some experimenting with, before a cheating method could be created and perfected. The main area of concentration was the lever that generated each spin and the reels themselves. The lever was the most vulnerable part of the entire slot and this was the first port of call for would be cheaters. People slowly discovered that by applying uneven pressure to the handle, they could manipulate the spinning motion of the reels and could actually get the Cricket ID they wanted, to frequently line up during each spin. There were those who took things a step further and used powerful magnets to line up winning spins instead, as this was less conspicuous than tampering with the lever itself. The magnet had a direct affect on the actual reels and symbols could be pulled into position by using these magnets. 

Cheating Continues 

Cheating slots machines out of cash continued from the 19th century right up to the last burning embers of the 20th century. However, slot machines became far more complex and sophisticated and this meant that cheating methods also went this way too. Fake coins were used, special devices were constructed and many of these succeeded in making many cheaters wealthy. 

Even when slots went digital in 1996 and cheating was halted those with inside knowledge of the computer codes that made slots tick, tried and succeeded in cheating land-based slot machines. Admittedly, these were inside jobs organized by individuals who actually worked for casino brands. Now most slots playing takes place online and it is physically impossible to cheat an online slot machine. 

The Era Of Strategy 

With cheating next to impossible to achieve, slots players now need a plan if they want to beat casino slots. An obvious starting point is to choose your slots wisely. Some games are designed to payout better than others and it is all down to the RTP or Return To Player percentage. This is a percentage score that is calculated over thousands of spins. Then the loss and win figures are compared to create a percentage score, of how much of a return of punters staking money, players can expect, over many spins. Games that come in with a score over 96% are well worth investing in.

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