Baby Barbie Villains Costumes


Check out baby Barbie’s impressive selection of villainous costumes, girls! But first, search Barbie’s girly bedroom for a few fashion items, the cute girl needs, so she can accessorize her outfits. They are hidden all over the room and she cannot find them on her own. Spot the sunglasses, hairpins, bag, hat, shoes, fairytale storybook and lipstick. Or is it a lip gloss? Great job! Dress up baby Barbie in lots of stunning Disney princess villain outfits. Match each fancy costume with the right hairstyle, footwear, jewels, magic wand, or staff. Can you recognize the Disney characters hiding behind the costumes? Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, and the Queen of Hearts are just a few of them. Which outfit looks best on the little girl? Don’t forget the poisoned red apple if you prefer the Evil Queen, the sassy printed Dalmatian hand bag that belongs to Cruella De Vil, or the popular horns hat worn by Maleficent! Have an awesome time playing this brand new baby game at Game Baby!


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