Pokemon fan games- Popular 6 games of the series

Pokemon fan games- Popular 6 games of the series

No one can deny the fact that Pokémon games are the bestselling video games in the gaming world. Still, we need to wait for some time before the next official release. Do you have any idea about the popular pokemon fan games? If not then continue reading to know more about it.

Knowing the popular pokemon fan games online:

Many of you who are new to Pokemon games don’t know about the terrible Pokémon game failures a few years back. But still, even after such failures, there are some amazing pokemon fan games worth playing.

1.Pokémon Prism – pokemon fan games

One of the best Pokémon fan games ever is Pokémon Prism and it leads the list of top games in this category. Well, it’s a ROM-hack of Pokémon Crystal, and part of the Game Boy Color. Ensure you have an emulator or even the cartridge for playing Prism. It will be worth it after you perfectly set up.

The game starts with the famous Dragon Trainer Lance’s son/daughter. He/she is playing in the mine-cart. suddenly the mine-cart goes out of control. The rocket goes down through old track and reaches the region of Naljo.

After arrival at Naljo players act fast to adopt a Larvitar. Next, they set off into Nakjo to pick up 20 gym badges. In the next step, they start running into over 200 different Pokémon species.

Pokémon Prism is available with several cool features, for example, mini-games, as well as plot points where the players need to control a Pokémon! It will give a cool experience to the layers.

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2. Pokemon Reborn – pokemon fan games

Pokemon Reborn Is one of the best pokemon fan games 2020. Pack the bags as you need to head towards the Reborn City. It was once a thriving metropolis that is now in need of acute repair. What is the player’s mission? To revamp and protect the city to bring peace back in this Reborn Region. Are the players ready to accept this challenge?

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If you already experienced the game then excellent. If not then Explore Pokemon Reborn’s innovative world. It features outstanding field effects and terrain, with an action-packed and gripping storyline.

The game sets the challenge for you with over 800 Pokemon which you need to catch. It’s not the end as 50+ gym leaders will test your skills. What’s the game’s estimated timeline? Well, you can enjoy almost 55 hours of excitement while playing this game.

Pokemon Reborn is one of the downloadable Emerald-styled games and it features all content via Generation 7.

3. Pokémon 3D – pokemon fan games

Pokémon 3D is an interesting and entertaining fan-made game. It sparks up the Pokémon world using 3D pop-up features.

The game creates the explorable 3D surrounding. Here players can interact with and also enter into battle with other trainers. The battle will be with Pokémon, from across the globe in real-time.

In this game, players will get direct control of all Pokémon’s movements besides attack sequences. All having their cool off periods. Players will also get the choice for retreating from any of the encounters.

Players will come across to catch 100+ Pokémon in 3D. When traveling across stunning terrain, players can decide which Pokémon they want to fight and catch. Players can also choose whom to ignore. There are plenty of choices available and there is nil fear of loss in the game.

For the first time, Pokémon 3D launched in 2015. Players can witness the game updates regularly until its original site is pulled down. Even now Pokémon 3D is winning the hearts of players strong. Just visit a new site and enjoy bash especially when you want something different!

4. Pokemon Insurgence – pokemon fan games

Pokemon Insurgence is another wonderful fangame from the Pokemon series. Here the region is a brand new one. It includes fun mechanics, for example, Delta Pokemon, Secret Bases, Online Trading, Armored Pokemon, Character customization, and many others!

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Likewise, things will see a dark turn in this Pokemon Insurgence game. You may miss the rainbows as well as Butterfrees in this game. All around cults and thugs have penetrated this region of Torren. The bad news is that here no one has a safe experience

Similarly, keeping aside the serious things, Insurgence acts as the home to several new mechanics. You will witness the fresh new Delta Species corresponding with Mega Evolutions. So, you will get limitless options when you move through the different modes looking for all 722 Pokemon belonging to the generation of 1 to 6. You can play this game on PC and Mac

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5. Pokémon Godra

Well, this game is a bit different from the rest. The Pokémon Godra is a fan-made game and it gives more emphasis towards trainer’s development in place of the Pokémon.

Similarly, in this game, trainers will get the scope to select from a wide range of career paths. Let’s take some examples here. Well, trainers can be the War Party Leader, a Safari Zone Warden, a Military General, and several other options.

Likewise, as a player do you love playing multiple versions of Pokémon, for example, Blue, Red, Gold & Silver? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know that Pokémon Godra offers a wide range of Pokémon, official games.

6. Pokémon Dark Rising

Next to include in the list of best Pokémon fan games is Pokémon Dark Rising. It gives the feeling of “Dark Souls of Pokémon”. Dark Rising is having a young trainer located at Core Region.

Similarly, It starts when the player falls asleep and experience the strange dream, where he/she gets introduced to the strange Pokémon never witnessed before. Right from this stage, the game heats up, as here Pokémon selects a player to get trained and move ahead to save this world together with the player.

Likewise, the game level of difficulty is set at 11, and that it indicates it’s super difficult. You need good luck to become the first gym leader. You will get wiped several times before you succeed. That’s the essence of the game.

Pokémon Dark Rising begins with all Dragon-from the first five Pokémon Generation


The list will go long if we keep adding but the above 6 are the best of the series. Other entertaining Pokémon fan games download which you can do are:

  • Pokemon Uranium
  • PokeMMO
  • Pokemon Prism
  • Pokémon Light Platinum
  • Pokémon Phoenix Rising




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