English School or English Tutor: Which One is Better?

English School or English Tutor

People considering learning English may choose to enroll in an English school or English tutor. To know what is best for you, English tutors Sydney recommend that you review both options first. They differ in three main ways;

  1. Cost

Most people who learn English will consider the cost of both options. English tutors may charge hourly, while English schools will charge fees for the learning duration. Whether you enroll in school or hire private tutors, the English tutors will determine how much they charge students based on student needs and tutor training and experience. Remember also the cost of getting learning materials affects the price they charge for learning English. 

  1. Reasons for learning the language

Before you choose the mode of learning, it is good to bear in mind what the goal is. If one enrolls in an English school, learning procedures are standard. That makes it possible to prepare the student for business anywhere in the world. A person who wants to learn English for communication purposes or work purposes may opt for an English tutor. Students also sometimes opt for tutors since they offer personalized training. That way, they can prepare for the exams better. Depending on why you are learning this language, you can choose the most appropriate method of learning.

  1. Timing

One should consider their availability to study first. For full-time students, a School or English Tutor would be ideal. But for people with busy working schedules, tutoring will be the best. It is flexible and can be customized to suit your schedule. English students should consider their availability to learn at the specific times offered by either the English school or the tutor and decide what works best.

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But apart from choosing the mode of learning based on the above factors, we will review School or English Tutor options to help you choose the best.

Enrolling in an English school 

There are many English schools, but one must choose the best based on methodologies, quality of learning, and resources. Mostly they are suitable for beginners, but anyone may enroll. A little research can help you decide on the best English school for you. Knowing the pros and cons will also help you decide whether to go for tutoring or enroll in English classes.

Advantages of enrolling for learning in an English school

  • High chances of finishing the English course because of the set rules and regulations
  • Language partners are available, and that may hasten your learning process because, in a classroom environment, you can share information or exchange ideas. You also interact with others a lot. Speaking English and hearing others communicate in English helps you to learn too.
  • Motivation and access to language guide

Disadvantages of attending an English school instead of private tutoring

  • It is relatively expensive
  • Lack of personalization slows down the learning progress
  • Quality of curriculum may vary depending on the school one chooses
  • Less effective compared to private tutoring

Learning English through tutoring

Tutoring is the best option for learners who want to learn on their terms and with no deadlines. One may opt for online tutors or in-person tutors. To know if tutoring is best for you, you may try a free online course first. That way, you will understand how tutoring works and decide if it is a suitable option for you. For people with specific goals of learning the language, they will find this method more flexible. They also get more personal attention in learning and can get feedback from their tutors on their learning progress.

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On the downside, the tutoring curriculum differs. One may not get quality training, especially if you opt for online freelance tutors. Determining the best tutor online requires one to do background checks. Checking various companies offering the services and reviewing feedback from previous clients can also help.

Tutoring has many benefits such as enhanced subject comprehension, helping a learner build vital learning skills, and boosting their confidence. Compared to attending an English school, having an English tutor is more advantageous based on the following aspects;

  • A unique and customized learning experience
  • Tutoring encourages self-direction and self-paced learning
  • Improved study habits and encourages responsibility and independence
  • Offers challenges to learners to help them improve
  • Fast improvement in the mastery of the content, especially for students learning new languages 

Whichever method you choose to learn English, remember to incorporate other activities to help you master the language fast. By engaging your tutors and practicing speaking the English language, you will master the language. Engaging in activities such as writing, reading English literature, and speaking English will help to improve. Remember to review your progress regularly and adapt the learning method that best suits you. It may take time to learn English, but successful students invest a lot of effort and time. 

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