Strategies to incorporate in the process of campus hiring

Strategies to incorporate in the process of campus hiring

The process of campus hiring incorporates its own challenges. Now in spite of the numerous challenges, a lot of companies go with a defined strategy for hiring graduates and students as this is what is all about a process of campus hirings. An effective strategy with campus recruitment is they can avail the best of the candidate from a campus. In most of the countries of the world, campus recruitment is a common procedure. The quality candidates are attracted to jobs as this can be for a full-time job role or a part-time one.

The process of campus recruitment tends to differ from an organization to another. A policy is in a place where framed guidelines are in place for the recruitment process. In a way, it develops the quality of consistency during the hiring procedure. Now when it comes to the process of mass hiring a lot of time and money is involved in the process. For this reason, it is really important that you plan out the process properly. This means that you have to select the right colleges and the process of recruitment has to be spot on. Permissions are to be in a place that ensures a smooth process of recruitment.  Though the process of campus recruitment does vary across each organization there are certain standard benefits that can be implemented.

  •   First and foremost it develops a positive image for a company
  •   You can develop replacement  presentations that are a lot different from the crowd
  •   The traditional recruitment methods are a thing of the past. You can replace them with online assessment modules or tools of smart recruitment
  •   Check out whether the existing practices of hiring are on par with the ones in an organization.

The campus recruiting strategy tips

Having a concise view of hiring and targeting schools

The first step is to have a concise idea about the hiring needs of a company. Then you have to formulae know-how on which is the campuses you are looking to tap. Being aware of the type along with the required knowledge inputs is going to develop the right type of programs to source from. It is important for a company to take stock of an internal functional area that calls for research and staffing. You have to target schools that specialize in the functional areas of your choice. For example, an engineering firm would be looking to partner with a top-quality engineering school. On the other hand when it is an IT organization they would like to target a reputed IT college. This works out to be a smart way so as to improve success in a given domain.

Career centric outputs

Once the target schools have been specified a recruiter needs to target the campus centres of these schools. The need of the hour is to have a strong relationship with the campus centres in such colleges. The reason being they might have a specific guideline, timelines or events as part of the recruitment process. For a company, they should not want to be missing out on opportunities to be networking with potential hires. In fact, a career centre is going to help a long way in achieving this.

Organize resources and calendars

An online recruiter on the campus is aware of the recruitment guidelines. As part of the campus recruitment cycle, they have to implement the process every year. It also means that the step calls for attention to details. More so if and organization is planning to attend numerous events in various schools. Recruiters have to be spot on which are the events they would like to participate and figure out whether there is resources or a budget for the same. For example, a certain type of a campus recruitment process might be looking to attend a job fair, case competition, information fairs along with the interview days. In terms of the resources needed for the same would include branding materials, company representatives and the giveaway.

The challenges arising from a campus hiring process

There are significant challenges arising from a campus hiring process as follows

  •   During a campus interview a student has multiple options to attend interviews. If the process of recruitment is slow there is a strong possibility that you might end up losing quality candidates. The delay could be due to the process of recruitment and a virtual recruitment process might speed up things. Even at the same time, you can focus on multiple candidates
  •   Another challenge that comes to the fore is that you are not able to figure out their hidden skills properly. Most companies stick to an interview process with a few standard questions. It is going to be of immense help if you replace it with an aptitude test.
  •   The drawback of a traditional pen and paper exam is that it is not secure and consumes a lot of time. It is really a difficult task once you have to assess hundreds of applications during campus recruitment. It is necessary to secure the process of an online assessment, whereby you need to evaluate the data within less time. In a way, this paves way for a faster and quick process of decision making.


In comparison to the last decade, recruiters have gone on to experience massive success with the process of campus hiring. One of the main reasons for its popularity is due to the introduction of an online assessment platform. From a single platform, a recruiter is in a position to assess a wide variety of platforms. A quick and efficient process of campus recruitment provides them with quality and efficient results in a fast and timely way.

A major benefit of campus recruitment is to enhance the utility of your workforce who bring forth a new dimension to an organization. An entry-level candidate who showcases quick learning skills reaches the summit of success within a short time frame. A trend seen is that they accept feedback and are keen to be learning from their mistakes.

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