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When you play a game that heavily features cars, racing, and drifting, what do you notice first? Is it the smooth quality of the gameplay? The expertly designed tracks? Or maybe even the high quality graphics that bring everything to life? – Drift Hunters MAX

Before any of that, you probably notice how much you spent for the privilege of enjoying the game in the first place. If you had instead visited Drifted.com, you would have seen the wide selection of car games that they host. 

One of these games, an overhaul and expansion of one of their greatest hits, is Drift Hunters MAX. If you’re looking for a console quality car game experience, here are a few things that make Drift Hunters MAX the game you’ve been looking for.

Highly Accessible

Like Drift Hunters before it, it is the drifting game of choice for fans all over the world due to its high quality and easy accessibility. 

To play the game, all you need to do is go to Drifted.com, the exclusive home of Drift Hunters MAX, and search for the title. That’s basically it, as the game is completely free and runs totally in your web browser without the need for any additional downloads. 

From the time you sit down at your computer to the time you’re on the track, you would have spent a few minutes at the most.

Account System

One of the main features of Drift Hunters MAX is its simple account system. When you first boot the game, you will be asked to either register or log in. 

This account system ties all of your unlocks, tuning, and progress to your account and saves constantly so you never lose anything. 

Even if power gets cut to your computer, the next time you log in to Drift Hunters MAX your game will be up to date. No more losing your progress and dropping the game out of frustration!

Overhauled Graphics and Physics

Compared to the previous Drift Hunters game, Drift Hunters MAX is a complete evolution. With completely overhauled graphics, each car in the game is almost indistinguishable from its real-life counterpart. 

Crisp details and reflections are expertly implemented, as are the high quality textures and visuals of the tracks and their surrounding environments. 

As if the graphics weren’t enough, Drift Hunters MAX also has a brand new physics system that allows for realistic drifting mechanics and feel that will take some time to learn but are incredibly satisfying once you’ve learned them.

Tons of Content

Drift Hunters MAX has a total of 37 upgradeable cars and 12 tracks for you to run rampant on. Each of those 37 cars has its own unique handling and can be customized by changing its style and color of paint as well as several aspects of its suspension. 

Altering the suspension is more than a visual change, as it will alter how the car handles when driving and drifting. 

The 12 tracks available are all a drifting fan’s dream and allow for plenty of creativity in how you execute sick drifts.

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