How to change Minecraft skin? Follow the simple steps!!

How to chnage Minecraft Skin

Do you love playing video games? I believe everyone does. Earlier, there was a wave of video games. At that time, we used to play video games with a proper setup that used to connect to a television. Players can choose whether to play solo or multiplayer.Moreover, these video games are popularly known as Retrogames. As the internet became famous, these retro games started gaining popularity, and players used a gamepad to control the function of the game. As time passed, the video game industry also evolved and presented new technology to the players. And by 1983, video games crashed, and here came the era of Computer games. But, nowadays, we have seen thousands of games available online that also support the Smartphone version. Today, we are going to talk about a video game titled Minecraft and How to change Minecraft Skin?

Minecraft Introduction

How to chnage Minecraft Skin

Image Credit: Minecraft

To begin with, Minecraft was developed and published by Mojang Studios and is a Sandbox Video Game. To the reader’s knowledge, the Sandbox video game is a type of video game that offers players a huge area for creativity to interact. Moreover, there is no goal set by the game itself, or you can also say that there is no predetermined goal. Instead, the player sets the goal for himself. This Java Programming language game was created by the “Markus Notch Person” and launched in the fifth month of 2009. However, the Mojang studio released the complete game in the eleventh month of 2011.

Interestingly, “Jens Jeb Bergensten” took over the game development after Markus stepped down. During that period, Minecraft was the best-selling video game that had sold more than 238 million copies. Apart from that, the game has around 140 million active users now. Also, Minecraft supports various platforms. That means players using different types of video game supporting systems can also play it. Thus, readers read further to learn about its gameplay. And if you find it interesting, why not give it a try once. And after that, we will tell you the process of How to change Minecraft Skin.

The gamePlay of Minecraft!!

Without a doubt, Minecraft is on the list of “best selling games in the world.” Because of selling more than 100 million copies in a momentous tour de force. Only a few numbers achieve this accomplishment the game has gained. After achieving huge success for the game, its developer indeed felt like they had won the Olympics. The statistics you read above proved why the game is the best selling. After Minecraft, GTA V is the second best-selling game in the industry, with around 140 million copies sold. Thus, without diverting from the topic. Let’s talk about Minecraft’s interesting gameplay.

One can get an idea by the title “Minecraft” about its gameplay that it includes some kind of mining. Thus, to the reader’s knowledge, Minecraft, a 3D free-roaming game or Sandbox video game, allows players complete freedom to play according to their will. But, the game has an achievement system titled” trophies” for PlayStation ports. While for the Java edition, this system is popularly known as “Advancements.” Moreover, the players can play the game from first as well as third-person perspectives. The game consists of “Blocks,” which are mainly fluid and cubes along with several materials like ores, dirt, water, lava, and tree trunks. In addition to that, the key gameplay involves picking and placing these items which are aligned in a 3D matrix.

However, the players can move independently and freely in the game world. Additionally, players mine or pick these 3D blocks and places anywhere to construct things. However, a lot of commentators elaborated on the game’s anatomy as an unrealistic one. Apart from it, the game also consists of a Redstone, a material that is used to make logic gates, antique mechanical devices, and electrical circuits. These items are used in the building process of multiplex systems.

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MineCraft Gaming World

How to chnage Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to the game world, it is diversified into biomes. The biomes range from snowfields to jungles to deserts. Moreover, the topography includes caves, lava or water bodies, plains, forests, and mountains. Apart from all these features that the game offers, the in-built system also gives access to the following day as well as night cycles. And the one complete cycle continues for real twenty minutes. Henceforth, when a player enters the game, Minecraft allows the players to choose from five different game modes.

Moreover, the four different pitfalls range from tranquil or peaceful to hard. If the player increases the difficulty level. As a result, the player is vulnerable to drawing more damage from the horde along with other effects, which depend on the various difficulty levels. Let’s take an example to understand it. Suppose you are playing at a hard difficulty level, and your hunger bar is exhausted. The effects of this kind of pitfall include player’s death due to starvation. However, on a peaceful level, mobs cannot progenerate. In addition to that, one cannot change the game mode if locked or can be replaced with cheats, but the player can easily change the difficulty level.

Initial Stage of Minecraft

So, when you start the game for the first time, the players will have a randomly selected skin or faces of either Alex or Steve. However, players can also choose to create customized skin for the game character. Moreover, Players also come across several non-player or inactive players called mobs, hostile creatures, villagers, animals, etc. In addition to inactive players, Minecraft also consists of passive mobs like chickens, pigs, and cows, which are used for crafting material and food. These pobs progenerate during the daytime; however, the hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons, and spiders progenerate in dark places or during the night.

To the reader’s knowledge, Minecraft also has a couple of dimensions other than the main world. The two dimensions are the “end’ and the “nether.” These two dimensions are completely opposite to each other. The End is a deserted land that consists of various islands that float on the endless and dark voids. However, the ‘Nether’ is an abyss. The player can access this dimension via “player-built portals.” These two dimensions have different bosses called” Ender Dragon” and “Wither,” respectively.

Now, you got a brief introduction to Minecraft’s gameplay. It’s time to move further and understand more about the character’s skin. And then How to change Minecraft Skin?

Introduction to Minecraft skins

How to chnage Minecraft Skin

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In Minecraft, the skin feature allows the player to determine the character’s look. Moreover, you read above that either the game chooses Steve or Alex skin for the player by default. But, the question is does Minecraft allows the players to change their skin. So, the answer is yes. Players can also customize the character’s skin or looks depending on their will. Players get ready to customize the look because the ball is in your court. Get rid of the same old skin and get your character the new one and feel the vibe of newness in the game. But do you know how to change the Minecraft Skin? You will learn to change the skin in the next section. So without any delay, let’s move further and understand the procedure.

Procedure on How to change Minecraft skin

There are several processes to change the character’s skin in Minecraft. However, the easiest way to change it is to download the “Skin Pack.” Also, keep in mind that the skin pack should be on the list of downloadable Content. As all versions of Minecraft do not have ‘skin packs.’ Nonetheless, you can find packs in editions like Windows 10 and Minecraft PE. And other consoles or supported editors such as Wii U, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

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How to change Minecraft skin via Desktop

The procedure to change the character’s look is quite easy if you know the process by heart. Thus, follow the below-mentioned steps and use them in the game.

  • Open the browser and enter the official URL “ The URL will redirect you to the Skin Index page.
  • Choose the skin from the available options. Moreover, you can also make your own look or also can search for the particular skin. Apart from that, you can also choose to see the complete skin list. To do so, tap on Top or latest on the top left side.
  • Once selected, now download it by selecting the download option available on the right side of the webpage. The file will download to your PC
  • Now, enter the and open the website. Tap on horizontal lines in the upper right corner. And then select Profile. Also, make sure you are already logged in.
  • Tap on “Select a file,” and then choose the desired file from your download.
  • Tap on “Open,” and the file is uploaded.
  • Select “upload.” Voila!!

How to change Minecraft Skin in Console Editors

Image Credit: TechDaddy

If you are using Xbox, Nintendo, or any other console editors. The process is quite different from any other form. Thus, follow the below-mentioned procedure and understand them wholeheartedly to change the Minecraft Skin.

Moreover, find a way to store or keep the downloaded file. Otherwise, you cannot apply the skin in most console editors. Also, you will be between two courts only. One is free, and the other is “paid,” which is already available in the game. On that note, let’s start the procedure:-

  • Open the game and go to “Help & Options.”
  • Select the “Change skin” option and choose the skin pack available in the menu.
  • Tap on your most liked skin. If it is not available for free, then you will be redirected to the “store” in order to purchase it.
  • However, if free, then it will become the character’s skin.

How to change Minecraft skin: Steps to follow for Pocket edition version.

If the player is using Minecraft Pocket edition. Then, the good news is you can also change the Minecraft skin. The process is somewhat similar to the Desktop version. Thus, to know the complete process. Follow the steps below:-

  • Open the browser on your smartphone and enter the Minecraft skin site in your browser.
  • Please choose the most liked skin and tap on it.
  • Tap on the “Download” regulator available at the top right of the webpage. This will open the picture in a new tab.
  • Save the new Minecraft skin. To do so, hold the image and then choose “save. “
  • Now, open the Pocket Edition of the game. The icon of the game is similar to the dirt cube with a topping of grass. And the PE version home page is open.
  • Look for the hanger image at the bottom right side of the display. And then, click on the “blank skin” image.
  • Now, tap to choose the new skin. You will find the option to do the same in the “custom” window available on the right-hand side.
  • Select the skin from your smartphone and tap on the picture. Before that, select the album
  • Now, select the model that you will find in an emerging window.
  • Tap on the “confirm” button.

How to change Minecraft Skin: The bottom line

We not only cover the steps on “how to change Minecraft skin.” But also give a brief introduction about Minecraft and its gameplay to all the readers who are unaware of the game. I hope you all understand the process. And also like the article on the best ever sandbox video game. There are a lot of things that we want to cover for all our readers. However, due to some constraints, we only covered the important part. Thus, make comments about what else you want to know about the game “Minecraft.”

Also, do not forget to bookmark the page. And never miss any upcoming articles. Till then, take care and keep reading!!

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