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Since the lockdown, vehicles have been used infrequently, which means that they have been parked for a long time. In many parts of the world, governments have also imposed further lockdowns. No doubt that the news of the coronavirus vaccine being rolled out is a positive step, but it will take a while before it can be administered worldwide. Until then, we must adhere to the standard operating procedures and implement lockdowns where necessary. Here are checklist before starting your car after the lockdown.

It is not just the lockdown which is the primary reason for leaving the cars’ unused. Many people that own vehicles keep it locked away simply because they do not feel the need to use it. Likewise, if you plan on taking a trip abroad, the vehicle will remain parked in your garage or any other place for a long time.

However, the focus of the article is not to discuss the vaccine, lockdowns, standard operating procedures or why vehicles remain unused for long periods. Instead, the purpose of this post is to discuss the process of starting your car after it has remained parked for a long time due to lockdown measures. We will develop a checklist of the top things that every car owner must monitor carefully to ensure that the vehicle is driveable. Let’s start.


Many of us are unaware, but tires lose air pressure every day, but the loss is so negligible that it is challenging to know it. It is why automobile service providers in the UAE and worldwide recommend checking the tire pressure every two weeks. The reason is that under-inflated tires pose a serious safety risk as they can burst at any time.

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Therefore, check the air pressure before driving. If the tire pressure is low, try to drive to the nearest workshop or avail the services of a mobile mechanic. Many modern vehicles come equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If the air pressure is low, it will inform you right away.

Car Battery

A vehicle that has remained unused for some time will face difficulty in turning on because of the car battery. The first casualty of an unused vehicle is the car battery. It is why experts recommend turning on the vehicle from time to time even when you do not plan to drive someplace. The reason is that it will help keep the battery charged. If the battery is dead, you can recharge it by jump starting your car or avail the services of a mobile mechanic. In the case of an electric vehicle, we recommend not letting the charging level drop below 30%. Also, do not leave the vehicle permanently on charge as it can damage the battery.

Oil, coolant, washer fluid and lights

Once the vehicle has been left unused, we highly recommend checking the above components. In the case of oil, engine coolant, and washer fluid, car experts recommend replacing them altogether. The reason is that it will help drain the corrosive elements, and the new products will help add to the life of the vehicle. In the case of lights, it is always a wise decision to check that all lights are in perfect working condition.


When brakes are not used for a long time, they can become stuck, especially the handbrake. If possible, try to use the brakes from time to time. Nevertheless, make sure to check the brakes properly before taking the car out for a drive.

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Wrap Up

This concludes our article. There are numerous other things that you need to focus on before starting your car after an extended period of non-use. But the things we mentioned above need your most attention. Thank You.

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