Best ways of depositing money in online betting for the Indian players

depositing money in online betting

With digitalization, many aspects of life have become more available to complete. The whole world has practiced carrying out every duty online due to lockdown and quarantine restrictions since 2020. Such a sudden push into urgent use of high-tech products forced people to go through rapid courses and embark on working online. Let’s see the best ways of depositing money in online betting for Indian players.

India felt the same transformations and found out the benefits from them. The entertainment industry within the country has grown fast in using various online services for gaming and betting. So, it became more available for Indian players to undertake cricket betting live during their favorite IPL tournament. Not only the live streaming options have perfected. The ways Indians can deposit money and place bets have been improved as well. Thus, India has engaged more in the digital world of online betting activities.

Best ways in depositing money in online betting

Betting has become a religion for Indians that is impossible to live without it already. As there are no particular regulations on online betting in India, Indian players involve themselves with online betting. And the best online betting sportsbooks provide depositing methods available to Indians and accepting their national currency rupees. The range of payment methods is really big, but not all of them can always work in India. Let’s have a look at the best ways of depositing Indian players can use.

E-wallets are the best option for Indians

The use of an e-wallet is similar to the use of an online bank account. The Indian player needs to register in one of the top e-wallet services like Neteller and Skrill and create an account there. Then, he can credit his e-wallet using bank transfers, credit cards, or e-check. All these options are available but differ in timing. When funding through credit card, it happens instantly. When loading from the bank account or e-check, it takes even a few days to get the money to the e-wallet. As soon as the money is in the e-wallet account, the Indian bettor can transfer it to the online betting site.

Pre-paid debit cards

When Indian bettors prefer to deposit money directly from their debit/credit card, they can use a pre-paid method. This way is like an extra one when the bettor doesn’t have any credit or debit card. He needs to purchase a pre-paid card and load it with money before starting depositing. As soon as it is done, it works much like a regular credit card.

Other ways to fund the betting account on the sportsbook are available too but not advisable for Indian users. For example, they will fail the bank transfer of money. The problem is that the banks deny any transaction on online betting platforms. Accordingly, when using credit/debit cards, the bank doesn’t allow the transaction to be done successfully.

Overall, e-wallets and pre-paid cards are the best solutions for Indian players to deposit their betting accounts on online betting platforms and place promising bets. Such methods will keep a constant eagerness of Indians to betting and make any instant transaction they will need at the moment they want.

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