Know Pokemon card prices before you buy or sell cards

Know Pokemon card prices before you buy or sell cards

Some years back, you might have noticed kids around your trading Pokémon cards just like candy. They have no idea about the Pokemon card prices at that time. All that they cared for was to win the game with no attention towards the financial worth of the card. After so many years later, those cards are worthy and valuable. Many of those kids who are already adults now dream of getting back individual cards.

Pokemon Card Prices – Why the Pokeman cards so expensive?

Students of economics will find it easy to understand. Well, there is a finite supply of any type of card. You will find millions of fans of Pokémon who want the cards for their collection. The moment you witness a card available on sale say for $1,000, what you understood? Well, it indicates that this is the final price. Someone else decided not to pay above this for another copy of this item, depending on its scarcity.

Pokemon Card Prices –

How to value the Pokemon cards you have?

Imagine you have a good collection of Pokeman Cards. Do you want to know the pokemon card prices to sell? But how will you value your cards? Continue reading to learn more.

Tips for identifying the valuable Pokeman cards:

 Look for card rarity: 

  1. Every Pokémon card comes with a rarity. It determines how well you are in a position to open the same in the booster pack.
  •  A circle on the card indicates its common. A diamond turns it into uncommon cards. They are easily available and not so worthy. It turns worthy if printed in 1999 or 2000. It means it will take place in the first edition pokémon cards value list. When there is a star, it indicates rare. If you see Star H or even three stars its rarest of the rare, it’s valuable and you should separate it
  • Any other symbol other than the above two indicates it was sold as a special product. Consider it as Promo”, “Deck Kit,” or even as “Boxtoppe to know its price.

 Search for holographic cards: 

  1. Holo” cards do have extra shine. You may find a foil layer on the artwork of Pokémon. On the other hand, “Reverse Holo” cards remain shiny all over surrounding the artwork. Well, it’s not an automatic indication to turn it valuable. The presence of a rare holo will indicate that you need to set it aside.
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Search for the extra symbol on the cards: 

  1. There are Pokemon cards that were released before the display of HeartGold SoulSilver. You will find the Pokémon level mentioned after name when you look at the top right, such for example, “Pikachu LV.12.”

Few Pokémon comes with a special symbol and are worthy valuing between a few dollars to some hundred dollars. There are some extra-rare cards named “SP,” meaning “Special Pokémon.” They have names written in stylish G, GL, 4, FB, C, or M. You can identify such cards with the “SP” logo located at the bottom left corner of card artwork. Such cards belong to the Pokémon Platinum range: Rising Rivals set.

 Inspect the early cards attentively: 

  1. Cards that were printed right after game release are automatically super valuable. Both commons and un-commons in this range may worth around $5 each, or it can be even more. If you notice “Wizards of the Coast,” written at card bottom, belongs to the 1999 or early 2000 period. You need to investigate it closely.

If you find anyone or both features mentioned below, it indicates it is rare. Potential buyers will be ready to pay $100 or much more for the same.

  1. Search for the first edition stamp below and also at the left of the card’s artwork. It gives the impression of “1” inside a black circle. You can see some lines which are radiating out above it.
  2. Do you witness that the art box is with no “shadow” beneath it? If yes, then it’s a “shadowless” one, as referred by collectors.


 Search for the collector’s number: 

  1. Search for collector numbers moving to the bottom right corner of the card. It’s a notable way to identify any card. It will be a good clue for you to identify some special and valuable cards.
  • The secret rare range does have a collector number, which will be higher than the sum # of cards notified in that set. For example, we can say “65/64” or “110/105.” Secret rare cards can value a few dollars and may go up to hundreds of dollars.
  • If you see the collector number starting with “SH,” then it’s a variety of “Shining Pokémon.” It will contain different art from the regular version. Such cards are known as the reverse holographic cards.
  • What if you find the collector number missing? Well, there is a high chance that the card is one of the early printing. It true that Japanese cards continued the practice of not displaying the number for quite a long time. The maximum of such cards are worth anything, but still, it’s worth checking.

Search for other symbols of value:

 If you check thoroughly, you will find that Pokémon released several cards. Some are special, some are extra-rare, and some of them are promotional cards. You can identify the cards based on any of the above features. There are few cards which are unusual, and perhaps valuable, for many other reasons.

  1. Firstly, Complete art cards contain picture which extends across the entire card. You will see the text printed right on the top. Such cards are referred to as “FA” cards by the collectors.
  2. After that, when you check the World Championship cards have you will find them different. Different in the sense that here back are non-identical than the regular cards. Well, such cards are not legal for playing in tournaments. Still, few among them are worth $10 and perhaps more in the shape of the collector’s items.


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How to Value and Sell the pokemon cards?

When you have a good collection of demanding Pokeman cards, then you can surely earn hefty by selling them. But where to sell pokemon cards?

 Search for Card prices visiting the card-selling websites: 

  1. Similarly, there are thousands + unique varieties of Pokémon trading cards. The pokemon card prices change keeps changing when people sell, buy, and speculate.
  • Visit any Pokémon card-selling site or a trustworthy site like eBay. You can search with your card name + “selling.” Add up special features, for specific identification of the section.
  • Majorly listings website show at what price the company is selling the cards. Check the “buy list” to learn the price company will pay for buying the cards. When you are selling to another player, the price must fall somewhere between buying and selling value.

 Talk to Pokémon player or Pokémon collectors: 

  1. It’s not that easy to learn a price online. Things turn difficult more for extra-rare cards. The reason is that they are not traded often. Better you search forum online for a trading card game. Share pictures with a description of the card for the suggestion. This will give you a better idea of the price. Don’t fall prey to a scam and take advice from 2-3 places before you offer your card.

Check the card condition:

  1. Is there an absence of any visible marks on both sides, or little white marks near edges? Therefore, it’s a Mint or almost Mint card, and you can sell it for full price. Different companies come with different conditions for dealing with damaged cards. The value of a card will be significant when whitened, scratched, or even stamped. Fix the price of your card, depending on the card condition.

Bulk selling of low-value cards:

  1. If the card lacks defining features, it will fetch you no more than a few cents. When you check your individual rarest, you will find many cards with worth, not even a dollar. Some online stores dealing in individual Pokémon cards also buy in bulk orders. You can take advantage of the same to get some money from these cards.

By this time, we hope you got clarity on how to sell pokemon cards and how to value them. There are various other parameters which you also need to take into consideration. You can get the best information about the valuation and selling of Pokémon cards when you meet some knowledgeable people.

Do don’t try to make fake selling and buying of pokemon cards as that will be no less than a crime for you. Make Pokemon cards buy and sell, following all legal rules for the same. Happy selling of Pokemon cards.


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