Send Money to Pakistan With ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah!

Bank Money Transfer

There are multiple ways to send money to Pakistan. ACE Money Transfer is one of the most efficient and rapid international remittance services providers. Their joint venture with Bank Alfalah enables customers to send money quickly, and also get a chance to win amazing prizes. 

Latest tools and technology aids in the formulation of one of the most secure and reliable means for remittance solutions.

Let us discuss one of the best methods to send money to Pakistan. Have a look at the list of five simple and easy steps.

1. Signup on ACE Money Transfer

Customers can create a free account on Customers will need to complete the signup form. After the signup form is submitted, you will get an activation email. Click on the ‘Confirm Email’ button in your email to get your account activated.

2. Login to Account

Once the account is created and activated, you will have to sign-in using your email and password provided at the time of the registration. Keep your login details private and secure. 

Select Payment Method via Bank App

The customer can select the country from the list they wish to transfer from and also the receiving country. After that, you will be able to choose the method of payment types such as Cash, Bank, Bill Payment, and Mobile Top-up. Enter the amount you wish to transfer, and it will be converted into the receiving currency instantly. 

Cash Pickup

In the case of cash pickup, the customer can select the payout partner from the list of available payout partners. 

Bank Transfer

The customer can select a Bank as the mode of payment for the international remittance. Just like the payout partner and proceed with the amount. 

Bill Payment

Customers will need to select the concerned department of their bill as the payout partner. There will be a list of available payout partners. After that, customers will need to provide the consumer id and consumer nickname. 

Mobile Top-up

Are you thinking about making a transaction regarding mobile top-up for your beloved ones in Pakistan? Just select the ‘Mobile top-up’ method. Enter the mobile number of the recipient and the nickname of the consumer

Provide Sender Information

Complete the sender information form requesting basic details of the sender. You must complete all the required information related to the form. After you are done, select the beneficiary information button to proceed to the next step. 

Provide Beneficiary Information

The final step is to provide the basic details related to the beneficiary account information. The customers will need to select the required details and complete the requirements to complete the transactions. 

Bank Alfalah-Best Receiving Option

Pakistan has a vast range of banking corporations. Among which, Bank Alfalah stands out of the crowd for providing outstanding services in the domain of banking solutions and services. Now customers can enjoy the luxury of direct credit into Bank Alfalah account for international remittances. Bank Alfalah provides the lowest transactional cost for remittances and the best currency exchange rates. Mutual collaboration between ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah provides countless opportunities for gifts and surprises while receiving money. 

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