Frank Caprio Net Worth 2024, Professional Achievements, Lifestyle & More!

Frank Caprio Net Worth

If you are someone who loves politics, then you must be acquainted with Frank Caprio, who is a very famous American lawyer and politician. He is extremely well-known in America and in other countries as well. And thus, that makes everyone curious to understand Frank Caprio net worth and so much more. 

So, without any further ado, let’s take a quick look at the basic information details, his life, and many other interesting factors that might draw your attention. Stay glued till the end and we’re sure you’re going to be in for some amazing surprises.


Name Frank Caprio
Date of Birth   24th November, 1936
Place of birth   Federal Hik, Rhode Island, US
Height   175 cm
Nationality     American
Education (School) Central High School Providence, Rhode Island
College     Providene College, Rhode Island, US, Suffolk University,                                       Boston
Marital Status   Married to Joyce Caprio
Age           87 years
Eye color     Black
Hair Color Gray
Religion        Christianity
Father’s Name Antonio Caprio
Mother’s Name Filomena Caprio
Profession American Lawyer
Net Worth 2024 $2 Million

Frank Caprio net worth

The famous lawyer and politician, Frank Caprio, is known to have a net worth of around $2 million which is due to his successful law and politician career. He has been working since he was extremely young as well.

Disclaimer- The above information is provided by numerous sources which were available on the internet but are not considered a reliable source.

Early Life and Education

After learning about Frank Caprio net worth, let’s give you a glimpse of his early life and education. The neighborhood in which Frank Caprio grew up was an Italian and American neighborhood. Apart from him, he has two other siblings and he was the middle child among the other three. His father Antonio Caprio was an immigrant who came from Italy and his mother Filomena Caprio was Italian American. His mother’s family also immigrated from Naples which is known to be situated in Italy. He was not born to a rich family, his father used to work as a milkman and fruit peddler.

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Frank Caprio used to work as a dish washer as well as a shoe cleaner when he was attending school. And this definitely shows how much hard-working he has been in his life. He even managed to win a title in wrestling in the year 1953, after which he got his bachelor’s degree from Providence College. After he got his degree, he started working as a teacher at the Hope High School which was situated in Providence. He didn’t just stop his studies after becoming a teacher, he also attended the night college at the Suffolk University School of Law which is situated in Boston.

Frank Caprio Net Worth


Now you know about Frank Caprio’s early life and education which proves how much he worked hard to be where he is today.

After Frank completed his bachelor’s degree, he started working as a high school teacher and he used to manage government classes as week. While doing so, Frank also took up a degree in law and there he used to attend the night classes. He took his law degree from the Suffolk University School of Law in Boston. After he passed the bar exam, he decided to leave his teaching job and he also served in the military for a brief period of time. He joined the Rhode Island Army National Guard.

After this, he was elected to the Providence City Council in the year 1962 and he served there till the year 1968. He even decided to run for the election for the Attorney General of Rhode Island in the year 1970 but he lost the election to one of the Republicans who went by the name Richard J. Israel. Later he chaired the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education, this was a huge responsibility and a good position as well. Since the year 1985, he served as a Providence municipal court judge as well.

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All those proceedings used to run on the local television as well. He had a TV series that went by the name Caught in Providence, and he became known after this TV series only. A lot of clips from this TV show went viral which made Frank Caprio famous around the world as well. In the year 2023, Frank Caprio finally decided to retire.

Philanthropic Activities

If you are wondering if Frank Caprio did some good deed with an amazing net worth, then you are right. He founded the Antonio Tup Caprio scholarship fund which was for students in Rhode Island. He later also established scholarships at Providence College and Suffolk Law School which was named in honor of his father.

Frank Caprio Net Worth

Awards and Nominations

  1. He received an Honorary Doctorate of law from his alma mater.
  2. He also received the Producer’s Circle award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival

Frank Caprio Net Worth

Sources of Income

Frank Caprio is one of the nicest judges and people around the world really respect and love him. Most of his earnings were from his law career, and also he earned from the TV show that went by the name ‘Caught in Providence’.

Personal Life

Caprio is married to Joyce E. Caprio and it has been over 50 years since they got married. They have five children together. Recently Frank Caprio has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as well. He announced that by posting a video on YouTube and Facebook as well. His fans from around the world wished him a speedy recovery.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. our blog has not only focused on Frank Caprio net worth but also has given information about his career, his early life, and education. We hope you have a happy read.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1. Why is Frank Caprio so famous?

Frank Caprio is famous because of his television show that went by the name ‘Caught in Providence’.

2. How old is Judge Caprio?

Judge Caprio is 87 years old.

3. What is Frank Caprio net worth?

Frank Caprio’s net worth stands at 2$ million.

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