8 Cool Travel-Themed Wall Décor Ideas to Rock


Some people are born with a feeling of wanderlust. As much as you love to travel and visit new exciting places, you have to return to your home. The reason is you have work and family and you can only fund more travels if you work hard. When you are home between travels, you can fuel your wanderlust with travel-themed decorations in your space. It is a great way to have travel inspiration and reminders in your space. Various cool travel-themed wall décor ideas that rock your world are as follows:

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Geographic Map

8 Cool Travel-Themed Wall Décor Ideas to Rock

When you do not travel, you think about traveling. The wall-sized world map from National Geographic serves as a gateway to other countries. The geographic map can cover the whole world on canvas and that covers the entire wall of your room.

You can dot with colorful pins to mark places you have visited. Every night, after brushing your teeth, you snuggle into bed. From the bed you view a map on the wall above your bed, you remember the beautiful moments you spend at different places.

And before you know, you fall asleep, dreaming of precious memories of past adventures.

World Monuments Paintings

Besides hanging photos of your adventures, you can hang paintings of the places to relive your travels at home. For each country you visit, you purchase one miniature or a painting of the monument.

It does not have to be the symbol of the most famous place, but it can be anything with a beautiful meaning. As the list of countries you visited grows, the collection of symbols or paintings grows automatically.

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Instead of keeping it on the side to catch the dust, why not use it for decoration purposes. It will become a beautiful art piece for your space.

Scenic Prints

A travel lover gets inspiration from different scenic places. Despite visiting those spots every time to uplift your bad mood, you can look at various art pieces.

Various art pieces like custom photo wall art or handmade paintings of those scenic spots will work to change your mood. These scenic pictures can be of various landscapes, natural wonders, or many more. The main thing is you hang whatever you like.

It is an ideal way to get inspiration every day in your dwelling, even after visiting that location or scene already. It set the tone of freshness and calm in your room.

Scenic Prints

Floating Shelves

You can install floating shelves as they are a creative way to decorate blank walls. Instead of hanging wall paintings, you can also learn miniatures, small objects, or anything representing your travel experience.

Make sure that the colors of the shelves match with the wall color, otherwise, it can create a negative impact on decorations. Floating shelves increase visual interest in guests and showcase your style. They are easily replaceable and not very expensive.

Photo Frames

You take lots of your photos when you visit different places so that you can remember all of the amazing places. You click photos to capture the moments and activities you did on our trips.

So, do not waste those pictures by keeping them ideally in the drawer. Use them and decorate your space. You can make a large photo frame or you can decorate a memory wall in your room.

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Photo Frames

When you look at the memory wall reminds you of all your travels. It also makes for a good conversation starter for guests.

Push Pin Travel Board

It is always easy to pick business cards, flyers, postcards from different places you visit. To make your visit memorable, install a push pin board or cork board on the walls of your home. It is a very unusual way of wall decoration.

You can creatively pin up and display all those business cards, flyers or postcards and relive your memories. You can also choose to create your pinboard ticket stubs from the places you visit.

Souvenir Wall

If you are not keen to prepare a scrapbook or to click pictures, you can make a souvenir wall. You can purchase a souvenir from each country you visit to hang on the empty wall.

The rules to make a souvenir wall are simple.  The rules are that you should purchase cheap items and it should have a related story. When you are home, your souvenir wall is a conversation piece and a powerful reminder of the places you love.

Travel Curtains

Your travel curtain can become undoubtedly the largest focal point in your room.  It is a new and unique way to decorate your space. You can make your room look interesting by hanging personalized curtains of your favorite place.

Final Words

You can decorate your space with travel-themed wall décor items to make it eye-catching. There are so many things you can do to make your space a wanderlust-worthy oasis.  You just have to be creative and think out of the box for it.

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