The Definition Of Speedrunning In Among US

Speedrunning In Among US

There might be times that you find yourself in a lobby for Among Us speechless. Players in the lobby have just asked you if you want to “speedrun” the game, which can be confusing for some members of the community. Find the definition of speedrunning in Among US.

Among Us is the hottest multiplayer game on the market. The best part is that it is free. If you are new to the scene, the term speedrun could mean one of two specific situations. 

No. 1: Focusing On Tasks

The first situation that someone could be referring to is having a crewmate or crewmates focus solely on tasks so long as they have them. The point of Among Us is to complete the tasks as fast as they possibly can to pivot and benefit the team in other ways. There is no waiting around the Online Casino India or hanging around the cafeteria. If you complete the tasks, then you are victorious. 

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In most common cases, it’s a way for a crewmate to be able to dedicate themselves to watching the crew without holding them back. When you are done with your tasks, you have the flexibility to help crewmates stay alive. That means you can walk with them and keep an eye out for the imposter, or suspicious players

Speedrunning in Among US tasks can be tricky. It forces crewmates to go into dangerous parts of the map without a buddy system. This puts them at risk of being an easy kill for the imposter. However, if done correctly, it can lead to a pretty easy win. 

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No. 2: Speed Voting

The other situation refers to when a group tries to vote off imposters as quickly as possible. On your mobile devices, there is an emergency button in the main hall. Crewmates can use the emergency button and call a vote based on limited action. It’s a great way for “trolls” to mess with players at the beginning of the game. In the later stages, it can actually save the game if someone suspects there is enough evidence to kick out a player despite not reporting a dead body. 

The goal of this type of Speedrunning In Among US is to vote off all imposters before voting off enough crewmates. This requires total collaboration from the group. You might have seen this type of speeduring on YouTube videos. In the end, this strategy has risks and can lead to random guessing based on limited evidence. 

The Best Form Of Speedrunning In Among US

The first option is the better choice because it allows all gamers to actually play the game. The point of the game is to complete the tasks before the imposter takes you out. Of course, finding out the imposter is another part of the game, but if you can speedrun through the tasks, it forces the imposter to make quick decisions on whether to kill or not. If you get closer to the end of the game and there are a lot of players, it’s hard for the imposter to kill all of the remaining players. The other option is just random guessing. While it may provide funny moments, it’s not the best way to go about playing the game.

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