Erectile Dysfunction And Sildenafil: Let’s take a look at the guide

erectile dysfunction

Impotence or ED (erectile dysfunction) is an irreversible condition. However, through proper medication and treatment, it can have alternatives so that it does not impede performance, length, and pleasure during sexual intercourse. 

Below are facts about erectile dysfunction and why you should shop for generic Viagra, also known as Sildenafil. 

Erectile Dysfunction Overview 

Erectile dysfunction is described as the incapacity to keep the penis firm, or firm enough, for sexual intercourse. In other cases, it’s the inability to have an erection as a whole. This condition is not at all rare. Men encounter ED occasionally. However, if it becomes progressive and much more regular, then that’s when you should have it checked and properly diagnosed. 

Erection Process 

It starts with the nervous system, which may be a scientific fact that not many are not aware of. This is because, during coitus, the nervous system sends out chemicals that are transported to the rest of your body through regulated blood transmission. 

There are erection chambers composed of spongy tissues, and these are located inside the penis itself. When an erection occurs normally, said spongy tissues become eased and allow blood to pass through and be trapped therein. While blood is “trapped” in these chambers, you experience that penile stiffness. 

Accordingly, after you orgasm, another wave of signals are transmitted to your genitalia, permitting the chambers to tense up and contract. In doing so, the blood is set loose and back into common circulation, and the penis limps back and loses its hardness. 

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It’s proper to say that the process of erection is one that’s of blood transmittal and circulation. And the disruption of this circulation, starting from nerve signals that are supposed to be passed on to your penile chambers, are what ultimately affect erection. 

Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Age plays a role in ED as men who are in their 40s and above tend to experience ED more often. Aside from this, ailments that have to do with nerve instability and heart or blood-circulatory conditions directly impact erection (referring to the above, that erection works through blood flow functioning). 

But if you’ve passed any diagnosis of said diseases, it’s possible for erectile dysfunction to be a result of depression and stress. Add to that, even simpler symptoms like having an unhealthy lifestyle, from having constant unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, alcohol-dependency, and smoking. 

Sildenafil Overview 

Sildenafil or “Viagra”, as it’s more widely known in the market, is a medication that can be taken to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction. It instigates vasodilation or blood vessel-widening. and is able to relax muscles and blood vessels, enough to let blood transport be smooth and normal. 

How To Take Sildenafil (Plus Side Effects FAQs) 

Sildenafil should not be ingested more than once a day as an overdose might disrupt blood circulation instead of simply regulating and stabilizing it. Moreover, you are to have it at least an hour to 4 hours before sexual intercourse. 

You may feel side effects such as nausea, headache, dizziness, or sleepiness. These are considered “common”. The less “common” ones include chest pain, temporary hearing loss, and temporary vision obstruction. Regardless, it’s best to consult a medical practitioner first before you start taking Sildenafil to make sure that your consumption of it will be rendered safe.

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