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Online Video Downloading

Since recent times, the number of internet users has risen dramatically. Some utilize the internet for research purposes while others use it for social networking and leisure purposes, like watching movies and online Video Downloading. These days’ movies, video documentaries, academic lectures, and cooking shows, to just name a few, have become a popular getaway for people on the internet. If you are a video lover, this article is for you.

What Is a Video Downloader, And Why Do You Need It?

Many video-sharing platforms have emerged lately, with YouTube and DailyMotion being the popular ones. These video platforms offer free movies, songs, documentaries, videos, and a lot more for their user’s convenience. When these videos are free to watch, then why do you ever need a video downloader in the first place? Isn’t that what you are thinking?

I will explain why. Watching slow buffering movies with frequent ads, especially when your internet connection is poor only causes frustration. Many of you might have upgraded the internet bandwidth to enjoy your movies without any disruption.

But what happens when you are away from home, watching videos while on the train, plane, or at a coffee place using mobile data? Someone who loves watching videos would want seamless, high-quality video streaming at these places as well.

By now, I can tell that you are warming up to the idea of a video downloader. This basically is a software that allows you to download videos from video streaming websites that you can watch later without the need to have an internet connection. These videos can be stored up on your computer or smartphone, and you can watch anytime you want.

Best Online Video Downloading

You will find tons of websites offering Online Video Downloading services. Each one comes with its own features but what matters most is the quality of the final output. You should choose software that lets you download videos without compromising the video’s quality. So, here are some of the great tools that you can try out.


The free video downloader tool by small seo tools is truly the best online tool to save videos from websites. Its interface is easy to use, and you just need to paste the URL of the video you intend to download. This video downloader online allows you to download unlimited videos in their original quality. It works fast and takes very little time to download videos.


Airy is an excellent video downloader tool that allows you to download videos in a range of different formats. It retains the video’s quality and makes it available to you within minutes, depending on the video size. It can integrate with almost all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many more.


Allavsoft is a video downloader that allows you to convert videos from 100 different websites. With just a few clicks, you will have your video downloaded.

Benefits of Using A Video Downloader

Video downloader has really enhanced the watching experience of many people around the globe. However, many are still unaware of this amazing program. So, just sit back while I take you through the great benefits video downloader tools offer.

Store e-learning sources: YouTube and other video streaming websites offer endless educational content that focuses on child and adult development, skills, and knowledge. For instance, if you want to learn how to design a website, you can watch hundreds of videos, which offer step by step guide.

If you are a student who heavily relies on video lectures to understand your subject, then this tool is definitely for you. Similarly, if you are a lecturer or an instructor, you can download videos from the internet to show your students later in the class. If you do not have internet access at school, then this is the best idea.

Uninterrupted video streaming: Who doesn’t want an uninterrupted video streaming experience? Just imagine watching your favorite movie, and just during the climax scene, the movie starts buffering! Those few seconds or minutes feel like hours, don’t they? So, why not save yourself from the torture and watch downloaded videos without any disruption.

No installation required: Now, you must be thinking that such an amazing tool might come with a price and lengthy installation process. You are wrong! You can download videos from a video downloader by simply copy and paste the URL of the given video in the text box you will find on the video downloader’s website. After you press ‘Download,’ just wait for a few moments, and you are done. This is how the video downloading process works. 


Video downloader tools are undoubtedly great inventions. However, you should download videos with care. Copyrighted videos found on video streaming websites are illegal to download and should be avoided at all costs.

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