The Best Dance Shoe Care Tips


Good dancing shoes are a must if you wish to perform at your best and advance as a dancer, regardless of whether you’re a professional competing or a complete beginner. Your gear will help you most when it is well-maintained, just like in any sport. It’s the same with dancing; maintaining your footwear is the secret to doing your finest dances. Their smooth, delicate fabrics, which provide the most flexibility in the sole, relaxation in the toes, as well as all-around shine, are where their power rests. The advice in this post is the most excellent approach to maintaining your dance footwear.

  • Wearing

Always be gentle when putting your international dance shoes on and pulling them off. For instance, how thoughtfully you put on and take off toe paws significantly impacts how long they last. Along with your shoes, you should wear the appropriate attire. For instance, pointe shoes must be paired with tights and the kind of toe pads—if any—that your teacher has prescribed. Additionally, socks paired with tap shoes may aid in limiting the development of bacteria. Last but not least, avoid dancing in damaged shoes at all costs. For instance, dancing in damaged pointe shoes might result in hairline foot fractures.

  • Cleaning

Leather Footwear

You should polish your shoes weekly if they are made of leather. After wiping away all debris with a damp cloth, apply a light coat of cream or wax polish to maintain and hydrate the leather. Your shoes will stay new-looking if you do this.

Suede Soles

If the soles of your shoes are made of suede, you will require a suede shoe brush to elevate the nap since, with time, use will cause it to become flat (and possibly hard). If you notice that the soles of the shoes have gone smooth and flat or have dirt adhered to them, you should brush from toe to heel right away.

Suede Shoes

Utilize a clean toothbrush to remove any dirt from suede shoes and shampoo to eliminate stains. In order to give the suede time to dry out, apply it well before wearing the shoes. After administering the suede dressing, brush the shoes from the front to the back.

Nubuck footwear

Use a rag lightly dampened with warm, soapy water to clean your nubuck shoes. Alternatively, adhere to the directions for suede shoes.

Patent leather shoes

If your international dance shoes are produced of patent leather, wipe them down with a moist cloth and, once they’ve dried, coat them with patent dressing. Shine them routinely using a soft cloth. Never polish patent leather shoes using ordinary shoe polish.

  • Storage

Dance shoes should be kept cool and dry since fibers break down more quickly in wet shoes. Additionally, avoid storing dance shoes in plastic bags like the ones they may have come in when you bought them. Without the ability to breathe, shoes will perspire, eventually rotting and smelling.

  • Repair

If you intend to fix your dance shoes, look for the right supplies. While the precautions may not always be practical, it ultimately pays off. Use wood glue, for instance, to fix damaged tap shoe screws. Although they may already be in your supply cupboard, superglue and other adhesives will ultimately break.

Your shoes will love you back if you treat them with more affection. It’ll take some time before you two click; be patient and take it all in as they adapt to the contours of your feet for highly customized support.

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