Tips on Storing CBD Flower

Storing CBD Flower

In the last few years, no substance has caused as much attention as cannabidiol. After scientists have proven the many health benefits of CBD, oils and tinctures based on this cannabinoid have become the best sellers around the world. Here are some useful tips on storing CBD flower.

Manufacturers of hemp-based products have been looking for ways to offer something even more efficient than CBD oils. They came up with a solution in the form of dried hemp flowers. These buds contain significant amounts of various cannabinoids. 

Both cannabis and hemp belong to the same plant species, only differing in the amount of THC and CBD. Hemp breeders use a variety of cultivation methods to ensure that their plants have the highest percentage of cannabidiol, without the addition of psychoactive THC. 

Storing CBD Flower are the safest and most effective means of treating anxiety, depression, pain, high blood pressure, skin problems, and so on. They can be used in several ways, depending on which disease you want to treat. You can smoke, vape, or even eat them. If you are among the users who buy more hemp than they need, continue reading to learn about storing these precious buds.

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Sealing Glass Jars

glass jar

People usually get more CBD flowers than they need. They never know when they may need a dose of beneficial cannabidiol. In order for this ingredient to retain its positive effects for as long as possible, you have to keep these buds away from heat and sunlight.

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UV rays have a significant effect on the breakdown of cannabidiol molecules. Also, the heat will further dry out the buds, which will become unusable. A certain percentage of moisture must remain in them to last as long as possible. If you store them properly, the shelf life of CBD flowers can be two years.

The best solution for stocking dried hemp buds is a glass jar. But not any pickle jar you have. These glass containers should be wide mouth with a sealing mechanism. That will prevent outside air and moisture from entering and spoiling the contents.

Also, to stop the harmful effects of UV rays on CBD flowers, the glass from which the jars are made should be colored. Green, brown, or blue glass lowers the level of harmful radiation. You do not have to store the jars in darkened cabinets, but you can also keep them on open shelves. Just avoid direct exposure to light and heat, and keep them high enough, because of kids and pets.

On the source below, learn why UV rays are harmful to cannabis:

Plastic Bags Are Not a Good Idea

While you may have seen people keep their cannabis in plastic ziplock bags, it’s not the right solution for storing CBD flower. The first and self-evident reason is that this packaging doesn’t provide proper physical protection. The bags are flexible, and hemp buds can be easily damaged.

Another thing is that plastic is more porous than glass. A millimeter hole on the ziplock bag is enough for air or moisture to pass and spoil the content. On the other hand, the jars are firmly sealed, and the buds remain intact.

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Ziplock bags are not good packaging for storing hemp buds because plastic can change the aroma of the contents. Inside the glass jar, the terpenes that give fragrance to these dried flowers will retain all their properties. In a plastic bag, the aroma will probably disappear in a few days.

Storage Conditions

If you breed cannabis, you know this plant is very sensitive to temperature changes. The same goes for dried buds. Also, the conditions of extreme humidity or dry air do not suit these components. It would help if you kept dried hemp buds in mild storage conditions. 

You can store them at room temperature, provided it is not too hot there. Do not put jars with hemp buds near open windows, air conditioners, or direct heat sources. Avoid putting these buds in the fridge, as freezing and unfreezing can destroy delicate terpenes in these flowers.

Although in dried form, CBD hemp buds cannot be kept in every place. You cannot just leave them on the countertop and expect them to remain unchanged for days. Only if you store hemp buds properly, you can get the most of them.

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