The Best Wrestling Casino Games You Can Play Online

The Best Wrestling Casino Games You Can Play Online

There is something about the world of wrestling that makes it so appealing to all generations. This competitive sport was first introduced in ancient Greece, but truth be told, it has little to do with wrestling competitions we enjoy today. It went from being an elite sport fought naked, to a prime-time event with glitzy costumes, music, and fireworks. No wonder it entered the world of gaming with a bang.- Wrestling Casino Games

Online gaming expert Anna Rosak says wrestling and gambling are a winning combo: “The world has become so serious, no wonder wrestling slots experience increasing demand. People love to gamble, and they also love seeing others fight. It’s just our nature. Yes, we all know modern-day wrestling matches, such as those at WWE tournaments, are more of dance choreographies than real fights, but who cares?”

She reveals that lavish outfits, intimidating howls and speeches, and adrenaline-packed music go hand in hand with modern slot machines like those you can find at Rapid Casino. Online video slots deliver a great gaming experience, and when combined with such phenomenal sport, things only get better. May even went that far as to share her favorite wrestling slots with us!

Luchadora by Thunderkick – Wrestling Casino Games

This colorful and vivid online slot machine was inspired by Mexican wrestling events that are so over the top, you have to see it to believe it. According to Anna Rosak, one of the main reasons content suppliers choose to draw inspiration from this style of wrestling is simple – costs: “Every village in Mexico has its own wrestling tradition, so it is hard someone will fight you on the court that you have stolen their image, logo, mask design or whatever. It is their national pride, with zero copyright involved.”

This particular title takes you straight to the heart of Mexico thanks to great graphics and celebratory music. It also has plenty of cool features such as Thrown Into the Ring that make the game even more fun.

Lucha Libre by Realtime Gaming- Wrestling Casino Games

The second slot on Anna’s list is also a Mexican slot. However, Lucha Libre has a more retro feel to it. “It is like going to Mexico in the 1950s,” says our specialist and continues, “I think it is incredibly creative and funny at the same time. For example, some of the characters go by names Taco Malo and Guacamolio, which is hilarious!”

This Realtime Gaming classic is played on a 5×3 grid and is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Once you are done with the original, don’t hesitate to play the sequel – Lucha Libre 2.

Hulkamania by Endemol Shine

This branded slot was released by Hulk Hogan and Endemol Shine. Despite having a minor success among gamers, it is one of Anna’s favorites because it feels like being a kid once again: “I have watched my fair share of Hogan’s movies and matches to know how fun this guy can be, and his slot lives up to all my expectations. My favorite feature is the Bonus Round as it allows you to keep going at no expense!”

Before you start playing this game, keep in mind it might look a bit outdated as it was released back in 2012. Still, the classic 5×3 playing board, blazing hot backgrounds, and impressive sound effects make it feel quite modern.

Lucha Maniacs by Yggdrasil

Another Mexican slot on our list is made by Yggdrasil. “If anyone knows how to make a good game, it’s those guys”, says our expert, “Lucha Maniacs is fresh, sassy, and most of all, insanely fun with medium to high volatility levels.”

Besides colorful graphics and an upbeat musical score, the main highlight of this slot machine are free spins rounds one can trigger over and over again. Theoretically, you can play at low stakes and still win big time if you get lucky enough to keep activating them. This is the slot that will treat you well, but only if you have some patience.

Super Sumo by Fantasma Games

Super Sumo is, as the name suggests, inspired by one of the most popular sports in Japan – sumo wrestling. Despite being relatively unknown in the Western World, sumo is an essential part of the Japanese lifestyle.

Our expert says that while this slot might seem to be quite cartoonish, it can bring you serious bucks: “Super Sumo is a true heavyweight champion! It has adorable graphics and looks all sorts of cute, but the RTP of 95.18% makes it a true challenge in the world of slots.” Still, this game won’t leave you hanging dry, as it has plenty of features that can help you activate massive payouts, with just a little bit of luck.

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