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Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight- Playstyles

When a gamer first comes to play EFT, one of the most common questions they ask is – what’s the current meta? They want to know which is the best gun to use that deals the most damage and has the least recoil. The same goes for the other parts of the loadout – armor, helmet, tactical vest. There are specific types of ammo that are more effective than others. The veterans with thousands of hours of playtime can tell you what the meta is. However, meta is a loose concept, especially in a game like Escape from Tarkov Playstyles.

Understandably there are people who enjoy the game but have very little time to actually play it. Some of them use Tarkov boost, which is a very smart move. Essentially, they get everything they need out of the game at a lesser cost of time. On the other hand, gamers that came to play EFT willing to explore this truly unique game should probably avoid words such as meta. Surely, not all guns are made equal. But at the same time, there are different classes of guns, which means certain guns are best used in certain situations. This isn’t like in your typical online shooters where you switch from an AR to a shotgun just because you feel like it. If we look up the data pulled from the Tarkov raid carry service, we’ll see that both PRO players and their clients use a wide range of different guns and loadouts!


Choose Your Own Specialization

Your preferred playstyle should dictate which weapons and gear you use. Furthermore, it will even tell you if you should bring food with you on a raid. But more on that later. You can receive EFT training from more experienced players, and the first thing they will do is try to work out what kind of gameplay do you prefer. Maybe you like to be prepared for all kinds of situations, so you focus on ARs and bring scopes that can go from 1x to 8x. Or maybe you like to scout things out before you go anywhere, in which case your loadout will likely have some sort of a marksman rifle as your primary weapon. If you like to be a menace in CQB, you’ll be focusing on specific builds of shotguns and handguns. As a result, in EFT trainings, you’ll be focusing on evolving your own playstyle rather than learning to play with someone else’s loadout.

All maps in the game incorporate difficult and varied terrain allowing players of all playstyles to really spread their wings and show their skill. In simpler words, almost every map features big open spaces with little to no obstacles to hind behind and buildings with limited vision and tight corners. Every EFT player has their own route planned out as well. Depending on the goals for the next raid and their loadout, gamers like to follow their path visiting POIs in a specific order. For Tarkov Playstyles Leveling purposes, one is likely to focus on completing quests. It might not be the most effective way to earn money in the game. But it sure is the best way to level up. Skill leveling, however, is a different beast. Similar to classic RPGs like Skyrim, the skills in EFT level up the more you use them. The same goes for weapon mastery. Hitting higher levels of mastery unlocks new reload animations and what more importantly, makes it easier to use the chosen weapon. This can also be done with LFcarry leveling.


Stay aware and alert- Playstyles

Situational awareness is not an in-game skill. A skill that can be developed with LFcarry service. But it is the skill that separates gamers who enjoy the game thoroughly from those who are wondering who even likes this game? You can come across lots of posts online where people wonder – how can you enjoy being killed by someone you didn’t even see? This question gets asked a lot during  Lab raid carry as well. Although this question could be applied to other games such as

  •  DayZ, 
  • Hunt: Showdown 
  • CoD: Warzone (with all of its pink weapon camos and disco ball operator skins)

In the case of Tarkov Playstyles, this question is a very good one. Someone who is initially invested in the game has more reasons to spend time learning its mechanics in and out. Meaning that they soon learn that most of the time, you hear your enemies way before you see them. Someone steps on a loud surface or rumbles a bush, experienced player’s mind goes into search mode. That’s how most kills happen in the game. That’s not considering cases when you and your enemies go up to face to face, skipping the hide and seek game. All of these players can learn and experience with Tarkov Playstyles service.


Train With the Best

Lf carry offers a wide range of services that help players with all manner of challenges. It can be as trivial as obtaining certain loot to developing a particular set of skills. The way it works is you get paired with a Tarkov veteran – a player who has been reaching max level by the end of every wipe and knows everything there’s to know about surviving in raids. There’s such a thing as passive development. You do get better on your own just by playing the game. However, this is hardly an effective way to get better at the game. The best way is to team up with someone who is actually good at it and have them coach you for a while. This is what Tarkov boosting service is all about. There are lots of Tarkov veterans out there. And you can spend time and try to find one on your own, asking them to teach you a few things. The problem is as many experienced players as there are, not all of them are particularly good at coaching. What makes matters worse is that on top of it, lots of these players have a gigantic ego. You would want to look for Escape From Tarkov carry service if you want to avoid having toxic teammates.

There are companies out there that specialize in pairing you with gamers who are both great at the game and at communicating with less experienced players.

Tarkov paid help is a service that will let you find your own signature playstyle. Successful raiders are those who utilize their own knowledge, easily defeating those who are chasing the so-called meta. You’ll find yourself in the best hands of the professional players who will teach you how to play on any map. You can choose to specialize in raiding on certain maps by choosing Factory raid boost, for instance. Whatever you choose, remember that it’s your vision that matters. Make your main goal to develop a playstyle that suits you. You don’t have to bound yourself and specialize in something particular. Versatility is a good playstyle as well, albeit not a very easy one to adopt. Whichever your choice is, buy Escape From Tarkov raid service and become a real threat in Tarkov!

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