Subnautica Aurora Codes: Best Command Codes to get all the good things out of Aurora Spacecraft

Subnautica Aurora Codes

Do you want to gamble on a game that gives you goosebumps this weekend? Our advice is to start with Subnautica. This game delivers a unique rush due to its eldritch horror theme. However, what most players find so interesting is Subnautica’sSubnautica’s spacecraft titled “Aurora.” To begin with, the entire gameplay surrounds this huge spacecraft, and in the absence of Subnautica Aurora Codes, most of the players find it challenging to lead ahead in the game. 

So, before we begin to countdown all the best Subnautica Aurora Codes, let’s learn a little bit about the game. Especially if you are a newbie to this scary gameplay, you must know what it’s all about. Skip to the plot!

About the plot – Subnautica

To begin with, many came across this open-world survival video gameplay after Netflix released the apocalypse series that was out of the world. For example, the 100. In some way, Subnautica’sSubnautica’s theme is similar to “The 100” because the main player is already living in the spacecraft as a lone survivor. Likewise, in the television series, the 100, hundred people including teenagers who survived the nuclear apocalypse, are living in a spacecraft. Henceforth, in other words, this game gives a real-time opportunity to explore space from The 100’s perspective. That’s what we think!

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Moving on! The game doesn’t have one big goal. Instead, it sets multiple goals for the player character to survive in the Ocean Planet where waylaid Spacecraft Aurora has crashed. And, because it is an ocean planet where the player is aiming to collect resources for survival, the entire game’s graphics are underwater, which makes it much scarier. 

To make the game more interesting, with each level, the player enters a difficulty mode. For example, in the beginning, he would be in survival mode where the player is unhealthy, weak, hungry, and running out of oxygen. 

With every mode, the difficulties increase. It is one of the rationales why players tag this game as “scary.” In order to make the survival mode and other modes easier on the player by only 1% to 5%, subnautica aurora codes have been discovered. You can get the commute list of codes in this reading.

Best Subnautica Aurora Codes for All Modes

For the most part, the following modes will only help you locate scarce resources in the spacecraft Aurora. Remember, manually finding tools and necessities in Aurora can be nearly impossible because of its giant. On your way to search, you may also encounter giant creatures that will either help you or attack you. 

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It is also crucial to note that when you enter the game, you will notice that you are in an open ocean. The first step is to find the Aurora spacecraft which crashed into the ocean earlier. As you enter the spacecraft, there there’s no way out. You will need to wait for an explosion to happen as the engines run out. You must collect the tools and abandon the spaceship before it explodes. 

Check out the following table to locate the subnautica Aurora Codes you need to survive in the game: 

Item name Code
Lab Access (Aurora Lab) 6483
Robotic Bay  6666
Captian’s Quartor 2676
Cargo Bay 1454
Cabin No. 1 1869


For now, only five command codes mentioned above are available for Subnautica Aurora. Once you get access to the spaceship, you can go to Cabin No. 1 and enter the respective code to open it. When the cabin opens, you can search for different accessories and valued monetary things that you can loot to survive. 

Above all, Subnautica is a single-player game. Thus, there’s no need to hurry to find things unless you are breathless or followed by scary creatures. 

How to enable cheat codes in Subnautica Gameplay? 

Want to skip from one mode to another without actually having to survive it? Well! Xbox Players are in luck today. Because Xbox Cheat Codes for Subnautica Aurora are now available and safe to use. Check out the following guide on how to enable cheat codes in the respective game: 

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  • First of all, go to the developers’ console.
  • To do it, tap and hold the change view button + LB+LT+RB+RT+A for a few seconds. 
  • Now, you will be ept to see the console box where you can type codes. 

Check out the table below to locate the code that you need: 

Item in Subnautica Aurora Code Item Description (Usefulness)
Single Spawn Seamoth Spawn Seamoth 1 Teleports to Safety
Unlock All Blueprints in the location UnlockAll It will unlock all cyclops and others.
Creative Mode code Creative Overall depletion of the character, if lost.
Survival Mode Code Survival If a player dies, he will get a new life with fewer inventories than before.
Hardcore Mode Code Hardcore Once a player dies in this mode, there is no going back. You will have to start over.
Freedom Mode Code Freedom  Player is running out of oxygen but hunger and thirst are fulfilled. 
Change speed Speed (1 – 5) Your character’s speed is 1 (default), 5 if you maximize. 
Unlimited Oxygen Oxygen You get unlimited oxygen to survive the survival mode in order to get to the Aurora Spacecraft.
Unlimited Health NoDamage You are no longer bruised, slow, tired or weak. You get to the Aurora faster. 
Get unlimited items MadLoot Automated item loot which gives you essentials without any effort. 
Change time mode Day / Night Change the aesthetic of the game to day or night. 
[Item] [Amount] Item [Item] [Amount] Enter any item name to get it. 


You can also use the above-mentioned cheat codes for PlayStation Five Consoles or Windows PC. 

How to download Subnautica APK? 

To download the game Subnautica for PC, go to Please ensure that VPN is activated while using the cheat codes because the game’s backend automatically detects cheat codes if any player is exercising an unfair advantage over other players. 

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Was Subnautica horrifying for you the first time? Check out the best online horror multiplayer games at Game Baby. On this platform, we do not promote the use of cheat codes. Thus, please use the above-mentioned codes at your own risk. For more particulars, we are here for you. Ping us to share your experience now!

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