Best Typographical Ideas You Must Know before You Print Your Custom Flags

Best Typographical Ideas

If you would like your prospects to respond after seeing your promotional custom flags, the things that matter the most are your brand message and business symbol or logo. Though there are other facets of flag printing, the most essential one is the typography. Yes, you need to use the perfect typography to make your brand message readable as well as adds aesthetic appeal to your promotional flags. let’s see the best typographical ideas you much before you print your custom flags.                                                                                                                                                     

Symbols also matter. According to an article published in Forbes, the symbols on your business flag communicate what your brand values and where your business is moving. Just as symbols, you also need to use typography in your custom business flags before you print them. Here is how:

Create font contrast

The use of contrasting colors in promotional flags is the best way to grab the attention of your targeted audience. Then, font contrast also plays a crucial role in creating a similar impact. For instance, if you use bold and straight fonts for the titles, use cursive letters for the message. Then, you need to use cursive fonts in a way so that it does affect readability. There are font combinations you can use to create font contrast using different colors. 

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Use bold letters for message titles

You need to use bold letters for your flag titles to pique the audience’s interest in reading the rest of the brand message. It means you need to print the text in a way to ensure easy readability of the bold titles and making them attention-grabbing. However, promotional flags do not have too much space to accommodate huge letters and therefore, they will not match with the rest of the fonts used in the promotional flag. That is why you should consult with a designer before custom flag printing.

Use the combination of large and thin letters

Since very big letters will not fit in your promotional flags, the best way is the use of large and thin fonts when it comes to custom printing. This combination makes your brand message eye-catching, thus giving your promotional flag an appealing and tidy look. 

Unleash your creativity when using letter spaces

The use of uppercase letters is best for bigger titles. Then, if you would like to make them more outstanding, use letter spaces. Let your creativity and imagination run wild while using letter spaces. The use of more letter spaces together with uppercase letters will make your flag titles look more prominent. 

You may discuss with your designer to learn about more letter space options. Though letter space is used in bigger flags, professional designers can accommodate letter spaces in small flags as well. 

Use varied font colors

When it comes to your promotional flags, you may need to emphasize some words like free, new, deals, or discounts. To highlight such words, use different font colors so that these words stand out and become noticeable to your audiences easily. The use of varied colors also create great contract and grab attention quickly. 

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Final thoughts

Design your promotional flags using the right typography before sending them for printing. Your flags should ensure legibility and attract customer attention. 

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